This podcast is a tribute to the late great Harry Kalas, who passed away on April 13th at the age of 73 of heart disease.

In this special show, I share a number of his great calls along with some of his accomplishments, including a couple of my all-time favorites from the Phillies' voice for the last 38 years. I also include some listener feedback, along with my personal contact with Kalas through the mail as he was kind enough to critique my announcing demos from 2004-05.

Listening to Phillies baseball will never be the same without him describing the action. Enjoy this special show and please e-mail me at with any comments.

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This is my first Crazy Tom Show...each week I'll talk about something different. It will mostly be sports, but once in a while I'll talk about something else. Whatever comes to mind, I talk about--and it's OK to disagree. The show also includes my Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead Of The Week' at the very end, so listen to find out who it is and find out how you can nominate someone for that category for a future show.

This week? My show is again on the Phillies and their continual invention of losing games--including how I felt about their trades (especially Bobby Abreu).

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This podcast was created after the latest Monday Night debacle against Atlanta on 7-25-06 (it does not include the 2nd base umpire helping the Phillies lose the next night). I give examples as to why the Phillies are heading toward last place in the NL East and emphatically explain what is really wrong with this team in this 15-minute podcast. Give this a listen and feel free to comment!
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This is a short (and possibly far-fetched) podcast on baseball. It's on the ultimate baseball conspiracy...all beginning with the 1994 baseball strike which cancelled the end of the season and the World Series up until today--where things are worse than ever. I also explain why baseball has not been the same since then--including why the media is also part of the conspiracy. MLB really has 14 teams...the other 16 are in AAAA Baseball and have no chance to win.

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