Probably my most controversial topic ever, talking about relationships as a whole and the numerous types which are out there and understanding them as well as those involved. Discretion is advised because of very sensitive content.

Direct download: WDMC_081418_Relationshipped.mp3
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Crazy Tom giving his predictions for what will be an interesting NFL Wild-Card weekend.

Direct download: WILD_CARD_WDMC_010518.mp3
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Why Crazy Tom is crazy about it being too cold for too long.

Direct download: COLD_WDMC_010218.mp3
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This is the second half of the 2016 NEAFL Grand Final between the Central Maryland Bills and the Tri-County Owls, played in Atlantic City, NJ on June 11, 2016. Game comes to a thrilling finish; postgame interviews follow. Be reminded this is RAW Audio due to editing difficulties so listener discretion is advised.

Direct download: NEAFL_Grand_Final_2016_Bills-Owls_2.mp3
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This is the first half of the 2016 NEAFL Grand Final between the Central Maryland Bills and the Tri-County Owls, played in Atlantic City, NJ on June 11, 2016. This is RAW Audio due to editing difficulties; listener discretion is advised.

Direct download: NEAFL_Grand_Final_2016_Bills-Owls_1.mp3
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If one part is not enough, this one will hopefully make you think twice about Hillary Clinton as President. As a follow-up to a podcast from a couple of months ago, Crazy Tom talks about scandals that cover up larger scandals...and Clinton seems to be currently involved in one of them.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_050516.mp3
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This is not your normal podcast of crazy issues! In this episode and playing of the NCAA Tournament, Crazy Tom takes it light and envisions his own Final Four...using Disney cartoons.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_032816.mp3
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After two unsuccessful attempts at pulling out a podcast over the last couple of weeks, Crazy Tom dives into the political field...again...and focuses on Hillary Clinton. Vote for whomever you wish, but the crazy one will explain why Hillary is NOT the answer for the United States with a ton of information in this special double-episode that will sound like an old rap and rock group featuring Ice-T.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_022916.mp3
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This may be crazy to my standards, but the music teacher in me comes out to play in this podcast. Crazy Tom compares Lady Gaga's version of the National Anthem from Super Bowl 50 with the iconic version the late Whitney Houston did (lip synced) before Super Bowl 25 in 1991...and how they are remarkably similar. Listen VERY CAREFULLY so you can understand what my perspective is, even if you disagree. (Plus, as a side item, I explain why the 'golden game' in the golden state was more the golden 'turd'.)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_021106.mp3
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In this special double-podcast, Crazy Tom talks about what to expect for Super Bowl 50, and also mentions something regarding the previous 49 that were played before this one.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_020616.mp3
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Crazy Tom talks about the historic winter storm...who got the worst of it, how it was handled in various places by various people, and the crazy people who chose to venture out in it.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_012816.mp3
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With his first podcast of 2016, Crazy Tom talks about the strange possible commonalities between President Obama and Senator Ted Cruz. Special promotional announcements and tributes given before actual content is discussed.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_011516.mp3
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Call this surprising, but Crazy Tom melts in a holiday special which really DOES feature a year without a Santa Claus somewhere, along with a great story as to what Christmas is all about, plus a snip from a past holiday podcast as Crazy Tom recites HIS version of "The Night Before Christmas." Oh, and there is a special guest if you listen carefully...

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_121915.mp3
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A very interesting podcast to say the least on San Bernadino and what happened there. Or...did it? Is it really about the gun agenda? What has been missing from the story? Find out in this show with interesting commentary from numerous angles.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_121115.mp3
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Following what happened in Paris and courtesy of Washingtons Blog and other websites, Crazy Tom brings up information over the last century about false-flag attacks that happen more often than you think.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_112015.mp3
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After taking the summer off, Crazy Tom is back with his first show in 2 months...looking into the Virginia TV shooting, and the many holes it left behind...including within the story, as provided by a former lawyer.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_090115.mp3
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All about a flag, huh? Well, Crazy Tom this week talks about his South Carolina experience many moons ago...and shares a couple of Confederate articles intertwining history and...even humanity.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_062615.mp3
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Race. Religion. Bearing arms. Pharma. These are the issues Crazy Tom tackles this time around as we try to gain some understanding about why the Charleston Church Shootings happened.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_061915.mp3
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As a continuation of my earlier podcast and inspired by the FIFA scandal from less than 2 weeks ago, Crazy Tom continues to look into the corruption of American sports by looking more closely into the basketball, baseball, and collegiate ranks.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_060615_pt_2.mp3
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Folks, it is not FIFA. It is THIEFA.

In part 1 of this mega-podcast, Crazy Tom talks about the corruption involving FIFA as well as the corruption that exists in all 4 major American sports. This part focuses on the NFL and NHL, how their versions of corruption exist, as well as examples on why situations happened th eway they did.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_060215_pt_1.mp3
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Someone suggested for me to send my name, birth date, and actual time and place of birth out...and astrologically computes to the type of person that I am. Does it work? Listen and Crazy Tom will tell you how accurate it is.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_052415.mp3
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As a follow-up to a podcast earlier this year, Crazy Tom this time talks about the baseball blowouts that have been happening in South Jersey along with the many crazy baseball scores he discovered thanks to a Bleacher Report article. Hopefully the findings will not be a strikeout.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_050815.mp3
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Crazy Tom interviews Darrin McDowell...the new head coach of the Lehigh Valley Storm...a semipro football team who will be playing in the World Football Federation (WFF) beginning in July 2015.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042915.mp3
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This is the first of a series of podcasts regarding plus-size models. Here, Crazy Tom interviews up & coming plus-size model Stephanie Blackwell on the plus-size modeling industry, her experiences, and the issues and pitfalls that society neglects to pay attention to. Other models will be interviewed in the future based on availability so...stay tuned for more from this page!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042815.mp3
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In a prelude to what soon will be interviews with potential plus-size models, Crazy Tom talks about doctors in the UK who believe it's the food, not the exercise, that causes weight loss. Some may differ with this BBC article I read in this show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_042715.mp3
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In a podcast that was finished a week ago but couldn't be released due to technical difficulties, Crazy Tom talks about the Oklahoma City bombing from 20 years ago...where the rights of victims came into center stage, while why the bombing happened became a very intriguing event.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_041815.mp3
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Yes, we all know that we are all against violence, as well as bad people. But how on earth can some crazy podcaster cry foul over a recent court decision that was nothing more than for show the entire time? Crazy Tom talks about this situation and then weaves in a 1935 cartoon, Pluto's Judgment Day, to make comparisons over this trial and what totally went wrong.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_040915.mp3
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In a more serious What Drives Me Crazy episode, Crazy Tom talks about the 'other' possibilities that might exist from the now infamous Germanwings Flight 9525...using three different angles from independent reporters in which the media...haven't really talked about yet, nor would they ever want to. Listen for yourself regarding a couple of striking comparisons to other nearly similar events.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_032915.mp3
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This is no joke. There was such a thing as a 19th century iPod. Crazy Tom explains why, as well as to why music today doesn't relate to what the past has had to offer.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_032315.mp3
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Crazy Tom celebrated a b-day last week, but wanted to give you an inside listen inside the Gatheround before the band started to play. He also individually thanks nearly 400 people for their wishes on his page.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_031415.mp3
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Another one of those "sign of the apocalypse" tales: do what you feel is right and then PAY for it!! Crazy Tom talks about two NJ teens who tried to help shovel...but found themselves in yet another 'fine' mess.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_030715.mp3
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This is not necessarily a lesson in movies...but also in common sense. In this episode, Crazy Tom talks about the movie money machine known as American Sniper...and why it was actually a good thing that it didn't win best picture at the Academy Awards.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_022315.mp3
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Bring on a different type of flashing lights! In this episode, Crazy Tom talks about a situation that went out of hand...all because of an unsubstantiated call that turned into a brutal situation against two innocent people by the local police force.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_021215.mp3
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In this special super-size double podcast, Crazy Tom talks about his Super Bowl memories, recaps the big game from Arizona from Sunday, and gives you some facts and figures about the contest that you might not even know about...some of which I was surprised myself.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_020415.mp3
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As kids prepare for school testing, they practice on numerous software programs. In this installment, Crazy Tom talks about how one non-reduced answer was considered right by a software company and how this caused a serious uproar, exposing many Moronican Educational System problems.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_012915.mp3
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Somebody is not playing fair. In this show, Crazy Tom talks about a recent high school basketball game where running up a score resulted in a suspension! But it has been going on for a very long time, as we have learned from other colleges.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_012315.mp3
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By way of a listener request, Crazy Tom talks about the origins as to why lines for the ladies room have always been long back from the days of 19th centuy London to some of today's interesting setups.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_011315.mp3
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In a subject requested by an Ohio listener, the Crazy one talks about why we do have to 'press 1 for English' against what we wish...plenty of things have led up to this concept.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_011115.mp3
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In one of the more somber podcast releases, Crazy Tom talks about two high school students from the same high school that took their respective lives only 5 days apart from each other...bringing back similar tragic memories of mine when I went to high school.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_010615.mp3
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And you wonder why I do not have a major media job. This is why...stories which intentionally get spun and not representing the facts.

Crazy Tom brings back the top 10 'conspirastories' of 2014, presented by our friends at 21st Century Wire.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_010215.mp3
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Crazy Tom looks back at the 2014 regular season for the NFL and describes what teams can drive a fan crazy...from his perspective. Plus he discusses the coaches that are in trouble. (As of podcast posting, 3 of 4 predictions have come true.)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_122914.mp3
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Errors in the file have caused this episode of early December to be re-released three times. This Crazy Tom 'rant' talks about why there is so much corruption in college football and why this 'playoff' is only for the TV 'haves.'

