Let's just say this week isn't just gone to the hawks! I come commentating like one!!

This week I talk about 1) who says I have a silly blog?, 2) the recap of Super Bowl 48, 3) my personal Super Bowl weekend expereince and the storms that followed, 4) someone warning college kids to not be a teacher, and 5) an Atlanta snowstorm and a financial collapse...could they be similar?

Have fun with this one...at least this avalanche is 15 minutes shorter this week. Note discretion is advised in the early parts, and be sure to listen to the public service announcement that finishes my show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020614.mp3
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Don't let the title of this show fool you...after a week off due to illness, the Crazy one tries to plant the seeds into growing a 2-hour show:

This week I talk about 1) someone afraid to send kids to school due to some safety issues, 2) the deadly Monsanto game, 3) what's really going on in Afghanistan, 4) a "bonus focus" with 'the wife' on NJ Governor Christie and his controversies, and 5) a look into Super Bowl 48 and the previous 47 meetings.

A super podcast? Not sure, but hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012814.mp3
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Considering the approach to this show changed several times...this wasn't what I was hoping, but still brought out some interesting topics.

This week, Crazy Tom talks about 1) remembering three high school students who passed, 2) two ladies and the trip of a lifetime...and introducing gofundme.com as a sponsor, 3) remembering MLK and how a Michigan ad showed horrid disrespect, 4) Clayton, A-Roid, and Bud, and 5) a football recap, including my CZT Knucklehead Of The Week!

Let's bring it. Enjoy this one folks!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011514.mp3
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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Crazy Tom...and the craziness is about to be taken to another level in 2014!

For instance...this week the Crazy one talks about 1) his crazy limo adventures since the new year began, 2) a banker who faked his death and stole millions, 3) two senators who broke the law and nobody knows it, 4) a college football recap, and 5) the end of the NFL regular season and wild-card weekend.

NOTE: a segment to my show has returned after being absent for a couple of years. Enjoy 110 minutes of craziness in my first show of the new year!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_010814.mp3
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The story of a Crazy Christmas lies behind my vocal cords.

This week...I mention 1) an Obamacare update, 2) another shooting, 3) round 16 of the NFL, 4) a few Christmas memories, and 5) others' wishes for the season. Please note: Musical interludes take place between segments and all rights to the music used are reserved under international conventions.

May you all enjoy the holidays...and I shall get even crazier in 2014!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_122313.mp3
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It goes without saying. Coming off a later Thanksgiving show...the screaming elf goes wild.

This week I talk about 1) why the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Gift To Indigestion" following their intentional collapse on Sunday, 2) the rest of round 15 in the NFL and some college stuff, 3) another Colorado school shooting, 4) comparing two celebrity deaths, and 5) the humbugs, out in full force in school.


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_121613.mp3
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Feeling absolutely humiliated that this podcast did not get released in a timely fashion, Crazy Tom breaks usual format to bring you this special podcast.

This show serves only two parts. First, I speak of someone special who left us too soon. Then, I share what I am thankful for...as well as others whom have contributed, including an update on the Christinas. (Please note some content may be considered questionable for some audiences.)

Do enjoy this belated Thanksgiving special and just knock the stuffing out of me.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_120213.mp3
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Serving more live turkeys without the trimmings...oh am I all-out raw this week.

This week I talk about 1) the catastrophe in the Phillipines, 2) 50 years since JFK went away, 3) the latest on the Obamashell known as Obamacare and its policies, 4) round 10 of the NFL, and 5) Black...Thursday night?

So much for tradition! This is a long 111 minutes, bot hope you enjoy the early extra helpings of craziness!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_111513.mp3
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They are out and about...and this time I respond with a podcast that will have you internally fired up as I was.

This week, I talk about 1) remembering a special person, 2) more funding to spy on us, 3) a follow-up with viewpoint letters regarding an animal shelter, 4) round 9 of the NFL, and 5) the bullying Dolphins and how I can relate.

This one is sure to have yoru head spinning...enjoy and listen as closely as you can!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_110713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:45pm EDT

Once again...an unacceptably late podcast with a Halloween theme, but the pumpkin has been wilting a bit.

This week I talk about 1) another crazy Florida crime, 2) a Maine animal shelter in chaos, 3) Obamacare and the insurances...who benefits?, 4) a little basketball and NFL Round 8, and 5) recapping the 2013 World Series.

