All about a flag, huh? Well, Crazy Tom this week talks about his South Carolina experience many moons ago...and shares a couple of Confederate articles intertwining history and...even humanity.

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Race. Religion. Bearing arms. Pharma. These are the issues Crazy Tom tackles this time around as we try to gain some understanding about why the Charleston Church Shootings happened.

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As a continuation of my earlier podcast and inspired by the FIFA scandal from less than 2 weeks ago, Crazy Tom continues to look into the corruption of American sports by looking more closely into the basketball, baseball, and collegiate ranks.

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Folks, it is not FIFA. It is THIEFA.

In part 1 of this mega-podcast, Crazy Tom talks about the corruption involving FIFA as well as the corruption that exists in all 4 major American sports. This part focuses on the NFL and NHL, how their versions of corruption exist, as well as examples on why situations happened th eway they did.

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