Why hasn't there been a Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the Week in over a month? I wish I had an answer.

Instead, the answer is...multiplied in this podcast!

Surrounded by knuckleheads this week, the Crazy one gives 1) a round of Knucklehead stories close to home, 2) football knuckleheads, 3) more Knucklehead stories throughout the country, 4) part 2 of the 4 part series "All Wars Are Bankers Wars," and 5) the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...with a knucklehead lurking about.

Hope you enjoy this one without losing your mind! That would be a knuckleheaded challenge.

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It took another 3 weeks, but the Crazy one is back with his nuttiness...and a little bit of serious talk as well.

This week, I talk about 1) remembering Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams, plus the backlashes of depression, 2) the Ferguson, MO saga, 3) baseball's latest, 4) a shootout perspective from a veteran's event this past weekend, and 5) part 1 of 4 in the series, 'All Wars Are Bankers Wars', presented by Mike Rivero.

Hope you enjoy this one...before I decide to collapse!

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Putting all personal angst aside this week, my venom has been saved for those who continue to defy the definition of stupidity.

This week...the Crazy one talks about 1) two good samaritans paying a hefty price...all by trying to save a child, 2) a possible IRS position removed, 3) an amendment that may have never been legally ratified, 4) the baseball trades and CZT Knucklehead, and 5) a possible mega media merger.

Hang on tight...this is about to become another venemous ride!!

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