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_120714.mp3
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Crazy Tom talks about a personal incident where he felt he had been incredibly mistreated...agenda before humanity.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_112914.mp3
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This is a different style of Crazy Tom Show...broadcasting a game from a perspective nobody would expect.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_Special_112914.mp3
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Following the death of a West Virginia freshman, Crazy Tom brings the issue up on why hazing still has to go on...when it shouldn't.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_112114.mp3
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Hooray for the Red, White, and boo-hoo...Crazy Tom talks about Veterans on the day after Veterans Day and why for some reason they don't get treated the way they should after serving our country.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_111214.mp3
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Crazy Tom talks about his experience with drivers...a listener request based off of some of the crazy things drivers do that make others crazy.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_110914.mp3
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There is no jingling all the way with this rant. Crazy Tom talks about all the Christmas stuff he is seeing before Halloween...with all of the holidays becoming totally ticked off.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_102714.mp3
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This is an inspirational story of a plus-size woman with a very supportive husband following the actions of three thin teens with fat heads commenting on the woman.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_102014.mp3
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What was once a spiritedly played song now has gone into the bowels of corporatocracy. Crazy Tom discusses why what still is a wonderful fight song for the Washington Redskins has gone into the slumbers of sluggish.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_100214.mp3
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Crazy Tom has decided to expand his weekly segment of "What Drives Me Crazy" and turn it into a separate podcast.

For this episode, I speak about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, his news conference from September 19th, and why not only is he a leader who is running scared, but also about everything that is still wrong with what he is trying to do.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_What_Drives_Me_Crazy_092014.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:54pm EST

Sometimes the content of my show can be very dark. This week is no exception, as the ugly heads of humanity rise up.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) 3 dead teens with a 15 year old behind the wheel, 2) remembering Joan Rivers, 3) my 2014 NFL preview, 4) the Ice Bucket Challenge gone disgustingly wrong, and 5) part 3 of my 4 part series from Mike Rivero called 'All Wars Are Bankers Wars.'

Hope you enjoy this one...there will be a lot of head shaking going on!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_090514.mp3
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Why hasn't there been a Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the Week in over a month? I wish I had an answer.

Instead, the answer is...multiplied in this podcast!

Surrounded by knuckleheads this week, the Crazy one gives 1) a round of Knucklehead stories close to home, 2) football knuckleheads, 3) more Knucklehead stories throughout the country, 4) part 2 of the 4 part series "All Wars Are Bankers Wars," and 5) the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...with a knucklehead lurking about.

Hope you enjoy this one without losing your mind! That would be a knuckleheaded challenge.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082814.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:50pm EST

It took another 3 weeks, but the Crazy one is back with his nuttiness...and a little bit of serious talk as well.

This week, I talk about 1) remembering Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams, plus the backlashes of depression, 2) the Ferguson, MO saga, 3) baseball's latest, 4) a shootout perspective from a veteran's event this past weekend, and 5) part 1 of 4 in the series, 'All Wars Are Bankers Wars', presented by Mike Rivero.

Hope you enjoy this one...before I decide to collapse!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082114.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:01am EST

Putting all personal angst aside this week, my venom has been saved for those who continue to defy the definition of stupidity.

This week...the Crazy one talks about 1) two good samaritans paying a hefty price...all by trying to save a child, 2) a possible IRS position removed, 3) an amendment that may have never been legally ratified, 4) the baseball trades and CZT Knucklehead, and 5) a possible mega media merger.

Hang on tight...this is about to become another venemous ride!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_073114.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:39am EST

After an absence of a few weeks, I had to come on back and update you what has been going on with a lot of things.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) a leader who passed from an organization I follow closely, 2) a continuation as to what is going wrong with me, 3) the chaos in Russia and Israel, 4) team Brazil and their soccer woes, and 5) baseball and of course...LeBron coming home.

Hope you enjoy this one...not a very long show but enough info to get you through it!! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072314.mp3
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A week away at camp…and I come back firing with my own fireworks.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) an addition to his show for legal protection, 2) America’s July 4th holiday, 3) the latest on the dad and his child’s death inside a hot car in Georgia, 4) a little on the FIFA #WorldCup2014, and 5) a listener request on movies. (NOTE: no Crazy Tom #KnuckleheadOfTheWeek in this episode.)


A week of rest and relaxation means a refueling of craziness…hope you enjoy!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070414.mp3
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Since I will not have a podcast next week…you get a double podcast this week with lots of excitement!!

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) remembering Casey Kasem, 2) a husband and wife, 4 kids, and hardly any help?, 3) two polarizing stories involving a father, child, and a thug, 4) the sports realm with baseball, the World Cup, and basketball along with my Crazy Tom Knucklehead Of The Week, and 5) the Redskins…enough said.


My longest podcast ever at 2 hours and 23 minutes…can you handle it?? Hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_062014.mp3
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Friday the 13th…a full moon…and Father’s Day. What could possibly go wrong? A LOT.

This week…my show features 1) what happens when teacher tries to see student and ends up running into father, 2) an interesting positive view on Sgt. Bergdahl and the recent events, 3) down under, a crazy listener’s choice story, 4) my sports along with my #CZTKnucklehead of the Week, and 5) a look from my eyes on what Father’s Day is about.

Hope you enjoy this one…this was not the easiest podcast to put together.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_061314.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:01pm EST

A show that is actually less than an hour and a half? Well, it’s a miracle, but finally the Crazy One shortens things up a little bit.

This week I talk about 1) a pastor not being in love with the LGBT community, 2) a Florida dad being threatened with jail for homeschooling his daughter, 3) a #CZTKnuckleheadOfTheWeek of insane proportions, 4) Nick Saban, plus my #StanleyCup and #NBA Finals predictions, and 5) a special listener request topic. You’ll have to listen to find out what it is.

So strap up and enjoy this one as best as you possibly can!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060414.mp3
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Usually my objective is to have the heads of my audience spin. Last week, my head was spinning. This week, I need to volley back.

My show, “In Memoriam Of A Brain And A Caged Bird”, talks about 1) why I had such a spin last week, 2) a Georgia man who may never learn from getting drunk, 3) the chilling manifesto from the Santa Barbara slayings last week, 4) sports and my respective CZT Knuckleheads Of The Week, and 5) remembering Maya Angelou.


Hope you enjoy this one…with plenty of tranquilizers by your side. 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_052814.mp3
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I’m doing a little better getting shows up…but still, the hectic schedule is preventing my on-time performance.

This week…the Crazy one talks about 1) can you worship both God and a ministry?, 2) the latest TSA disasters, 3) a high school senior thrown out of her own prom by following the rules, 4) the smorgasboard of sports (and my CZT Knucklehead), and 5) a fundraiser for a woman who needs serious help following numerous blood-clot surgeries.


This 2-hour disaster is bound to tug at you in all directions…hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051614.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:35pm EST

Outdated, outsourced, and out of luck for my Crazy Tom Show this week…would mothers really love what I have to say…or will they criticize me for being late for time-sensitive material?

Well, this week, I talk about 1) really, the religion of Bey, 2) the latest on Obama with Syria and the Ukraine, 3) my semi-pro adventures and the NBA Playoffs, 4) the NHL Playoffs along with a hoax story, and 5) a Detroit teacher fired for…breaking up a fight?


Throw some “Knuckleheads Of The Week” and you have quite an explosive show…hope you enjoy, despite this being unacceptably late!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_050814.mp3
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An emergency Crazy Tom rants over the situation regarding now former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his controversial remarks.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Bonus_Focus_042914.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:37pm EST

Sometimes lumps need to be handed over, but this is going to be one of those 'scratch your head' shows.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) a question of why friendships end so abruptly, 2) a small NJ college with a case of the mumps, 3) an update on the NBA & NHL playoffs, 4) the latest in baseball and my CZT Knucklehead, and 5) a deeper look into the 2014 NFL schedule.

Schedule youself a couple of Motrin and try to enjoy this one!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042414.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:10pm EST

Since the rabbits are afraid to come out in this terrible cold weather, Crazy Tom has the proper animal replacements for another grazed show!

This week…I speak about 1) the one year rememberance of Boston, plus 25 years since the Liverpool massacre, 2) psych ward for pencil twirler, 3) the youngest CZT Knucklehead Of The Week ever, 4) my NBA & NHL Playoff previews, and 5) craziness along the Bundy Ranch.

Whether sunny side up, raw, or scrambled, take it over easy and enjoy the show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041714.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:23pm EST

After another week of just pondering things within the chaos, the Crazy one is set to cash in another show…without making any.

This week I talk about 1) the horrid Fort Hood shooting, 2) a crazy Semi-Pro football game I did over the weekend, 3) the latest on baseball, 4) the end of the worst NCAA Basketball Tournament ever, and 5) the CEOs and the $100 million club.


Crazy enough for you? Hope this show pays off with interest…literally!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040914.mp3
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There is no question a few snakes had to be thrown into this week's show...which is thankfully 33 minutes shorter this time.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) semi-pro football and his announcing return, 2) the latest on Malaysia Flight 370, if any, 3) a baseball preview, 4) the NCAA and its biggest rat, and 5) punishment for solidarity.

NOTE: due to space constraints, this podcast may come across as a lower quality broadcast. Still, it is guaranteed to be an explosive one...hope you enjoy!! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_0327143.mp3
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Crazy Tom conducts a special interview with a woman who shares life from the alternative lifestyle. Definitely worth a listen.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Bonus_Focus_032114.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:04am EST

This is by far the longest Crazy Tom Show this is more of a double show (at 2 hours 17 minutes) involving a lot of topics.

This week I talk about 1) Mike Rivero and his 20 years of and how he got there, 2) a St. Patrick's brawl on a PA college campus, 3) a different spin on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, 4) my CZT Knuckleheads and NFL Free Agents, and 5) the 2014 NCAA Men's Tournament, plus some birthday thanks.

Listening in segments is my best advice. NOTE: podcast dedicated to the memory of HHW class of 1991 grad Scott Wayda following his passing on March 9th.

Hope you enjoy this extended show!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031714.mp3
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This may be one of the dumbest but also easiest titles to a podcast I have come up with in recent memory. But what made me do it?

