As kids prepare for school testing, they practice on numerous software programs. In this installment, Crazy Tom talks about how one non-reduced answer was considered right by a software company and how this caused a serious uproar, exposing many Moronican Educational System problems.

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Somebody is not playing fair. In this show, Crazy Tom talks about a recent high school basketball game where running up a score resulted in a suspension! But it has been going on for a very long time, as we have learned from other colleges.

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By way of a listener request, Crazy Tom talks about the origins as to why lines for the ladies room have always been long back from the days of 19th centuy London to some of today's interesting setups.

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In a subject requested by an Ohio listener, the Crazy one talks about why we do have to 'press 1 for English' against what we wish...plenty of things have led up to this concept.

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In one of the more somber podcast releases, Crazy Tom talks about two high school students from the same high school that took their respective lives only 5 days apart from each other...bringing back similar tragic memories of mine when I went to high school.

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And you wonder why I do not have a major media job. This is why...stories which intentionally get spun and not representing the facts.

Crazy Tom brings back the top 10 'conspirastories' of 2014, presented by our friends at 21st Century Wire.

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