Hopefully you will enjoy this one...is this podcast a treat? Or full of tricks?

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_103113.mp3
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A very unfortunate 3 week layoff for me which I'm not happy about. I come back with 'hot pink' vengeance...

This week I talk about 1) ZTA's Pink Out and Founders Day, 2) a special awareness month other than breast cancer, 3) the latest NFL stuff through round 7, 4) a 2013 World Series preview, and 5) what the government shutdown really meant.

Sorry this is 110 minutes this week, but please enjoy this one and hopefully I won't have another 3 week absence!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_102213.mp3
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This show has been put unforgivably and unacceptably late...my apologies who choose to forgive, but I have a couple of bombshell topics for this week now that I feel better:

This week I talk about 1) the DC Naval tragedy and going through a tragic town, 2) more Iran and Syria craziness, 3) the final week of baseball and Bud Selig retiring, 4) football--the pros and a major college issue, and 5) the Kenya attacks and who is responsible.

Plenty of content to fire away at so hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_092613.mp3
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After what turned into an unexpected week off, plus given historical significance of this week, I decided to wait until late to let all the venom out. And why, you ask?

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) how his Memphis trip totally collapsed, 2) round 1 of NFL football, 3) a waitress suspended for posting a racist receipt a customer left her, 4) a sickening death of a child in Philly, and 5) are we any better off  compared to September 11th 12 years ago?

This is bound to be a very charged show...buckle your ears up and enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_091213.mp3
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It's been 50 years since "I Have A Dream"...but by no means did the Crazy one show up to become a nightmare to your ears! And this show is a prime example of it.

This week...I talk about 1) semipro football stuff and a possible trip to Memphis, 2) three stooge stories involving head scratching, 3) are you Syria-ss??, 4) two teens in a toddler slaying trial in Georgia, and 5) the unfortunate expansion of "stop-and-frisk."

Have fun with this one...peace this show together before you go to pieces!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_083013.mp3
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Equality and stupidity tend to be on equal ground these days with stupidity taking focus. So how does the crazy one try not to sound stupid this week?

Well, by talking about 1) finally, the firing of Charlie Manuel, 2) A-Rod and the obvious preferential treatment, 3) a school shooting...already?, 4) Missouri and Manning equal total mayhem, and 5) OK-47 and 3 teens gunning an innocent man down.

Have a blast with this one as I keep you scratching your heads!! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082113.mp3
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Actually did this from a soccer practice most of the way. So what subjects will I kick around?

Well...this week I talk about 1) Florida and another federal murder coverup, 2) road rage in front of my eyes, 3) what "threat"?, 4) baseball and the biogenisis punishments, and 5) does this cop deserve his job back?

There's plenty to think about...hope you enjoy this one! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_081213.mp3
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Sometimes I wonder why my shows can get feisty. A tamer (really?) Crazy Tom speaks from the bedroom this week.

This week I talk about 1) more deaths, including the legendary Kidd Kraddick, 2) The Real Frauds of NJ, 3) is Bradley Manning really an enemy?, 4) Riley Cooper Stooper, and 5) why there weren't that many big trades at the deadline.

Hope you enjoy...and better news: this podcast, compared to my marathons the last 2 weeks, clocks in at an hour and 17 minutes! So I spare you...somewhat.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_080113.mp3
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OK...so I got this week's episode a little shorter but the topics are very hot when you think they are cool:

This week, I talk about 1) THE royal birth, 2) pro and semipro football updates, 3) baseball trades and the biogenisis fallout, 4) why no federal legislation into Greek hazing, and 5) Snowden...did he really do anything wrong?

There's a lot on the plate so prepare to hopefully enjoy my craziness!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072413.mp3
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NOTE: Due to the unexpected 8 minutes of dead air I found on my original release of this podcast, I had to disable this show briefly to give myself a little more room to work with. I do apologize for that inconvenience. Still, hopefully the info will still be for good use to think about...and to my surprise, it’s almost 2 hours worth:

This week...I mention 1) the lame baseball all-star game and the lamer MVP, 2) what to expect from teams in the second half, 3) the nerve to poke fun at pilots following a tragedy, 4) my recent nightmares at Terminal 1 at JFK, and 5) Martin/Zimmerman, Stand Your Ground, pro and con.