This week, the Crazy on talks about 1) two major highway closures, thus my podcast title, 2) the differences between Interstate 95 in PA and NJ, 3) rotten to the core curriculum, 4) Russia’s Olympian awards and the CZT Knucklehead, and 5) disorder in the vaccine court.


You may need some medications after listening to this one so please fasten up and enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_030514.mp3
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You wonder how I can attempt to top myself when it comes to nonsense titles...but this week's content is far from nonsense.

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) two bizarre police tales, 2) putting work aside for Iran sanctions, 3) thanking a group immensely for kind words on my show, 4) an Olympic recap (and CZT Knucklehead), and 5) the national anthem...why do commercials trump it every time it is played?

It's another one of those "I don't get it" show.'re not supposed to. Hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022714.mp3
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Needless to say, this title has nothing to do with onions and horses, but rather items which necks probably would be rung under normal circumstances.

This week...the Crazy one talks about 1) good holiday intentions going bad, 2) some sports and Derek Jeter's farewell, 3) an olympic pay-up, 4) very startling science, and 5) a knucklehead of the week outside of sports that goes beyond comprehension.

Have fun with this least this is a podcast of regulation length!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021914.mp3
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Let's just say this week isn't just gone to the hawks! I come commentating like one!!

This week I talk about 1) who says I have a silly blog?, 2) the recap of Super Bowl 48, 3) my personal Super Bowl weekend expereince and the storms that followed, 4) someone warning college kids to not be a teacher, and 5) an Atlanta snowstorm and a financial collapse...could they be similar?

Have fun with this least this avalanche is 15 minutes shorter this week. Note discretion is advised in the early parts, and be sure to listen to the public service announcement that finishes my show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020614.mp3
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Don't let the title of this show fool you...after a week off due to illness, the Crazy one tries to plant the seeds into growing a 2-hour show:

This week I talk about 1) someone afraid to send kids to school due to some safety issues, 2) the deadly Monsanto game, 3) what's really going on in Afghanistan, 4) a "bonus focus" with 'the wife' on NJ Governor Christie and his controversies, and 5) a look into Super Bowl 48 and the previous 47 meetings.

A super podcast? Not sure, but hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012814.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:35am EST

Considering the approach to this show changed several times...this wasn't what I was hoping, but still brought out some interesting topics.

This week, Crazy Tom talks about 1) remembering three high school students who passed, 2) two ladies and the trip of a lifetime...and introducing as a sponsor, 3) remembering MLK and how a Michigan ad showed horrid disrespect, 4) Clayton, A-Roid, and Bud, and 5) a football recap, including my CZT Knucklehead Of The Week!

Let's bring it. Enjoy this one folks!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011514.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:35pm EST

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Crazy Tom...and the craziness is about to be taken to another level in 2014!

For instance...this week the Crazy one talks about 1) his crazy limo adventures since the new year began, 2) a banker who faked his death and stole millions, 3) two senators who broke the law and nobody knows it, 4) a college football recap, and 5) the end of the NFL regular season and wild-card weekend.

NOTE: a segment to my show has returned after being absent for a couple of years. Enjoy 110 minutes of craziness in my first show of the new year!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_010814.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:22am EST

The story of a Crazy Christmas lies behind my vocal cords.

This week...I mention 1) an Obamacare update, 2) another shooting, 3) round 16 of the NFL, 4) a few Christmas memories, and 5) others' wishes for the season. Please note: Musical interludes take place between segments and all rights to the music used are reserved under international conventions.

May you all enjoy the holidays...and I shall get even crazier in 2014!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_122313.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:20pm EST

It goes without saying. Coming off a later Thanksgiving show...the screaming elf goes wild.

This week I talk about 1) why the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Gift To Indigestion" following their intentional collapse on Sunday, 2) the rest of round 15 in the NFL and some college stuff, 3) another Colorado school shooting, 4) comparing two celebrity deaths, and 5) the humbugs, out in full force in school.


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_121613.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 9:33pm EST

Feeling absolutely humiliated that this podcast did not get released in a timely fashion, Crazy Tom breaks usual format to bring you this special podcast.

This show serves only two parts. First, I speak of someone special who left us too soon. Then, I share what I am thankful well as others whom have contributed, including an update on the Christinas. (Please note some content may be considered questionable for some audiences.)

Do enjoy this belated Thanksgiving special and just knock the stuffing out of me.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_120213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 4:34am EST

Serving more live turkeys without the trimmings...oh am I all-out raw this week.

This week I talk about 1) the catastrophe in the Phillipines, 2) 50 years since JFK went away, 3) the latest on the Obamashell known as Obamacare and its policies, 4) round 10 of the NFL, and 5) Black...Thursday night?

So much for tradition! This is a long 111 minutes, bot hope you enjoy the early extra helpings of craziness!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_111513.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:06pm EST

They are out and about...and this time I respond with a podcast that will have you internally fired up as I was.

This week, I talk about 1) remembering a special person, 2) more funding to spy on us, 3) a follow-up with viewpoint letters regarding an animal shelter, 4) round 9 of the NFL, and 5) the bullying Dolphins and how I can relate.

This one is sure to have yoru head spinning...enjoy and listen as closely as you can!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_110713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:45pm EST

Once unacceptably late podcast with a Halloween theme, but the pumpkin has been wilting a bit.

This week I talk about 1) another crazy Florida crime, 2) a Maine animal shelter in chaos, 3) Obamacare and the insurances...who benefits?, 4) a little basketball and NFL Round 8, and 5) recapping the 2013 World Series.

Hopefully you will enjoy this this podcast a treat? Or full of tricks?

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_103113.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 3:08pm EST

A very unfortunate 3 week layoff for me which I'm not happy about. I come back with 'hot pink' vengeance...

This week I talk about 1) ZTA's Pink Out and Founders Day, 2) a special awareness month other than breast cancer, 3) the latest NFL stuff through round 7, 4) a 2013 World Series preview, and 5) what the government shutdown really meant.

Sorry this is 110 minutes this week, but please enjoy this one and hopefully I won't have another 3 week absence!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_102213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 4:37pm EST

This show has been put unforgivably and unacceptably apologies who choose to forgive, but I have a couple of bombshell topics for this week now that I feel better:

This week I talk about 1) the DC Naval tragedy and going through a tragic town, 2) more Iran and Syria craziness, 3) the final week of baseball and Bud Selig retiring, 4) football--the pros and a major college issue, and 5) the Kenya attacks and who is responsible.

Plenty of content to fire away at so hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_092613.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:42am EST

After what turned into an unexpected week off, plus given historical significance of this week, I decided to wait until late to let all the venom out. And why, you ask?

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) how his Memphis trip totally collapsed, 2) round 1 of NFL football, 3) a waitress suspended for posting a racist receipt a customer left her, 4) a sickening death of a child in Philly, and 5) are we any better off  compared to September 11th 12 years ago?

This is bound to be a very charged show...buckle your ears up and enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_091213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:38am EST

It's been 50 years since "I Have A Dream"...but by no means did the Crazy one show up to become a nightmare to your ears! And this show is a prime example of it.

This week...I talk about 1) semipro football stuff and a possible trip to Memphis, 2) three stooge stories involving head scratching, 3) are you Syria-ss??, 4) two teens in a toddler slaying trial in Georgia, and 5) the unfortunate expansion of "stop-and-frisk."

Have fun with this one...peace this show together before you go to pieces!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_083013.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:09pm EST

Equality and stupidity tend to be on equal ground these days with stupidity taking focus. So how does the crazy one try not to sound stupid this week?

Well, by talking about 1) finally, the firing of Charlie Manuel, 2) A-Rod and the obvious preferential treatment, 3) a school shooting...already?, 4) Missouri and Manning equal total mayhem, and 5) OK-47 and 3 teens gunning an innocent man down.

Have a blast with this one as I keep you scratching your heads!! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082113.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:26am EST

Actually did this from a soccer practice most of the way. So what subjects will I kick around?

Well...this week I talk about 1) Florida and another federal murder coverup, 2) road rage in front of my eyes, 3) what "threat"?, 4) baseball and the biogenisis punishments, and 5) does this cop deserve his job back?

There's plenty to think about...hope you enjoy this one! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_081213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:14pm EST

Sometimes I wonder why my shows can get feisty. A tamer (really?) Crazy Tom speaks from the bedroom this week.

This week I talk about 1) more deaths, including the legendary Kidd Kraddick, 2) The Real Frauds of NJ, 3) is Bradley Manning really an enemy?, 4) Riley Cooper Stooper, and 5) why there weren't that many big trades at the deadline.

Hope you enjoy...and better news: this podcast, compared to my marathons the last 2 weeks, clocks in at an hour and 17 minutes! So I spare you...somewhat.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_080113.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:29am EST I got this week's episode a little shorter but the topics are very hot when you think they are cool:

This week, I talk about 1) THE royal birth, 2) pro and semipro football updates, 3) baseball trades and the biogenisis fallout, 4) why no federal legislation into Greek hazing, and 5) Snowden...did he really do anything wrong?

There's a lot on the plate so prepare to hopefully enjoy my craziness!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072413.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 6:21pm EST

NOTE: Due to the unexpected 8 minutes of dead air I found on my original release of this podcast, I had to disable this show briefly to give myself a little more room to work with. I do apologize for that inconvenience. Still, hopefully the info will still be for good use to think about...and to my surprise, it’s almost 2 hours worth:

This week...I mention 1) the lame baseball all-star game and the lamer MVP, 2) what to expect from teams in the second half, 3) the nerve to poke fun at pilots following a tragedy, 4) my recent nightmares at Terminal 1 at JFK, and 5) Martin/Zimmerman, Stand Your Ground, pro and con.

This will be a thought provoker...if you haven’t listened yet, stand by for hopefully a good show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:21pm EST

For the people who just want me to quit...not happenin', bub.

