An emergency Crazy Tom rants over the situation regarding now former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his controversial remarks.

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Sometimes lumps need to be handed over, but this is going to be one of those 'scratch your head' shows.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) a question of why friendships end so abruptly, 2) a small NJ college with a case of the mumps, 3) an update on the NBA & NHL playoffs, 4) the latest in baseball and my CZT Knucklehead, and 5) a deeper look into the 2014 NFL schedule.

Schedule youself a couple of Motrin and try to enjoy this one!

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Since the rabbits are afraid to come out in this terrible cold weather, Crazy Tom has the proper animal replacements for another grazed show!

This week…I speak about 1) the one year rememberance of Boston, plus 25 years since the Liverpool massacre, 2) psych ward for pencil twirler, 3) the youngest CZT Knucklehead Of The Week ever, 4) my NBA & NHL Playoff previews, and 5) craziness along the Bundy Ranch.

Whether sunny side up, raw, or scrambled, take it over easy and enjoy the show!

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After another week of just pondering things within the chaos, the Crazy one is set to cash in another show…without making any.

This week I talk about 1) the horrid Fort Hood shooting, 2) a crazy Semi-Pro football game I did over the weekend, 3) the latest on baseball, 4) the end of the worst NCAA Basketball Tournament ever, and 5) the CEOs and the $100 million club.


Crazy enough for you? Hope this show pays off with interest…literally!!

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