There is no question a few snakes had to be thrown into this week's show...which is thankfully 33 minutes shorter this time.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) semi-pro football and his announcing return, 2) the latest on Malaysia Flight 370, if any, 3) a baseball preview, 4) the NCAA and its biggest rat, and 5) punishment for solidarity.

NOTE: due to space constraints, this podcast may come across as a lower quality broadcast. Still, it is guaranteed to be an explosive one...hope you enjoy!! 

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Crazy Tom conducts a special interview with a woman who shares life from the alternative lifestyle. Definitely worth a listen.

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This is by far the longest Crazy Tom Show this is more of a double show (at 2 hours 17 minutes) involving a lot of topics.

This week I talk about 1) Mike Rivero and his 20 years of and how he got there, 2) a St. Patrick's brawl on a PA college campus, 3) a different spin on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, 4) my CZT Knuckleheads and NFL Free Agents, and 5) the 2014 NCAA Men's Tournament, plus some birthday thanks.

Listening in segments is my best advice. NOTE: podcast dedicated to the memory of HHW class of 1991 grad Scott Wayda following his passing on March 9th.

Hope you enjoy this extended show!!

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This may be one of the dumbest but also easiest titles to a podcast I have come up with in recent memory. But what made me do it?

This week, the Crazy on talks about 1) two major highway closures, thus my podcast title, 2) the differences between Interstate 95 in PA and NJ, 3) rotten to the core curriculum, 4) Russia’s Olympian awards and the CZT Knucklehead, and 5) disorder in the vaccine court.


You may need some medications after listening to this one so please fasten up and enjoy!!

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You wonder how I can attempt to top myself when it comes to nonsense titles...but this week's content is far from nonsense.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) two bizarre police tales, 2) putting work aside for Iran sanctions, 3) thanking a group immensely for kind words on my show, 4) an Olympic recap (and CZT Knucklehead), and 5) the national anthem...why do commercials trump it every time it is played?

It's another one of those "I don't get it" show.'re not supposed to. Hope you enjoy!!

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