In a more serious What Drives Me Crazy episode, Crazy Tom talks about the 'other' possibilities that might exist from the now infamous Germanwings Flight 9525...using three different angles from independent reporters in which the media...haven't really talked about yet, nor would they ever want to. Listen for yourself regarding a couple of striking comparisons to other nearly similar events.

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This is no joke. There was such a thing as a 19th century iPod. Crazy Tom explains why, as well as to why music today doesn't relate to what the past has had to offer.

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Crazy Tom celebrated a b-day last week, but wanted to give you an inside listen inside the Gatheround before the band started to play. He also individually thanks nearly 400 people for their wishes on his page.

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Another one of those "sign of the apocalypse" tales: do what you feel is right and then PAY for it!! Crazy Tom talks about two NJ teens who tried to help shovel...but found themselves in yet another 'fine' mess.

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