This will be a thought provoker...if you haven’t listened yet, stand by for hopefully a good show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071713.mp3
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For the people who just want me to quit...not happenin', bub.

This week the Crazy one talks about 1) his minor league football stuff (and another tragedy), 2) 10 baseball players who never played an all-star game, 3) chances of world-known franchises returning to glory, 4) the Asiana fligfht 214 tragedy and subsequent hypocracy, and 5) Tsarnaev beginnings and Martin/Zimmerman endings.

You may not agree with some things I say, but I hope you'll agree in enjoying this chapter!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071113.mp3
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After a longer break than expected, I come out swinging...pinatas be warned.

This week I begin by 1) remembering a classmate of mine who passed suddenly, 2) two separate "watch what you say" gaffes, 3) down with the Defense of Marriage Act, 4) recapping the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and 5) this is NOT a Patriot.

Hope you enjoy this one for your English King holiday (July the 4th)!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070213.mp3
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I'm looking like a total fool having this podcast up 3 days late...so go ahead and hammer me.

Before you do, this week I talk about 1) a privacy update with possible cell phone seizure in an accident, 2) Wildwood bans those "pants on the ground", 3) Stanley Cup and NBA finals updates, 4) another Dodger donnybrook and the marathon games, and 5) a rant that speaks to me personally.

Enjoy this one...you may need a stiff drink after you listen.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_061413.mp3
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The famous Bugs Bunny line from 1945 is a perfect title for this week's show since it seems as if somebody's watching us.

While they do, this week I talk about 1) a San Antonio tragedy involving a baby, 2) a new low by Prenda Law, 3) hockey playoffs and an NBA Finals preview, 4) baseball and biogenesis, and 5) we are being watched...everywhere.

Is this crazy enough? Listen and enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060613.mp3
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I'm almost out of words even though this week turned out to be a calmer show.

This week, I talk about 1) an 8th grade student in West Virginia who was suspended over wearing an NRA shirt, 2) a father in south Jersey suing tons of people for $40 million after his son got kicked off the track team, 3) basketball and hockey playoff updates, 4) some baseball and a collegiate president inserts foot in mouth, and 5) scary stories on the FBI...and our veterans.

Another good one for certain to cause you head trauma...enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_053013.mp3
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In a show where I try to cover more than everything, I totally twist myself up.

This week, I talk about 1) the Oklahoma twister and a senator who took advantage of it, 2) Wall Street and its fatal flaws, 3) a baseball plus hockey/basketball playoff update, 4) Brian Urlacher retires, but how does he rank with Ray Lewis? and 5) Scandal-gate all over the place (IRS, FBI, Benghazi, etc.)

It's chaos in time for the Memorial Day weekend...hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_052313.mp3
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How I managed to record a podcast with a bad throat and cough this week is beyond me.

Still, this week I talk about 1) the latest on the Christinas and post-surgery, 2) basketball and hockey playoff updates, 3) teach a song, get in trouble for it, 4) eavesdropping laws, and 5) the other way around: the White House spies on the Associated Press!!

You may want to tune in and enjoy this one without getting too closely involved... (hehehe)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051713.mp3
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A very topsy-turvy show as we head into Mother's Day weekend.

This week, I talk about 1) a sad ending in the missing TCNJ student's case, 2) Mother's Day, Race For The Cure, and Paraben/Mammogram Dangers, 3) a collegiate "what drives me crazy" moment, 4) the latest on baseball and the hockey/basketball playoffs, and 5) another update on the Christinas and the kidney transplant.

Lots going on....so hang on tight for this one!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051013.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of my Crazy Tom Show, solely focusing on the aftermath of the Boston Bombings...the stories, inconsistencies, players involved, and every possible question you might just want to think about before making any decision on what actually happened.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042513-pt2.mp3
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We quickly forget about things when we are distracted by endless news stories in one place. For this, my CZT Show this week will be in 2 parts.

I talk about 1) the latest on West, Texas and the fertilizer explosion, 2) an update on the end of my show last week...the Christinas and the kidney donation, 3) baseball's latest, and 4) the hockey and basketball playoffs.

5) on the Boston bombings, will be on the 2nd half of my show and released soon.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042513-pt1.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:40pm EDT

On the non-explosive part of my show, I talk about 1) an update on the missing TCNJ student, 2) remembering Pat Summerall, 3) the odd comparison of shows and presidential look-alikes, 4) do we need an income tax? and 5) a very happy ending...for once.

