Usually my objective is to have the heads of my audience spin. Last week, my head was spinning. This week, I need to volley back.

My show, “In Memoriam Of A Brain And A Caged Bird”, talks about 1) why I had such a spin last week, 2) a Georgia man who may never learn from getting drunk, 3) the chilling manifesto from the Santa Barbara slayings last week, 4) sports and my respective CZT Knuckleheads Of The Week, and 5) remembering Maya Angelou.


Hope you enjoy this one…with plenty of tranquilizers by your side. 

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I’m doing a little better getting shows up…but still, the hectic schedule is preventing my on-time performance.

This week…the Crazy one talks about 1) can you worship both God and a ministry?, 2) the latest TSA disasters, 3) a high school senior thrown out of her own prom by following the rules, 4) the smorgasboard of sports (and my CZT Knucklehead), and 5) a fundraiser for a woman who needs serious help following numerous blood-clot surgeries.


This 2-hour disaster is bound to tug at you in all directions…hope you enjoy!!

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Outdated, outsourced, and out of luck for my Crazy Tom Show this week…would mothers really love what I have to say…or will they criticize me for being late for time-sensitive material?

Well, this week, I talk about 1) really, the religion of Bey, 2) the latest on Obama with Syria and the Ukraine, 3) my semi-pro adventures and the NBA Playoffs, 4) the NHL Playoffs along with a hoax story, and 5) a Detroit teacher fired for…breaking up a fight?


Throw some “Knuckleheads Of The Week” and you have quite an explosive show…hope you enjoy, despite this being unacceptably late!!

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