After an absence of a few weeks, I had to come on back and update you what has been going on with a lot of things.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) a leader who passed from an organization I follow closely, 2) a continuation as to what is going wrong with me, 3) the chaos in Russia and Israel, 4) team Brazil and their soccer woes, and 5) baseball and of course...LeBron coming home.

Hope you enjoy this one...not a very long show but enough info to get you through it!! 

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A week away at camp…and I come back firing with my own fireworks.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) an addition to his show for legal protection, 2) America’s July 4th holiday, 3) the latest on the dad and his child’s death inside a hot car in Georgia, 4) a little on the FIFA #WorldCup2014, and 5) a listener request on movies. (NOTE: no Crazy Tom #KnuckleheadOfTheWeek in this episode.)


A week of rest and relaxation means a refueling of craziness…hope you enjoy!

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