Hope you enjoy both shows...I'm already loading up for next week.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041813-pt2.mp3
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I break from format this week to deliver my podcast in 2 segments: this first one talks about the Boston Mara-bomb and the horrible explosion in the town of West, Texas.

This show was recorded on 4-18; well before all chaos erupted in Boston so this is information that is outdated. But my opinions...they aren't outdated. Question everything...

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041813-pt1.mp3
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From the serious to the totall stupid and all sports in-between, this week's show has plenty...and is actually 20 minutes shorter than what I've been producing lately!

I talk this week about 1) a missing student from my alma mater, 2) current baseball and a review on the "42" movie, 3) the capital of the basketball world, 4) a veteran is threatened by a state for disagreeing with gun laws, and 5) a personal 'what drives me crazy' moment.

Enjoy this one...let's see how much you can handle.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041113.mp3
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It was hard this week to find a non-painful title. But more things are hurting than broken legs in this week's show.


This week...I talk about 1) the Rutgers AD Chicken and Rice video, 2) the Final Four all but broken, 3) a gun control and incident reminder, 4) bats...and sex? Really? (discretion advised) and 5) You might be a terrorist if...


The sublime and the bizarre...that is Crazy Tom. Hope you enjoy this week's installment! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040413.mp3
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Cactus makes perfect with this show...which opens up with the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote running from my wrath!!

This week I talk about 1) a US Soldier with artificial legs being oversearched, 2) why another O-Birth Certificate controversy, 3) the NCAA tournament, 4) a 2013 baseball preview, and 5) why I'm not in the field of reporting.

The Crazy one unleashes the venom this week...be ready! And Happy Easter while we're at it!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_032713.mp3
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Another one of my badly suggested titles of a crazy...yet slightly somber...show.

I talk about 1) a very dark subject that still kills us today, 2) a Wrestlemania 29 match and performer update, 3) the NCAA men's bracket and CZT's Final 4 prediction, 4) music and an interview with The Dawgs, and 5) both sides of the new Pope.

Have fun with this one...this will be a very interesting show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031913.mp3
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Yes, this is another show title which makes absolutely no sense. Let me break down what I talk about:

This week, it's 1) a mini-Wrestlemania preview and remembering Paul Bearer, 2) really? Now it's Bin Laden's Son-In-Law?, 3) NFL Free Agency and trades, 4) what drives me crazy: limiting your drink in New York, and 5) the story of Brandon's Song.

I also include a long list of people who attacked my FB page this past weekend at the end of my show. Enjoy it...it sure will be crazy enough for you!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031213.mp3
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In life nothing seems to make sense anymore. After several gut-wrenching tries, this week's CZT Show goes a little wild:

This week, I speak about 1) what sequester?, 2) a Philly cop gets away with punching a woman, 3) 75 years of March Gone Mad, 4) anniversaries we'd like to forget, and 5) three educational stooge stories which will pull your hair out.

I turn 41 on March 10th and somehow I survived another year...hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_030613.mp3
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The Academy might give me a razzing for this because I'm late for my show...but better late than never!!

This week show includes 1) female power: Danica, Daytona, and speed week, 2) changes to Speed Week 2014, 3) what drives me crazy: the lost art of public address announcing, 4) too much security for a Toronto Raptors fan, and 5) how Zero Dark Thirty had less than "zero" chance, plus the big Oscar winners.

This is a longer show so hope you enjoy the craziness! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022513.mp3
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On this special Valentine's Day edition of my Crazy Tom Show...hearts somehow lack.

I talk about 1) is Valentine's Day overrated, 2) a disrespect follow-up with a refreshing opposite story, 3) how to feel better by being a crankiness crusher, 4) what drives me crazy: more "state of the union" shootouts, and 5) a little sports with the Pope at the end of the rope.

Hope you enjoy...you may be real dizzy after listening to this one.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021413.mp3
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I respectfully submit (haha) another Crazy Tom Show for your enjoyment...if you want to call it that.

This week's show features 1) a recap of Super Bowl (Baugh) 47, 2) a look into possible future Super Bowls at cold-weather sites if next year's works at the Meadowlands, 3) a followup on the Revolutionary War bullets and astonishing family situation, 4) what drives me crazy: blatant disrespect, and 5) "Anomymous" with Operation: Last Resort.