This week the Crazy one talks about 1) his minor league football stuff (and another tragedy), 2) 10 baseball players who never played an all-star game, 3) chances of world-known franchises returning to glory, 4) the Asiana fligfht 214 tragedy and subsequent hypocracy, and 5) Tsarnaev beginnings and Martin/Zimmerman endings.

You may not agree with some things I say, but I hope you'll agree in enjoying this chapter!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071113.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:09pm EST

After a longer break than expected, I come out swinging...pinatas be warned.

This week I begin by 1) remembering a classmate of mine who passed suddenly, 2) two separate "watch what you say" gaffes, 3) down with the Defense of Marriage Act, 4) recapping the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and 5) this is NOT a Patriot.

Hope you enjoy this one for your English King holiday (July the 4th)!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:16am EST

I'm looking like a total fool having this podcast up 3 days go ahead and hammer me.

Before you do, this week I talk about 1) a privacy update with possible cell phone seizure in an accident, 2) Wildwood bans those "pants on the ground", 3) Stanley Cup and NBA finals updates, 4) another Dodger donnybrook and the marathon games, and 5) a rant that speaks to me personally.

Enjoy this may need a stiff drink after you listen.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_061413.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 3:41pm EST

The famous Bugs Bunny line from 1945 is a perfect title for this week's show since it seems as if somebody's watching us.

While they do, this week I talk about 1) a San Antonio tragedy involving a baby, 2) a new low by Prenda Law, 3) hockey playoffs and an NBA Finals preview, 4) baseball and biogenesis, and 5) we are being watched...everywhere.

Is this crazy enough? Listen and enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060613.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:07pm EST

I'm almost out of words even though this week turned out to be a calmer show.

This week, I talk about 1) an 8th grade student in West Virginia who was suspended over wearing an NRA shirt, 2) a father in south Jersey suing tons of people for $40 million after his son got kicked off the track team, 3) basketball and hockey playoff updates, 4) some baseball and a collegiate president inserts foot in mouth, and 5) scary stories on the FBI...and our veterans.

Another good one for certain to cause you head trauma...enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_053013.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:52am EST

In a show where I try to cover more than everything, I totally twist myself up.

This week, I talk about 1) the Oklahoma twister and a senator who took advantage of it, 2) Wall Street and its fatal flaws, 3) a baseball plus hockey/basketball playoff update, 4) Brian Urlacher retires, but how does he rank with Ray Lewis? and 5) Scandal-gate all over the place (IRS, FBI, Benghazi, etc.)

It's chaos in time for the Memorial Day weekend...hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_052313.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:48pm EST

How I managed to record a podcast with a bad throat and cough this week is beyond me.

Still, this week I talk about 1) the latest on the Christinas and post-surgery, 2) basketball and hockey playoff updates, 3) teach a song, get in trouble for it, 4) eavesdropping laws, and 5) the other way around: the White House spies on the Associated Press!!

You may want to tune in and enjoy this one without getting too closely involved... (hehehe)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:34pm EST

A very topsy-turvy show as we head into Mother's Day weekend.

This week, I talk about 1) a sad ending in the missing TCNJ student's case, 2) Mother's Day, Race For The Cure, and Paraben/Mammogram Dangers, 3) a collegiate "what drives me crazy" moment, 4) the latest on baseball and the hockey/basketball playoffs, and 5) another update on the Christinas and the kidney transplant.

Lots going hang on tight for this one!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051013.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 5:40pm EST

This is the 2nd half of my Crazy Tom Show, solely focusing on the aftermath of the Boston Bombings...the stories, inconsistencies, players involved, and every possible question you might just want to think about before making any decision on what actually happened.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042513-pt2.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 9:27pm EST

We quickly forget about things when we are distracted by endless news stories in one place. For this, my CZT Show this week will be in 2 parts.

I talk about 1) the latest on West, Texas and the fertilizer explosion, 2) an update on the end of my show last week...the Christinas and the kidney donation, 3) baseball's latest, and 4) the hockey and basketball playoffs.

5) on the Boston bombings, will be on the 2nd half of my show and released soon.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042513-pt1.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:40pm EST

On the non-explosive part of my show, I talk about 1) an update on the missing TCNJ student, 2) remembering Pat Summerall, 3) the odd comparison of shows and presidential look-alikes, 4) do we need an income tax? and 5) a very happy ending...for once.

Hope you enjoy both shows...I'm already loading up for next week.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041813-pt2.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:07pm EST

I break from format this week to deliver my podcast in 2 segments: this first one talks about the Boston Mara-bomb and the horrible explosion in the town of West, Texas.

This show was recorded on 4-18; well before all chaos erupted in Boston so this is information that is outdated. But my opinions...they aren't outdated. Question everything...

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041813-pt1.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 2:02pm EST

From the serious to the totall stupid and all sports in-between, this week's show has plenty...and is actually 20 minutes shorter than what I've been producing lately!

I talk this week about 1) a missing student from my alma mater, 2) current baseball and a review on the "42" movie, 3) the capital of the basketball world, 4) a veteran is threatened by a state for disagreeing with gun laws, and 5) a personal 'what drives me crazy' moment.

Enjoy this one...let's see how much you can handle.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041113.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:58pm EST

It was hard this week to find a non-painful title. But more things are hurting than broken legs in this week's show.


This week...I talk about 1) the Rutgers AD Chicken and Rice video, 2) the Final Four all but broken, 3) a gun control and incident reminder, 4) bats...and sex? Really? (discretion advised) and 5) You might be a terrorist if...


The sublime and the bizarre...that is Crazy Tom. Hope you enjoy this week's installment! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040413.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:22am EST

Cactus makes perfect with this show...which opens up with the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote running from my wrath!!

This week I talk about 1) a US Soldier with artificial legs being oversearched, 2) why another O-Birth Certificate controversy, 3) the NCAA tournament, 4) a 2013 baseball preview, and 5) why I'm not in the field of reporting.

The Crazy one unleashes the venom this ready! And Happy Easter while we're at it!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_032713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:26am EST

Another one of my badly suggested titles of a crazy...yet slightly

I talk about 1) a very dark subject that still kills us today, 2) a Wrestlemania 29 match and performer update, 3) the NCAA men's bracket and CZT's Final 4 prediction, 4) music and an interview with The Dawgs, and 5) both sides of the new Pope.

Have fun with this one...this will be a very interesting show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031913.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:16am EST

Yes, this is another show title which makes absolutely no sense. Let me break down what I talk about:

This week, it's 1) a mini-Wrestlemania preview and remembering Paul Bearer, 2) really? Now it's Bin Laden's Son-In-Law?, 3) NFL Free Agency and trades, 4) what drives me crazy: limiting your drink in New York, and 5) the story of Brandon's Song.

I also include a long list of people who attacked my FB page this past weekend at the end of my show. Enjoy sure will be crazy enough for you!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 12:39am EST

In life nothing seems to make sense anymore. After several gut-wrenching tries, this week's CZT Show goes a little wild:

This week, I speak about 1) what sequester?, 2) a Philly cop gets away with punching a woman, 3) 75 years of March Gone Mad, 4) anniversaries we'd like to forget, and 5) three educational stooge stories which will pull your hair out.

I turn 41 on March 10th and somehow I survived another year...hope you enjoy!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_030613.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 7:53pm EST

The Academy might give me a razzing for this because I'm late for my show...but better late than never!!

This week show includes 1) female power: Danica, Daytona, and speed week, 2) changes to Speed Week 2014, 3) what drives me crazy: the lost art of public address announcing, 4) too much security for a Toronto Raptors fan, and 5) how Zero Dark Thirty had less than "zero" chance, plus the big Oscar winners.

This is a longer show so hope you enjoy the craziness! 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022513.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 3:41pm EST

On this special Valentine's Day edition of my Crazy Tom Show...hearts somehow lack.

I talk about 1) is Valentine's Day overrated, 2) a disrespect follow-up with a refreshing opposite story, 3) how to feel better by being a crankiness crusher, 4) what drives me crazy: more "state of the union" shootouts, and 5) a little sports with the Pope at the end of the rope.

Hope you may be real dizzy after listening to this one.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021413.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 1:29am EST

I respectfully submit (haha) another Crazy Tom Show for your enjoyment...if you want to call it that.

This week's show features 1) a recap of Super Bowl (Baugh) 47, 2) a look into possible future Super Bowls at cold-weather sites if next year's works at the Meadowlands, 3) a followup on the Revolutionary War bullets and astonishing family situation, 4) what drives me crazy: blatant disrespect, and 5) "Anomymous" with Operation: Last Resort.

Enjoy this will no doubt have your head spinning!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020713.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 7:58pm EST

Lots of action in this week's Crazy Tom Show!

This week, I talk about 1) another DOPE behind the steroids, 2) revolutionary schools?, 3) Aurora and Sandy Hook: possibly more in common than a shooting, 4) what drives me crazy: The Private Central Bank, and 5) my Super Bowl (I mean Baugh) 47 overview and prediction.

Hope you enjoy what will be a very interesting show...

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_013013.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:22pm EST

On this ice-cold week my Crazy Tom Show really heats things up.

This week I talk about 1) should we be excited about the Obama inauguration following the previous 4 years, 2) a school shooting update and strange Sandy Hook turn, 3) what drives me crazy: a woman expects us to take care of her kids, 4) the Mantei Te'hoax, catfishing, and how that helped Notre Dame get into a national championship game, and 5) football news, conference championship updates and a shocking prior super bowl twist.

Hope you enjoy...this is bound to get real crazy REAL fast!! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012213.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 3:18pm EST

Crazy Tom has returned with his first show of the new year!!

This week I speak about...1) a major difference between the Joplin Tornados and Superstorm Sandy, 2) my new "What Drives Me Crazy" segment, 3) back to hockey, 4) the NFL Playoffs and conference championship previews, and 5) it the guns? Obviously this relates to gun violence...and what may be behind it.

