Call this surprising, but Crazy Tom melts in a holiday special which really DOES feature a year without a Santa Claus somewhere, along with a great story as to what Christmas is all about, plus a snip from a past holiday podcast as Crazy Tom recites HIS version of "The Night Before Christmas." Oh, and there is a special guest if you listen carefully...

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A very interesting podcast to say the least on San Bernadino and what happened there. Or...did it? Is it really about the gun agenda? What has been missing from the story? Find out in this show with interesting commentary from numerous angles.

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Following what happened in Paris and courtesy of Washingtons Blog and other websites, Crazy Tom brings up information over the last century about false-flag attacks that happen more often than you think.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_112015.mp3
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After taking the summer off, Crazy Tom is back with his first show in 2 months...looking into the Virginia TV shooting, and the many holes it left behind...including within the story, as provided by a former lawyer.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_090115.mp3
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All about a flag, huh? Well, Crazy Tom this week talks about his South Carolina experience many moons ago...and shares a couple of Confederate articles intertwining history and...even humanity.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_062615.mp3
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Race. Religion. Bearing arms. Pharma. These are the issues Crazy Tom tackles this time around as we try to gain some understanding about why the Charleston Church Shootings happened.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_061915.mp3
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As a continuation of my earlier podcast and inspired by the FIFA scandal from less than 2 weeks ago, Crazy Tom continues to look into the corruption of American sports by looking more closely into the basketball, baseball, and collegiate ranks.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_060615_pt_2.mp3
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Folks, it is not FIFA. It is THIEFA.

In part 1 of this mega-podcast, Crazy Tom talks about the corruption involving FIFA as well as the corruption that exists in all 4 major American sports. This part focuses on the NFL and NHL, how their versions of corruption exist, as well as examples on why situations happened th eway they did.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_060215_pt_1.mp3
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Someone suggested for me to send my name, birth date, and actual time and place of birth out...and astrologically computes to the type of person that I am. Does it work? Listen and Crazy Tom will tell you how accurate it is.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_052415.mp3
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As a follow-up to a podcast earlier this year, Crazy Tom this time talks about the baseball blowouts that have been happening in South Jersey along with the many crazy baseball scores he discovered thanks to a Bleacher Report article. Hopefully the findings will not be a strikeout.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_050815.mp3
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Crazy Tom interviews Darrin McDowell...the new head coach of the Lehigh Valley Storm...a semipro football team who will be playing in the World Football Federation (WFF) beginning in July 2015.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042915.mp3
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This is the first of a series of podcasts regarding plus-size models. Here, Crazy Tom interviews up & coming plus-size model Stephanie Blackwell on the plus-size modeling industry, her experiences, and the issues and pitfalls that society neglects to pay attention to. Other models will be interviewed in the future based on availability so...stay tuned for more from this page!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042815.mp3
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In a prelude to what soon will be interviews with potential plus-size models, Crazy Tom talks about doctors in the UK who believe it's the food, not the exercise, that causes weight loss. Some may differ with this BBC article I read in this show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042715.mp3
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In a podcast that was finished a week ago but couldn't be released due to technical difficulties, Crazy Tom talks about the Oklahoma City bombing from 20 years ago...where the rights of victims came into center stage, while why the bombing happened became a very intriguing event.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_041815.mp3
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Yes, we all know that we are all against violence, as well as bad people. But how on earth can some crazy podcaster cry foul over a recent court decision that was nothing more than for show the entire time? Crazy Tom talks about this situation and then weaves in a 1935 cartoon, Pluto's Judgment Day, to make comparisons over this trial and what totally went wrong.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_040915.mp3
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In a more serious What Drives Me Crazy episode, Crazy Tom talks about the 'other' possibilities that might exist from the now infamous Germanwings Flight 9525...using three different angles from independent reporters in which the media...haven't really talked about yet, nor would they ever want to. Listen for yourself regarding a couple of striking comparisons to other nearly similar events.

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This is no joke. There was such a thing as a 19th century iPod. Crazy Tom explains why, as well as to why music today doesn't relate to what the past has had to offer.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_032315.mp3
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Crazy Tom celebrated a b-day last week, but wanted to give you an inside listen inside the Gatheround before the band started to play. He also individually thanks nearly 400 people for their wishes on his page.

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Another one of those "sign of the apocalypse" tales: do what you feel is right and then PAY for it!! Crazy Tom talks about two NJ teens who tried to help shovel...but found themselves in yet another 'fine' mess.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_030715.mp3
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This is not necessarily a lesson in movies...but also in common sense. In this episode, Crazy Tom talks about the movie money machine known as American Sniper...and why it was actually a good thing that it didn't win best picture at the Academy Awards.

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Bring on a different type of flashing lights! In this episode, Crazy Tom talks about a situation that went out of hand...all because of an unsubstantiated call that turned into a brutal situation against two innocent people by the local police force.

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In this special super-size double podcast, Crazy Tom talks about his Super Bowl memories, recaps the big game from Arizona from Sunday, and gives you some facts and figures about the contest that you might not even know about...some of which I was surprised myself.

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As kids prepare for school testing, they practice on numerous software programs. In this installment, Crazy Tom talks about how one non-reduced answer was considered right by a software company and how this caused a serious uproar, exposing many Moronican Educational System problems.

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Somebody is not playing fair. In this show, Crazy Tom talks about a recent high school basketball game where running up a score resulted in a suspension! But it has been going on for a very long time, as we have learned from other colleges.

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By way of a listener request, Crazy Tom talks about the origins as to why lines for the ladies room have always been long back from the days of 19th centuy London to some of today's interesting setups.

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In a subject requested by an Ohio listener, the Crazy one talks about why we do have to 'press 1 for English' against what we wish...plenty of things have led up to this concept.

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In one of the more somber podcast releases, Crazy Tom talks about two high school students from the same high school that took their respective lives only 5 days apart from each other...bringing back similar tragic memories of mine when I went to high school.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_010615.mp3
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And you wonder why I do not have a major media job. This is why...stories which intentionally get spun and not representing the facts.

Crazy Tom brings back the top 10 'conspirastories' of 2014, presented by our friends at 21st Century Wire.

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