Enjoy this one...it will no doubt have your head spinning!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020713.mp3
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Lots of action in this week's Crazy Tom Show!

This week, I talk about 1) another DOPE behind the steroids, 2) revolutionary ammunition...in schools?, 3) Aurora and Sandy Hook: possibly more in common than a shooting, 4) what drives me crazy: The Private Central Bank, and 5) my Super Bowl (I mean Baugh) 47 overview and prediction.

Hope you enjoy what will be a very interesting show...

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_013013.mp3
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On this ice-cold week my Crazy Tom Show really heats things up.

This week I talk about 1) should we be excited about the Obama inauguration following the previous 4 years, 2) a school shooting update and strange Sandy Hook turn, 3) what drives me crazy: a woman expects us to take care of her kids, 4) the Mantei Te'hoax, catfishing, and how that helped Notre Dame get into a national championship game, and 5) football news, conference championship updates and a shocking prior super bowl twist.

Hope you enjoy...this is bound to get real crazy REAL fast!! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 3:18pm EDT

Crazy Tom has returned with his first show of the new year!!

This week I speak about...1) a major difference between the Joplin Tornados and Superstorm Sandy, 2) my new "What Drives Me Crazy" segment, 3) back to hockey, 4) the NFL Playoffs and conference championship previews, and 5)...is it the guns? Obviously this relates to gun violence...and what may be behind it.

Enjoy this one...it's a show that will give you quite a battle. :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011513.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:31pm EDT

Sometimes there are more questions than answers it seems. This weeks' show talks about: 1) remembering a former Zetadvisor, 2) a Major League Football preview, 3) Penn State punishment penalties, 4) the Darkest Night outside Denver, and 5) why I am not in the world of corporate media. Enjoy...but listen very responsibly. :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072412.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:58pm EDT

I feel myself getting totally madder. This week's show may sound depressing, but it speaks about 1) why the weather has been so hot lately, 2) a fan pick on a bathing suit ban on a boardwalk, 3) how a lifeguard saved a life and got fired for it, 4) the Phleeped up Phillies, of course, and 5) a House bill to cut food stamps. Depressing? Maddening? This one you just have to listen to so try to enjoy and attempt to put on a happy face.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070912.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:32pm EDT

Not with traditional opening and closing music this time around (and for good reason), this week's show sets off fireworks: 1) the Phillies and NHL stuff, 2) a Sandusky update and cover-up? 3) is Obamacare a disaster? 4) the late Friday night severe storms, and 5) could a major event happen before November? Lots to light with a match...so Happy 4th of July...and make it safe and sane even if everyone else isn't!! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070312.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:07pm EDT

An almost totally sports-related show this week, talking about the conclusions of the NHL and NBA seasons, a review of the 2012 MLF Brand All-Star game from the past weekend...plus, I have words on the new immigration mess and of course...that creep. Sandusky. Enjoy this one if you can.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_062312.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:15pm EDT

You'll probably ask what was I thinking after this show. This week: 1) a reminder about my BNEFF/BEFF all-star game project for next Saturday in Bridgewater, 2) the Phillies and other teams' no-hit connections, 3) another fan pick that will tug at the heart, 4) total stupidity while driving, and 5) remembering the USS Liberty. Prepare for another interesting show...hope you enjoy! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060912.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 9:05am EDT

As if my podcast isn't chaotic enough, this week...not only do I fix my editing troubles but I manage to shorten my show by nearly a half hour. This week...I speak about 1) Johan Santana's no-hitter and hockey, 2) tattoos and the workplace, 3) a story you won't believe, 4) a football coach's non-attractive comment, and 5) plans for this summer with minor league football. Hang tough and enjoy this one if you can!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060212.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:55am EDT

Every podcast I seem to outdo myself...and this week may be the most riveting as everything connects in this week's show: 1) remembering Mermorial Day and life's value, 2) life's value with a...music download? 3) why music is what it is today and where the money really benefits, 4) stealing money in Facebook stock, and 5) the sports saga. Listener discretion advised...enjoy and hang on tight!! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_052512.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:23pm EDT

Once again, life and the busy work schedule have run me over and delayed this podcast release. This episode has me talking about... 1) remember Donna Summer, 2) using cell phones in flight, 3) the Symington Amendment (and why it's so important), 4) all the sports latest, and 5) a fan-pick that basically ties a lot of this show within some way. Hang on tight for this one and enjoy...with a new lead sponsor to be introduced!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051812.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:21am EDT