Enjoy this's a show that will give you quite a battle. :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011513.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:31pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the 2012 BEFF Title Game, held on 12-8-2012 from Nap Torpey Field in Bridgewater, NJ. More of the same takes place from the first half...and finishes with a shocking ending. Postgame interviews also included.

Direct download: BEFF_2012_Final_Vikings-Steelers_pt2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:54pm EST

This is the 1st half of the 2012 BEFF Championship Game featuring the Central Jersey Vikings and the Westchester Steelers, played on 12-8-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. An interesting opening with defense being the name of the game to this point.

Direct download: BEFF_2012_Final_Vikings-Steelers_pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:50pm EST

This is the second half of the 2012 MLF/BNEFF Grand Final between the Southern Virginia Trojans and the New Jersey Wolves, held on 11-10-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. A wild 2nd half of action which includes almost everything...including an unexpected ending. Postgame interviews of outstanding players follow, including an interview from the BNEFF commissioner.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Grand_Final_SV_Trojans-NJ_Wolves_2nd_half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:06am EST

This is the first half of the 2012 MLF/BNEFF Grand Final between the Southern Virginia Trojans and the New Jersey Wolves, held on 11-10-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. Included are pregame interviews, a wish to those recovering from Hurricane Sandy's devastation, lineup introductions, ceremonies, and of course a hard-hitting first half of play.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Grand_Final_SV_Trojans-NJ_Wolves_1st_half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 11:56pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the NJ Invaders/NJ Wolves Northern Conference Championship game. A very fierce 2nd half is played...but the final 3 minutes of this game are missing. Explanations as to why will be given.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Playoffs_Invaders-Wolves_part2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 8:22pm EST

This is the first half of the Northern Conference Championship game between the NJ Invaders and the NJ Wolves; held on October 27th at Seidler Field in Plainfield, NJ. This was the beginning of a tremendous battle...pregame interviews are included.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Playoffs_Invaders-Wolves_part1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 7:40pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the contest between the Flemington Generals and NJ Wolves, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Dark ending, however--don't worry, it's just the lighting, not the players involved.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Generals-Wolves_pt2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:57am EST

This is the first half of the Flemington Generals/NJ Wolves contest, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Some interesting plays in the first half--and developments as well while the game was in progress.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Generals-Wolves_pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:49am EST

This is the 2nd half of the Boxers/Vikings matchup held in Willingboro, NJ at the Memorial Upper Elementary School. The cold front comes through and the wind and weather pull more tricks...and a storm brews on the field of another kind at the end of the game. Postgame interview follows. (Listener discretion advised, especially towards the end of the game.)

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Boxers-Vikings_part2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:09am EST

This is the first half of the matchup between the NJ Boxers and the South Jersey Vikings, which took place in Willingboro, NJ. Due to high winds, the audio is not great for most of the first half...the wind played tricks on everyone. (Listener discretion advised in some areas.)

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Boxers-Vikings_part1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:01am EST

This is my podcast catching up on action from the last few weeks of the BNEFF and the BEFF. I'll give info and a preview on which game I'm doing next...and then give you predictions for 2012 on a 3rd league...the NFL. (May throw you another surprise along the way as well.)

Direct download: MLF-BNEFF_9-4-2012_3_Leagues_One_Week.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:40pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the NY Venom/NJ Boxers matchup help on August 19 in Palisades Park at Lombardi Field. Yes, there was more at the end the player of the game gets interviewed.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Venom-Boxers_part2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:53am EST

This is the first half of action which took place at Lombardi Field in Palisades Park, NJ on August 19th. Plenty of scoring went on...also in the beginning we remember two fallen football players who tragicly passed away this week.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Venom-Boxers_part1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:42am EST

This podcast recaps the first 2 weeks of the MLF/BNEFF standings, highlights, and what is in store for round 3 for the weekend of August 11/12.

Direct download: MLF-BNEFF_8-8-2012_First_2_Weeks.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 3:14pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the season opener to the Panthers/Wolves game held in Plainfield, NJ on July 28th. Postgame interviews follow the contest.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Panthers-Wolves_pt2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 2:19pm EST

This is the 2012 season opener for the MLF/BNEFF, the 1st half of the PHL Panthers/NJ Wolves from Seidler Field in Plainfield, NJ. Game broadcast from top of bleachers since no press box was available.

Direct download: BNEFF_2012_Panthers-Wolves_pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 2:10pm EST

Sometimes there are more questions than answers it seems. This weeks' show talks about: 1) remembering a former Zetadvisor, 2) a Major League Football preview, 3) Penn State punishment penalties, 4) the Darkest Night outside Denver, and 5) why I am not in the world of corporate media. Enjoy...but listen very responsibly. :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072412.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 10:58pm EST

I feel myself getting totally madder. This week's show may sound depressing, but it speaks about 1) why the weather has been so hot lately, 2) a fan pick on a bathing suit ban on a boardwalk, 3) how a lifeguard saved a life and got fired for it, 4) the Phleeped up Phillies, of course, and 5) a House bill to cut food stamps. Depressing? Maddening? This one you just have to listen to so try to enjoy and attempt to put on a happy face.

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Not with traditional opening and closing music this time around (and for good reason), this week's show sets off fireworks: 1) the Phillies and NHL stuff, 2) a Sandusky update and cover-up? 3) is Obamacare a disaster? 4) the late Friday night severe storms, and 5) could a major event happen before November? Lots to light with a Happy 4th of July...and make it safe and sane even if everyone else isn't!! :)

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An almost totally sports-related show this week, talking about the conclusions of the NHL and NBA seasons, a review of the 2012 MLF Brand All-Star game from the past, I have words on the new immigration mess and of course...that creep. Sandusky. Enjoy this one if you can.

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This is the 1st half of the 2012 MLF All-Star Game between the BNEFF and BEFF in Bridgewater, NJ on June 16. 1st half highlights are involved, including a surprising ending to the 1st half.

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You'll probably ask what was I thinking after this show. This week: 1) a reminder about my BNEFF/BEFF all-star game project for next Saturday in Bridgewater, 2) the Phillies and other teams' no-hit connections, 3) another fan pick that will tug at the heart, 4) total stupidity while driving, and 5) remembering the USS Liberty. Prepare for another interesting show...hope you enjoy! :)

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As if my podcast isn't chaotic enough, this week...not only do I fix my editing troubles but I manage to shorten my show by nearly a half hour. This week...I speak about 1) Johan Santana's no-hitter and hockey, 2) tattoos and the workplace, 3) a story you won't believe, 4) a football coach's non-attractive comment, and 5) plans for this summer with minor league football. Hang tough and enjoy this one if you can!

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Every podcast I seem to outdo myself...and this week may be the most riveting as everything connects in this week's show: 1) remembering Mermorial Day and life's value, 2) life's value with download? 3) why music is what it is today and where the money really benefits, 4) stealing money in Facebook stock, and 5) the sports saga. Listener discretion advised...enjoy and hang on tight!! 

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Once again, life and the busy work schedule have run me over and delayed this podcast release. This episode has me talking about... 1) remember Donna Summer, 2) using cell phones in flight, 3) the Symington Amendment (and why it's so important), 4) all the sports latest, and 5) a fan-pick that basically ties a lot of this show within some way. Hang on tight for this one and enjoy...with a new lead sponsor to be introduced!!

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It's another nonsense title that makes sense with this week's show content: this week featuring... 1) the passing of not one but 2 household names since my last show, 2) the real unemployment story, 3) an interesting fan-pick, 4) national hoax week, and 5) the latest on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a sad football passing, and maybe the end of a Riv-era. But I throw a bizarre bonus at the hope you enjoy this one!

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Open mouth and insert more than foot in this week's edition: 1) the latest on Martin/Zimmerman and a Santorum bid in sanitaion, 2) a special story on a Georgia woman in need of organ donation, 3) Wrestlemania results and lessons within the matches, 4) sports updates, and 5) what NOT to say from a baseball manager and news reporter. Hope you enjoy this least this one is 25 minutes shorter than last week's show.

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My sincerest apologies for not putting out a show last horrid cough and throat wouldn't let me push through a show. So I'm making it up by way of a double show...

...with these 5 subjects: 1) the most boring NCAA Tournament ever? 2) football--the NFL, ECFA, and what you should NEVER do in a game, 3) my 2012 baseball preview, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the latest on the Trayvon/Zimmerman controversy. The show is unusually long but I hope you enjoy as we head into Easter/Passover weekend.

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I confess this podcast will be another interesting one: this week I talk about 1) a special fundraiser benefiting the Tezsla family on March 27th, 2) post-constitutional America, 3) the ECFA, NJ Spartans, Saints, and Tebow, 4) the NCAA and Crazy Tom's Twisted Twelve, and 5) giving many thanks from a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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I apologize for the lateness of this podcast: this was not uploaded until 5 days after recording was finished so much info is obviously outdated. In this show, I talk about: 1) soldier goes Rambo on Afghans, 2) my NCAA Final 4 picks, 3) NFL free agent signings, 4) independent work for the ECFA and the NJ Spartans, and 5) celebrating our ripe old age. Hope you enjoy this one...this will set up more of the same next week!! (I also talk about what you can do to help the Tezsla family following the awful school bus tragedy from last month. In next week's show I'll mention a fundraiser that will be taking place to benefit the family.)

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Don't know about 40 years in the making since podcasting hasn't been around for 40 years, but since my 40th is this Saturday (March 10th), I have plenty to share. This could've been called Wrestling Politically With A Bounty On Musical Quarterbacks! Translation...I talk about: 1) the wrestling business, 2) the latest on the Republican nomination mess, 3) the Saints Bounty and Peyton's Place Vacant, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) personal thoughts on my 40 years of causing chaos and disorder to the planet.

