Back in 2003, I wrote a tune called Pink Ribbon. Though lyrics have been altered numerous times through the years, nothing is truly set, with the exception of those words, "Wear your Pink Ribbon and all will be right." In 2004, I came up with a piano/techno version of the song, which I have made my official release.

For this being BCA Month, please take time to give this tune a listen. Additionally, I have other BCA tunes, so if you're interested in hearing those, visit my FB page at or e-mail me at

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A special bonus: my newest release of music...called In Another Life. A techno mix will be coming out soon along with lyrics.

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The same duo who brought you with the music, and someone else with the lyrics...strike again with Heart Lies. Here are the lyrics:

(Verse 1)
So long, I'm done, I don't know you, I thought I did, Your betrayal is all I see... And it's causing my misery... (Verse 2)
Goodbye, I'm gone, I can't believe it, can I believe when all I can see are lies, And I know they're not in your disguise...
Your heart lies...
My heart cries... Your betrayal can not be denied...
(Verse 3)
Leave now, Somehow, Your heart, Cannot be trusted, I had never thought that from above, That all your lies destroy all love...
Your heart lies...
My heart cries... Your betrayal can not be denied...
I cannot believe a lying heart, Go away since I am torn apart, Leave to my despiar, Will I ever care, If I'm beyond repair. But it's my heart, forever you will see, The truth my love was never meant to be, For you it is goodbye, Don't ever ask me why, 'cause my heart was a was I.
(Short Recap Verse 1)
So long, I'm done, I don't know you, I thought I did, Your betrayal is all I see...
(Refrain with back and forth voices) Your heart lies... (no more games) My heart cries... (no more pain) Your betrayal can not be denied...
'cause Your heart lies... (no more games) My heart cries... (no more pain) Your betrayal can not be denied... for all your lies.
(long instrumental break) (ending following hold) So long, Leave now... I don't know you... and I don't want to...


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This is the tune Regret, which I worked on thanks to inspiration from a very close friend of mine. The final copy will be made available soon once some adjustments are made.

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This is a special release of a Crazy Tom mixdown project from 2004. From start to finish, this 20 minute mix will have you feeling the inner emotions of this crazy individual...from mixer to someone just wanting to live life. Songs included in this mix are:

  1. Future Trance United--Face To Face
  2. Kate Ryan--Only If I
  3. Dj Bobo--Together
  4. Chicago/Aquagen--Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  5. Angel City--Love Me Right (Oh Sheila)
  6. Oceanlab/Justine Suissa--Beautiful Together
  7. Floorfilla--Technoromance
  8. Scooter--Jigga Jigga

Hope you enjoy this one...a mix where you feel all the intense emotions of DJCrazyTom...inside and out.

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I feel as if I've let everyone down because I've only released one podcast in 5 weeks! Not acceptable! And now my throat is hoarse again!

So what did I do in its place for this week? I put together a short 6:17 remix to a tune that a few people may be familiar with, one of many tunes for Greek organizations that were put together by DJ Scrilla. This one uses his vocals along with a previously sampled riff of 'Stand Up' by Ludacris (from the original recording).

For more information on DJ Scrilla, visit his website at to check out all that he's done (including his myspace link). I think this is a fun remix that I put together so I hope you enjoy.

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Since I do not have enough file space for this song, I’ve decided to place the full version of Daytona as an instrumental podcast. Shorter versions will soon be available on my music website—at


My description of Daytona has several dynamics…I musically describe the serenity of the beaches, the happenings of college kids there during spring break, the sunrise, sunset, and nightlife, and even NASCAR…describing cars racing at 180 MPH as well as with much slower caution laps.


With several transitions involving seemingly monotonous melody loops, I think this is a very intriguing, yet musically ‘trancy’, description of Daytona even though it seems to glide endlessly for 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Feel free to let me know what you think at


I hope you enjoy—and hopefully next week it will be back to sports for me as normal.

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Since there is no regular sports show this week, I decided to pull from my archives an October 2004 mix of tunes relating to Breast Cancer Awareness which I put together. This in no way is to say that I am a DJ, but this collaboration appeared on an internet mix show program 2 years ago, and I wanted to share this with you as we close the month of Pink-tober.

In this 20:37 mix, the tracks include...1) an intro to my tune Pink Ribbon, 2) Riva--Time Is A Healer, 3) Paul Van Dyk--We Are Alive, 4) Madonna--What It Feels Like For A Girl, 5) Andain--Beautiful Things, 6) Aurora--Ordinary World (the Duran Duran cover), 7) Fragma--You Are Alive, 8) Destiny's Child--Survivor, and lastly 9) Crazy Tom--Pink Ribbon.

Do enjoy this mix and feel free to pass along feedback if you wish!

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My second trance show features two more breast cancer awareness tunes that were not featured on the Music 'For The Cure' podcast. In addition, I've also added three songs from 1 Corinthians 13 of the Bible, which I call "Faith, Hope, & Love...The Corinthians 13 Trilogy."

Direct download: The_CZT_Trance_Show_Vol._2--Corinthians.mp3
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This is my first trance show podcast! Every month I will try and come out with a new show that features a different topic and/or theme to my music.


My first show is called "Music For The Cure."  This features four of my early breast-cancer awareness tunes--such as One In Eight, The Power Of A Promise, Pink Ribbon, and a new version of Racing For The Cure. These tunes will give you a little background as to what inspired me to write this music. 


Please keep in mind that all the tunes you will hear are instrumentals. Hope you enjoy! :)

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