It's another nonsense title that makes sense with this week's show content: this week featuring... 1) the passing of not one but 2 household names since my last show, 2) the real unemployment story, 3) an interesting fan-pick, 4) national hoax week, and 5) the latest on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a sad football passing, and maybe the end of a Riv-era. But I throw a bizarre bonus at the end...so hope you enjoy this one!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_050412.mp3
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Open mouth and insert more than foot in this week's edition: 1) the latest on Martin/Zimmerman and a Santorum bid in sanitaion, 2) a special story on a Georgia woman in need of organ donation, 3) Wrestlemania results and lessons within the matches, 4) sports updates, and 5) what NOT to say from a baseball manager and news reporter. Hope you enjoy this one...at least this one is 25 minutes shorter than last week's show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041312.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 9:36pm EDT

My sincerest apologies for not putting out a show last week...my horrid cough and throat wouldn't let me push through a show. So I'm making it up by way of a double show...

...with these 5 subjects: 1) the most boring NCAA Tournament ever? 2) football--the NFL, ECFA, and what you should NEVER do in a game, 3) my 2012 baseball preview, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the latest on the Trayvon/Zimmerman controversy. The show is unusually long but I hope you enjoy as we head into Easter/Passover weekend.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040312.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:36am EDT

I confess this podcast will be another interesting one: this week I talk about 1) a special fundraiser benefiting the Tezsla family on March 27th, 2) post-constitutional America, 3) the ECFA, NJ Spartans, Saints, and Tebow, 4) the NCAA and Crazy Tom's Twisted Twelve, and 5) giving many thanks from a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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I apologize for the lateness of this podcast: this was not uploaded until 5 days after recording was finished so much info is obviously outdated. In this show, I talk about: 1) soldier goes Rambo on Afghans, 2) my NCAA Final 4 picks, 3) NFL free agent signings, 4) independent work for the ECFA and the NJ Spartans, and 5) celebrating our ripe old age. Hope you enjoy this one...this will set up more of the same next week!! (I also talk about what you can do to help the Tezsla family following the awful school bus tragedy from last month. In next week's show I'll mention a fundraiser that will be taking place to benefit the family.)

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Don't know about 40 years in the making since podcasting hasn't been around for 40 years, but since my 40th is this Saturday (March 10th), I have plenty to share. This could've been called Wrestling Politically With A Bounty On Musical Quarterbacks! Translation...I talk about: 1) the wrestling business, 2) the latest on the Republican nomination mess, 3) the Saints Bounty and Peyton's Place Vacant, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) personal thoughts on my 40 years of causing chaos and disorder to the planet.

Am truly blessed by all of you who listen to my show. :)

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In one of the strangest Crazy Tom shows I've ever put together, this week features... 1) an Oscar recap and Hollywood Hypocracy, 2) the strangest Daytona 500 ever, 3) Eagles' runner holding back plus baseball changes, 4) a violent fan pick, and 5) future fan suggestions along with chilling testimony from a member of the infamous 'crotchbomber' flight from Christmas 2009. Hope you enjoy--and based on a flash topic, I threw in a surprise at the end of this show...listen carefully for it.

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Just another title to my podcast that makes no sense, but this week I talk about: 1) the Oscars and the nominees for the major categories, 2) the latest on last week's Burlington County (NJ) bus tragedy, 3) Fat Tuesday and its origins, 4) a responsible "fan-pick", and 5) even I get to talk about the Knicks' Jeremy Lin for a bit...and come up with an article which basically says enough already.

Plus I introduce a new sponsor to my show...called Danyel's Delights. Listen for info at the beginning of the show for the services she provides. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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Unfortunately this is one of the more somber Crazy Tom Shows of my time, as we look back on the life and career of the late Whitney Houston, plus talk about a terrible bus tragedy in Chersterfield, NJ which altered my show plans for the week. On a positive note, I also speak about the Grammys, a NASCAR preview, and Valentines Day itself. Or is it Singles Awareness Day? You decide for yourself and enjoy the show--or at least try to. :)

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This week's show has elements of bitterness, controversy, memories, and the usual realm of chaos and disorder. I speak about: 1) this past weekend's Super Bowl, 2) the commercials, 3) Susan G. Komen for the Chaos, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) why the NHL MUST get rid of the shootout. Hope you enjoy...hopefully my voice doesn't get compared to a soothing sound of Don Cornelius. :)

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Topics and emotions go through a wide range in this week's show, which is dedicated in memory of Lehigh University journalist Debbie Pearsall. (Please listen to the end of the show as to how you can donate in her memory.)