Am truly blessed by all of you who listen to my show. :)

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In one of the strangest Crazy Tom shows I've ever put together, this week features... 1) an Oscar recap and Hollywood Hypocracy, 2) the strangest Daytona 500 ever, 3) Eagles' runner holding back plus baseball changes, 4) a violent fan pick, and 5) future fan suggestions along with chilling testimony from a member of the infamous 'crotchbomber' flight from Christmas 2009. Hope you enjoy--and based on a flash topic, I threw in a surprise at the end of this show...listen carefully for it.

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Just another title to my podcast that makes no sense, but this week I talk about: 1) the Oscars and the nominees for the major categories, 2) the latest on last week's Burlington County (NJ) bus tragedy, 3) Fat Tuesday and its origins, 4) a responsible "fan-pick", and 5) even I get to talk about the Knicks' Jeremy Lin for a bit...and come up with an article which basically says enough already.

Plus I introduce a new sponsor to my show...called Danyel's Delights. Listen for info at the beginning of the show for the services she provides. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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Unfortunately this is one of the more somber Crazy Tom Shows of my time, as we look back on the life and career of the late Whitney Houston, plus talk about a terrible bus tragedy in Chersterfield, NJ which altered my show plans for the week. On a positive note, I also speak about the Grammys, a NASCAR preview, and Valentines Day itself. Or is it Singles Awareness Day? You decide for yourself and enjoy the show--or at least try to. :)

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This week's show has elements of bitterness, controversy, memories, and the usual realm of chaos and disorder. I speak about: 1) this past weekend's Super Bowl, 2) the commercials, 3) Susan G. Komen for the Chaos, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) why the NHL MUST get rid of the shootout. Hope you enjoy...hopefully my voice doesn't get compared to a soothing sound of Don Cornelius. :)

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Topics and emotions go through a wide range in this week's show, which is dedicated in memory of Lehigh University journalist Debbie Pearsall. (Please listen to the end of the show as to how you can donate in her memory.)

This week's talk: 1) remembering Debbie Pearsall, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and fantastic collegiate journalist, 2) sorority girls...on Reality TV? 3) how to strengthen your marriage, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) my Super Bowl preview and prediction.

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Persistent apologies for the Mr. Popper's Penguins propaganda pulled from the past year: this week's performance protests predominantly of: 1) Paterno: his life, protecting a legacy, and why we're acting so poorly over the top, 2) Paul: not Ron, but his son Rand and possibly pertaining to the pathetic TSA pistol making Rand not punctual for congress, 3) pontification of players, playing sports, and religion, 4) a fan-pick on the Phillies and Pence, and 5) the NFL Playoffs, leading to the prize on February 5th. Picks next week.

Hopefully this podcast won't be predictably pathetic. :)

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Prepare for one of the all-time jaw-dropping Crazy Tom Shows one Abraham Lincoln quote can freeze you dead in your tracks if you listen. I talk about on this week's show using my Hi-5 format: 1) Martin Luther King...his dream AND the nightmare that followed (the Lincoln quote included at the end), 2) you may not know this about Mitt Romney, 3) no skycap at JFK Airport, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the NFL Playoffs and Conference Championship previews. Enjoy...but listen very closely.

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Lots of interesting stuff in this week's Crazy Tom Show...rolled up as total messups in serious and escape stories. You may want to consider me insane with some of the opinions I come up with in this episode.

This week: 1) the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona a year later and what went wrong, 2) the BCMess and why Alabama's win became college football's biggest nightmare, 3) the NFL Playoffs...WildCard recap and Divisional Playoff preview, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the Jeremy Fund with an overview on what it is and what they do. Visit for more info.

See if you can make it through an hour of THIS chaos... :)

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It's the first Crazy Tom Show of 2012! This year I iill be using a new Hi-5 format...that's 5 topics of sports or otherwise to keep the show flowing; similar to when I made my football picks as a Facebook status...additionally implementing audience participation within the show. Right or wrong, my opinions and passion fly without anything stopping it so if I happen to yell once in a apologies in advance.

This week: 1) The Iowa Carcasses, 2) My NFL WildCard picks, 3) why the Eagles have a brain and the Cowboys don't, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the influences of 2011. Enjoy it!! :)

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Ho Ho Ho brother! This is a combination holiday/football show featuring the best from the Big East Football Federation (BEFF) in 2011 along with bunches of holiday additions, including 4 Night Before Christmas versions with one of them by yours truly. The BEFF Championship game is also highlighted in this winter blunderland of a holiday podcast.

As for the holidays, try the legal, urban, politically correct, and CZT versions (some listener discretion advised on each) of "The Night Before Christmas", along with theories of why Santa Claus might be a woman, plus an engineer's perspective on Santa. This one is bound to be one for the book of ultimate holiday headaches...but still try to enjoy.

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This is the 2nd half of the NW Giants/NE Knights matchup. Things get interesting for a little while until control was established at the very end. Trophy presentations and interviews with the winners follow the game.

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This is the first half of the 2011 BEFF title game between the NW Giants and the NE Knights. Air Force singing veteran Erin Holzapfel kicked things off with our National Anthem...then the bombs bursted through the air with a strange first touchdown, a nifty second touchdown, and a hail mary answered...all in the first half.

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Following a nice Thanksgiving I come back with an update on the BEFF playoff picture and a mini-preview of the two conference championship games. I also mention statistical leaders from the MLF from this season, and start by plucking my own feathers on a true Thanksgiving turkey.

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This show talks about the last couple weeks of the BEFF season and the wild-card round of the playoffs...including something I noticed online that did not make sense! I then talk about upcoming matchups and recap the MLF Grand Final between the Piranha and the Lions...but in-between, I just lose it. Listen for my explanation (discretion advised) as to why I feel I let a lot of people down at the end of the MLF season.

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This podcast talks about the beginning of the 2nd half of the BEFF season along with the hot teams, plus recaps some very exciting Major League Football playoff action...including full recaps of the conference championship games. I also mention some special people in-between highlights.

NOTE: this podcast was to be originally released the week of October 23rd but server issues prevented it from being released online. Thus, this was supposed to be released before the MLF Grand Final preview podcast.

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This is the preview podcast of the 2011 Major League Football Unity Bowl Grand Final which will take place (unless there's serious weather complication) on Saturday, October 29th at 7pm from Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, PA. The Central Penn Piranha, champs of the Keystone Conference, face the NJ Lions, champs of the Empire Conference. This previews the matchup, strengths and weaknesses of each team, keys to the game, and differences between this and the last meeting from July 30th which the Piranha won 28-16. May have been a year late...but the two best in the MLF face off for all the marbles and I'm the one previewing the matchup, plus tips for the fans. (Apologies for the slightly low quality, but done for space reasons.)

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This is the 2nd half of the NJ Wolves/NJ Lions matchup for the Empire Championship. Both teams continue to hit hard and keep things close, setting up for a very dramatic finish (and for me, a very quick exit, postscript and recap follows the action). The winner goes to the MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final, set for October 29th in Allentown, PA.

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This is the first half to the 2011 MLF Empire Championship game between the NJ Wolves and the NJ Spartans, held on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Holmdel, NJ at Saint John Vianney High School. Both teams come out punching while one seems to take the opper hand through an exciting first half.

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This is the 2nd half of the Southern Virginia Trojans/Lehigh Valley Storm Divisional Playoff matchup. Not only is this half intense, but the ending features more twists and turns as one team ends up surviving and advancing to next week's Keystone Conference Championship game.

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This is the first half of the Keystone Conference Divisional Playoff between the Southern VA Trojans and the Lehigh Valley Storm, held on October 16th at Crum Stadium in Allentown. This half includes some exciting plays...including a touchdown that resembled Charlton Heston's Ten Commandments and one resembling The Who's Pinball Wizard.

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This podcast features a couple promos for breast cancer awareness mnth along with recaps of last week's action in the BEFF and MLF, including a strange finish between the NJ Lions and the NJ Spartans. There is also a playoff preview...we look at all 4 games and include an interview with Fred Rice, head coach of the Lehigh Valley Storm.

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(NOTE: sorry for delay in release; numerous computer issues throughout the week.)

This podcast looks back at the previous week in the BEFF, plus recaps the two games that took place this past weekend...including an incredible game between the Lehigh Valley Storm and the Southern Virginia Trojans. Additionally, the playoff pairings have already been set...matchups will be announced leading into the MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final on October 29th.

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There weren't too many games last week, but this podcast recaps the games that took place in the MLF and BEFF this past weekend. This week's games are previewed along with a look ahead into where the 2011 MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final will be during the final weekend in October.

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This show is a combined MLF/BEFF show since both leagues had games last week...there is a recap of last week's matchups along with both leagues combining for events in the coming weeks. Also featured is a father/son tandom from the NJ Spartans along with a BEFF charity game coming this weekend in Belleville.

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This podcast packs in a lot: beginning with the rememberance of September 11th 10 years later (and some issues that actually bothered me this past weekend), then resuming into BEFF Round 2 and MLF Rounds 7 & 8 action. I also recap the resumption of the suspended game between the Central Penn Piranha and the Lehigh Valley Storm, plus highlights of last week along with a preview of some intriguing matches for the coming weekend.

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Due to numerous delays last week thanks to the supernatural and Mother Nature, this podcast is a recap of round 6 for the MLF and round 1 for the BEFF. (Round 7 MLF and round 2 BEFF were called due to Irene.) Features include positive stories from the Philly Phoenix and the Westchester Warriors. As for what happens now that Irene has wrecked the schedule...well, you'll have to stay tuned for updates.

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This is the first half of the very important contest between the Tri-State Bulldogs and the NJ Lions, held at Saint John Vianney HS in Holmdel, NJ on August 20th. Some interesting twists and turns by both teams occur during this half.

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This is the 2nd half of the important matchup between the Tri-State Bulldogs and the NJ Lions, held at Saint John Vianney HS on August 20th. Once again...a tale of two halves? Maybe an exciting finish? Some dazzling runs as well? All are featured in this 2nd half...with postgame interviews following the game.

