Crazy Tom interviews Darrin McDowell...the new head coach of the Lehigh Valley Storm...a semipro football team who will be playing in the World Football Federation (WFF) beginning in July 2015.

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This is the first of a series of podcasts regarding plus-size models. Here, Crazy Tom interviews up & coming plus-size model Stephanie Blackwell on the plus-size modeling industry, her experiences, and the issues and pitfalls that society neglects to pay attention to. Other models will be interviewed in the future based on availability so...stay tuned for more from this page!

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In a prelude to what soon will be interviews with potential plus-size models, Crazy Tom talks about doctors in the UK who believe it's the food, not the exercise, that causes weight loss. Some may differ with this BBC article I read in this show.

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In a podcast that was finished a week ago but couldn't be released due to technical difficulties, Crazy Tom talks about the Oklahoma City bombing from 20 years ago...where the rights of victims came into center stage, while why the bombing happened became a very intriguing event.

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Yes, we all know that we are all against violence, as well as bad people. But how on earth can some crazy podcaster cry foul over a recent court decision that was nothing more than for show the entire time? Crazy Tom talks about this situation and then weaves in a 1935 cartoon, Pluto's Judgment Day, to make comparisons over this trial and what totally went wrong.

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