This week's talk: 1) remembering Debbie Pearsall, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and fantastic collegiate journalist, 2) sorority girls...on Reality TV? 3) how to strengthen your marriage, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) my Super Bowl preview and prediction.

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Persistent apologies for the Mr. Popper's Penguins propaganda pulled from the past year: this week's performance protests predominantly of: 1) Paterno: his life, protecting a legacy, and why we're acting so poorly over the top, 2) Paul: not Ron, but his son Rand and possibly pertaining to the pathetic TSA pistol making Rand not punctual for congress, 3) pontification of players, playing sports, and religion, 4) a fan-pick on the Phillies and Pence, and 5) the NFL Playoffs, leading to the prize on February 5th. Picks next week.

Hopefully this podcast won't be predictably pathetic. :)

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Prepare for one of the all-time jaw-dropping Crazy Tom Shows ever...as one Abraham Lincoln quote can freeze you dead in your tracks if you listen. I talk about on this week's show using my Hi-5 format: 1) Martin Luther King...his dream AND the nightmare that followed (the Lincoln quote included at the end), 2) you may not know this about Mitt Romney, 3) no skycap at JFK Airport, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the NFL Playoffs and Conference Championship previews. Enjoy...but listen very closely.

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Lots of interesting stuff in this week's Crazy Tom Show...rolled up as total messups in serious and escape stories. You may want to consider me insane with some of the opinions I come up with in this episode.

This week: 1) the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona a year later and what went wrong, 2) the BCMess and why Alabama's win became college football's biggest nightmare, 3) the NFL Playoffs...WildCard recap and Divisional Playoff preview, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the Jeremy Fund with an overview on what it is and what they do. Visit www.thejeremyfund.org for more info.

See if you can make it through an hour of THIS chaos... :)

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It's the first Crazy Tom Show of 2012! This year I iill be using a new Hi-5 format...that's 5 topics of sports or otherwise to keep the show flowing; similar to when I made my football picks as a Facebook status...additionally implementing audience participation within the show. Right or wrong, my opinions and passion fly without anything stopping it so if I happen to yell once in a while...my apologies in advance.

This week: 1) The Iowa Carcasses, 2) My NFL WildCard picks, 3) why the Eagles have a brain and the Cowboys don't, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the influences of 2011. Enjoy it!! :)

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Ho Ho Ho brother! This is a combination holiday/football show featuring the best from the Big East Football Federation (BEFF) in 2011 along with bunches of holiday additions, including 4 Night Before Christmas versions with one of them by yours truly. The BEFF Championship game is also highlighted in this winter blunderland of a holiday podcast.

As for the holidays, try the legal, urban, politically correct, and CZT versions (some listener discretion advised on each) of "The Night Before Christmas", along with theories of why Santa Claus might be a woman, plus an engineer's perspective on Santa. This one is bound to be one for the book of ultimate holiday headaches...but still try to enjoy.

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This show involves a recap of the Daytona 500 with a surprise ending...along with the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks and a little info on my gathering on March 11th. I also bring up the recent cancellation of what now is One And A Half Men, due to the actions of one Charlie Sheen...and how I felt his comments should be taken.

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This week revolves around the Valentine's Day aftermath, a preview of the NASCAR season and even a Daytona memory, plus get words from a soon-to-be soldier. Interesting combination for a Presidents' Day weekend...with others involved this week.

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Obviously there is plenty to talk about this week...just from myself. I mention about Valentine's Day (or February 14th for that matter) plus a recap of Super Bowl 45, the game itself, and what went completely wrong.

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After a 7 week absence...the Crazy one is back with a different platform: RANT. In this trial first episode, I feature topics such as Egypt, the Government, and Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, I offer my analysis between the Packers and the Bears.

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It's more life than sports this week. Given the events over the last week, I save minimal sports for last. I will speak about Imus, the Nor'easter, and the unstrapped New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

In this show, however, we pray for the Hokies.

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