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In a weekend filled with recovery, controversy, electricity, and sadness...this podcast is a recap of round 5 of the MLF season. Also included is a fundraider held between the NEPA Miners and the Westchester Steelers from August 6th, a look into the opening BEFF season, a preview to Round 6, but most of all...looking back on the life of coach Duke Mitchell who passed away this past weekend.

Direct download: MLF081811.mp3
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There's a lot to talk about in this week's episode: first, an announcement regarding prior MLF games and this coming week's plans. Second, a word on the BEFF as they prepare for their season opener next weekend. Third, an announcement on one of the MLF football players and a daughter suffering from cancer. Fourth, a recap of round 4, including a team's medical staff saving a life...and finally, a look in to round 5 with a look back into what has transpired over the first month.

Direct download: MLF081111.mp3
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It was quite a round 3...with recaps of the Piranha/Lions and other games, an unexpected draw, and even a few results that make this week's games even more interesting. Details will be given throughout, plus towards the end a special announcement will be made regarding one of the MLF players...and a family member in need.

Direct download: MLF080211.mp3
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It would be literally speaking when it comes to "very hot" action in round 2. All the games are recapped, including a surprise and a surprise blowout. Plus, the marquis Round 3 grudge match between the Central Penn Piranha and the NJ Lions is previewed along with the top of right now. (You can relive last year's matchup simply by clicking the August 2010 links of, found on the right of this page.)

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This show recaps the exciting games and players from opening weekend of Major League Football and gives previews to this weekend's action. *NOTE: the times for this week's games may differ than what is announced on the show due to the extereme heat expected this weekend.

Direct download: MLF071911.mp3
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Played in White Marsh, MD, this is the 2nd half of the Arena Football contest between the Broncos and the Bayriders, known as the Murphy's Independence Bowl. This half is considerably faster because of time constraints with the arena and other factors. The player of the game is also interviewed afterwards, along with important words from the Broncos' Coach Duke.

Direct download: Arena_Football_Independence_Bowl_pt_2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 7:03am EST

Played in White Marsh, MD, this is the first half of the Arena Football contest between the Broncos and the Bayriders, known as the Murphy's Independence Bowl. Pre-game interview given with one of the Bayriders prior to the game. Stunningly I'm not just the announcer here, but also...the clock operator as many points were scored in the first half?

Direct download: Arena_Football_Independence_Bowl_pt_1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 6:59am EST

As we get closer to the beginning of the 2011 Campaign, we look back to a few highlights from MLF teams over the past couple of weekends. Teams featured are the NJ Lions, NJ Spartans, Philly Panthers, and the NEPA Miners. Additionally--listen to the final few minutes of this podcast for a project that could take this league aurally to the next level.

Direct download: MLF062811.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of a preseason inter-league friendly football contest between the New York Spartans of the Five-Star Football League and the New Jersey Spartans of Major League Football. Very good ending to this one; with post-game interviews of a key player from each team following the game.

Direct download: NY-NJ_Spartan_Bowl_2011pt2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:43pm EST

This is the first half of a preseason inter-league friendly football contest between the New York Spartans of the Five-Star Football League and the New Jersey Spartans of Major League Football. Includes a bizarre play midway 2nd quarter you just have to listen to to believe.

Direct download: NY-NJ_Spartan_Bowl_2011pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:38pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the BEFF All-Star Game held in Bridgewater, NJ on 6-4-2011. Was an exciting 2nd half of action including some great defense in the final quarter...following the game awards for outstanding offensive and defensive players are announced with post-game interviews after that.

Direct download: BEFF2011allstargamept2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:39am EST

This is the first half of the 2011 BEFF All-Star Game held in Bridgewater, NJ on 6-4-2011. A few good surprises were thrown into the mix; also includes pre-game interviews with a player from each team.

Direct download: BEFF2011allstargamept1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:32am EST

This is the 2nd half of the 2011 Major League Football All-Star Game, played on May 22nd at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. The 2nd half is played, which includes interviews of the halftime performers. Postgame interviews and offensive/defensive MVPs for each side are announced at the end.

Direct download: MLF_All-Star_Game_2011_pt.2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:02pm EST

This is the first half of the 2011 Major League Football All-Star Game, held at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex on May 22nd. This features pre-game interviews (including one of the players whom could not participate) and an exciting first half of play.

Direct download: MLF_All-Star_Game_2011_pt.1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:59pm EST

NOTE: This podcast had to be redone due to audio flaws in the original release. Some material was added back in along with new additions as the 2011 All-Star Game is previewed. In this first show under the new Major League Football monikor, I talk about stories that happened during the offseason; where we last left off, a quick look into the All-Star Game, those who will be participating in the game along with those nominated, and coming attractions I will be involved in.

Direct download: CZT-MLF2011-01_redo_real_thing.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:11pm EST comments on the entire Osama Bin Laden story. All you have to do is...listen.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_051011.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:28pm EST

This show never intends to be political but rather factual in nature. Outside of comments on Bill Clinton and Chris Christie, the main focus is the scary story as to why first responders of the September 11th attacks nearly 10 years ago could wind up on a "terrorist watch list". I also give previews to what I will be broadcasting in May leading up to my first Major League Football (formerly the BNEFF) podcast.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_042511.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:49am EST

Due to technical difficulties and no time whatsoever this week, this podcast is unacceptably up a week later than expected. However, this show talks about the 2011 baseball season (and my picks), along with an unusual situation between father, child, and Donald Trump for President? Oh brother...sign of the apocalypse. (*NOTE: discretion advised due to background language.)

Direct download: CZT_Rant_040711.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:04am EST

There is a lot to RANT about this week...RANTS include the latest gone unreported on the Japan multi-disasters, another Charlie Sheen comment, the aftermath of a former trying to control someone, if forgiving and loving go together, and how changing lifestyles can change the people that surround your life. Lots of great material for the first RANT in about a month. 

Direct download: CZT_Rant_032311.mp3
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Following what was a slow start, this is the 2nd half of what turned out to be an exciting game between the Bucks County Broncos and the Delmarva Bayriders. There were 2 plays in the 2nd half that were totally mind-boggling that are a must-listen. Postgame interviews follow the game.

Direct download: Bucks-Delmarva_Indoor_AFB_Friendly_2nd_Half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 5:00am EST

This is the first half to a minor league arena football game between the Bucks County Broncos and the Delmarva Bayriders. The game starts up slow...but after quarter time the points start to pile up on both ends.

Direct download: Bucks-Delmarva_Indoor_AFB_Friendly_1st_Half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 4:57am EST

This show involves a recap of the Daytona 500 with a surprise ending...along with the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks and a little info on my gathering on March 11th. I also bring up the recent cancellation of what now is One And A Half Men, due to the actions of one Charlie Sheen...and how I felt his comments should be taken.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_022511.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:16am EST

This week revolves around the Valentine's Day aftermath, a preview of the NASCAR season and even a Daytona memory, plus get words from a soon-to-be soldier. Interesting combination for a Presidents' Day weekend...with others involved this week.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_021911.mp3
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Obviously there is plenty to talk about this week...just from myself. I mention about Valentine's Day (or February 14th for that matter) plus a recap of Super Bowl 45, the game itself, and what went completely wrong.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_021111.mp3
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After a 7 week absence...the Crazy one is back with a different platform: RANT. In this trial first episode, I feature topics such as Egypt, the Government, and Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, I offer my analysis between the Packers and the Bears.

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This is the final chapter (really) of a 3-part podcast of the BEFF Championship game between the Middlesex Vikings and the NJ Longhorns. Part three features the extra sessions...the two overtime periods filled with more craziness that nobody on the football field wanted to go home, confusion by everyone as to what to do following both teams having a chance to win...and consequently blowing it, and forcing something totally unprecedented to happen to decide the game. Raw footage is included following the second overtime, and once the game finally ended, the trophy presentation along with post-game interviews are included. To understand why this part was the craziest ever, you need to listen to chapters 1 and 2 to get a full understanding of it. (Please note there may be language towards the end...discretion advised.) Enjoy...if you haven't lost your mind already.

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This is the second of a 3-part podcast of the BEFF Championship game between the Middlesex Vikings and the NJ Longhorns. Part two is the second half which starts out crazy, but leads into a more even game until numerous opportunities to decide the game in the final quarter costs both teams time, energy, and brain cells. The ending of regulation you will find hard to believe...that will lead into part 3 which will come soon. (NOTE: a defect in the file caused a replacement to go out...please let me know if there are still problems.)

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This is the first of a 3-part podcast of the BEFF Championship game between the Middlesex Vikings and the NJ Longhorns. Part one is the first half of the game...which started out normally, but then the aura of how the rest of the night was going to go ended up getting going at some point in the 2nd quarter. Part 2 will be coming soon...the drama may be worth the wait...

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This podcast features the 2010 BEFF Bowl final which will be between the New Jersey Longhorns and the Middlesex Vikings. A recap of the first 2 meetings, key players, and how each team got to the final are mentioned. Prior to that comes an interesting revelation as to why Thanksgiving travel was DOWN over that holiday weekend. 

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My first podcast in a couple of weeks...this recaps the BNEFF Grand Final from earlier this month, gives overall BNEFF league stats for the season in numerous categories, and previews the BEFF Bowl in Bridgewater coming on December 5th. A more established preview of the game will be coming \next week.

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This is a special podcast commemorating the Hamilton High School West Class of 1990; whom recently celebrated their 20-year reunion in West Windsor, NJ.

I wrote a speech up for the occasion, but not everything was used the night of the reunion. With the missing pieces which I did not get the opportunity to share with people, along with a few last minute additions I thought about after the event, I decided to come up with this podcast of the speech...not only honoring those who put together this successful night, but also remembering those whom we have lost through the years.

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This is the 2nd half of the BNEFF Grand Final between the New Jersey Wolves and the Chambersburg Cardinals. A recap of the first half is given, plus there are interviews with the Bergen Hawkettes (the BNEFF overall dance/cheer squad of 2010) along with S-Rob, whom performed at halftime. Following the end of the game, the postgame championship presentation is given along with interviews with both sides.

