This may be crazy to my standards, but the music teacher in me comes out to play in this podcast. Crazy Tom compares Lady Gaga's version of the National Anthem from Super Bowl 50 with the iconic version the late Whitney Houston did (lip synced) before Super Bowl 25 in 1991...and how they are remarkably similar. Listen VERY CAREFULLY so you can understand what my perspective is, even if you disagree. (Plus, as a side item, I explain why the 'golden game' in the golden state was more the golden 'turd'.)

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In this special double-podcast, Crazy Tom talks about what to expect for Super Bowl 50, and also mentions something regarding the previous 49 that were played before this one.

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Crazy Tom talks about the historic winter storm...who got the worst of it, how it was handled in various places by various people, and the crazy people who chose to venture out in it.

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