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This is the first half of the 2010 BNEFF Grand Final between the New Jersey Wolves and the Chambersburg Cardinals. Also featured are pre-game interviews with both sides, plus a bonus interview with Mirror Image, who performed our National Anthem prior to the game.

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What a show for this week...recapping two incredible conference championship games, plus previewing the Grand Final along with a couple of other events going on before the game...including a dance/cheer competition. And for those who wondered about the chaos of last Friday...I'm here to settle lots of fears; and provide possible anger as a repercussion.

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In this Halloween-themed podcast this week, I recap the four divisional playoff games that lead to this weekend's final four: the conference championship games...this includes two games this weekend with the spookiest finishes of the season. I also preview the upcoming events for Unity Bowl Weekend.

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After being under the weather for a couple of weeks, I return with my latest show...some important non-football content, plus talk about what happened on both make-up and wild-card weekends, plus give a little preview on all 4 divisional playoff matchups coming this weekend.

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Unfortunately, I am sicker than my last podcast...barely have a voice. My thanks to my wife Donna for assisting in a couple of parts.

I recap the final week of the season, including a mini-preview of the wild-card weekend, with one game yet to be determined. Plus, the game of the weekend had one of the biggest scare ever...listen to find out what happened.

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Back in 2003, I wrote a tune called Pink Ribbon. Though lyrics have been altered numerous times through the years, nothing is truly set, with the exception of those words, "Wear your Pink Ribbon and all will be right." In 2004, I came up with a piano/techno version of the song, which I have made my official release.

For this being BCA Month, please take time to give this tune a listen. Additionally, I have other BCA tunes, so if you're interested in hearing those, visit my FB page at or e-mail me at

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Due to unforseen circumstances there are none of my usual formatics in this show.

We recap last week's games a little bit, give one of the previous top-10 lists with a surprise twist to a game which happened two weeks ago, preview the final regular season week, and run down all the playoff possibilities.

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This show recaps some of the important games of round 8...from within the league to inter-league, and one game that should have happened...but didn't. Also is a look at the wild playoff picture with 2 weeks left, with those in contention having very important matches coming this and next week.

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There's a lot going on in this show. There's a quick recap of last week's games, a look ahead to some important games this week...along with the big Piranha/Mariners matchup, plus an interview with Philly Panthers Head Coach Damascene Pierre-Paul all rolled into one.

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This is the second half of the game between the Central Penn Piranha and the Brooklyn Mariners; taking place Sept. 11th, 2010 at Kings Bay Field in Brooklyn, NY. Once again, I provide double-duty by providing the play-by-play and public address announcing.

The 2nd part of the podcast begins with a piece of a speech which Brooklyn Head Coach Pudgy Walsh provided at halftime in honor of the September 11th rememberance, along with the 2nd half and a very exciting finish with some bizarre plays in the waning stages of the game. Postgame interviews are also provided with a player of each team.

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This is the first half of the game between the Central Penn Piranha and the Brooklyn Mariners; taking place Sept. 11th, 2010 at Kings Bay Field in Brooklyn, NY.

Note some of the commentary in the background is provided by statistician Dave of the Piranha and Brooklyn Head Coach Pudgy Walsh. In an unusual and unforseen circumstance, not only do I provide the play-by-play of the game, but am ALSO the public address announcer!!

(Please note a moment of silence is presented to honor those victims of the September 11th attacks from back in 2001 prior to the game.)

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Hello my friends...this is Tom again; though still suffering from a horrific Cowboys loss last night to the Redskins, I wanted to update you all on a battle that supersedes anything that is on the gridiron.
The reason for this note is to update you on my fundraising for the "Light The Night Walk" coming on Saturday, October 9th at Campbells Field (along the Camden Waterfront). There are also walks in Red Bank and Morristown that evening; plus a walk a week earlier on Saturday, October 2nd in Princeton. More information on these walks (or any in your local area) can be found at
For those who are wondering what “Light The Night” is, it's the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS's) walk and fundraising event to pay tribute and bring hope to people battling cancer. Though they mainly focus on blood cancers and other disorders, other rare forms of cancer are also brought to light.
Thousands of participants raise funds for vital, lifesaving research and patient services. Walkers carry illuminated balloons during the walk...white for survivors, red for supporters, and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. Cancer can hit us at any time regardless of age, and I am certain that every one of us knows somebody whom we have lost because of this. However, every day research is being done in the hopes of permanently wiping cancer off the map.
This year, the South Jersey Chapter for Light The Night has a very lofty fundraising goal of $3 million. Though the goal for each walk participant is only $100 (which I've already surpassed thanks to those whom have donated already), my goal is to try and surpass the $1000 mark. At the moment, I have raised $150...meaning I'm 15 % there already. I know funds are extremely tight these days, but if everyone contributes just a little bit…even if it’s only $5 to $10, every little bit is a step closer to the goal.
If you want to help, you can donate by going to my fundraising page...which is at or by going to my facebook page, at and clicking the "LLS Fundraising" tab at the top.
Forget about my Cowboys (or your Eagles or other team) losing. That's not the true battle I'm talking about. In this game of life, we can win if we all chip in...and if you're still not convinced, go to and check out this short Donald Duck Volunteer video.
Thank you again for taking time to read this...again, please feel free to pass this note along to all those you know. Believe me, we can ALL win if we "Light The Night" together and wipe out cancer completely!! :)


Thanks again,

Tom Wilkins (reach at or as a backup;

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This is a special double-length podcast focusing on several things: 1) last week's game between the Spartans and Stags, 2) individual stat leaders, 3) comments leading to the big matchup between the Piranha and the Mariners on Saturday with preceding September 11th comments (may be possibly unsuitable for those whom are sensitive), leading to 4) a preview of the big matchup and a quick recap of their previous 3 meetings.

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A special bonus: my newest release of music...called In Another Life. A techno mix will be coming out soon along with lyrics.

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Of course I can't forget! This week's show touches on the BEFF and the 10 teams that are playing this fall along with last week's scores, plus there's a look back at Round 6 of the BNEFF with one featured game which really caught everyone by surprise...particularly me. There's also a preview of the one game for this weekend as well as the big slate coming the following weekend.

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Plenty of stuff to talk about this week: I speak about the most exciting game from a couple of weeks ago that I misreported in my last show. This week's recaps and highlights are also given along with a look ahead to important games this weekend.

Also, I share my commentary...and even a personal to how this show can be more enticing; so each team should give the early part of this show a listen.

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This show highlights a few games from this past weekend, plus there is also a game perspective from a team who lost very badly this weekend...and why things happened the way they did.

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This show recaps highlights of several key games in Round 3...and explains which teams who were in a "must-win" situation ended up getting it. Standings and a look ahead to rounds 4 and 5 will also be included.

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This is the exciting 2nd half of the game played between the New Jersey Lions and the Central Penn Piranha; played in Enola, PA on Aug. 7, 2010. Definitely an exciting finish to this one (there may be outside language so please use discretion when listening).

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The first half of the game played between the New Jersey Lions and the Central Penn Piranha; played in Enola, PA on Aug. 7, 2010.

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This show features highlights of round 2...including a high-scoring game (by one team), a backyard brawl in Central PA, and a game...that didn't 'light' up. Previews of round 3 are also given, including some intriguing games of desperation.

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This week's show talks about some of the games from round 1...including notable debuts and some shocking outcomes. Also is an interview with NJ Lions head coach/owner Paul Castillo and a quick look at this coming weekend's action.

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This show features a little tidbit on one of our sponsors...Kati's Kupcakes. Also mentioned are the first game for the Central Penn Piranha, a look into the NJ Spartans Cheerleading squad, and a look into the first round of games to kick off the season.

If anything, even if you don't listen to this podcast...I urge you to listen to the last 5 1/2 minutes of the show. What you will hear may change your life completely.

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This show features a couple of exciting preseason game recaps involving some of our newest teams, plus a special announcement from the Westchester Packers.

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This is a quickfire show from me; speaking about how people are crazy wanting Stephen Strasburg (Nationals pitcher) in the All-Star mention how World Cup soccer games which must have a winner can end differently.

Worth checking out...feel free to leave your comments!

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The same duo who brought you with the music, and someone else with the lyrics...strike again with Heart Lies. Here are the lyrics:

(Verse 1)
So long, I'm done, I don't know you, I thought I did, Your betrayal is all I see... And it's causing my misery... (Verse 2)
Goodbye, I'm gone, I can't believe it, can I believe when all I can see are lies, And I know they're not in your disguise...
Your heart lies...
My heart cries... Your betrayal can not be denied...
(Verse 3)
Leave now, Somehow, Your heart, Cannot be trusted, I had never thought that from above, That all your lies destroy all love...
Your heart lies...
My heart cries... Your betrayal can not be denied...
I cannot believe a lying heart, Go away since I am torn apart, Leave to my despiar, Will I ever care, If I'm beyond repair. But it's my heart, forever you will see, The truth my love was never meant to be, For you it is goodbye, Don't ever ask me why, 'cause my heart was a was I.
(Short Recap Verse 1)
So long, I'm done, I don't know you, I thought I did, Your betrayal is all I see...
(Refrain with back and forth voices) Your heart lies... (no more games) My heart cries... (no more pain) Your betrayal can not be denied...
'cause Your heart lies... (no more games) My heart cries... (no more pain) Your betrayal can not be denied... for all your lies.
(long instrumental break) (ending following hold) So long, Leave now... I don't know you... and I don't want to...


Direct download: Heart_Lies_trial.mp3
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This is the tune Regret, which I worked on thanks to inspiration from a very close friend of mine. The final copy will be made available soon once some adjustments are made.

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Following my 'tricky' opening, I get down to business and briefly talk about the stars from volleyball, golf and tennis. I also take time to run down the specialist in boys and girls track, plus end with my favorite moment of 2009-2010 for the podcasts I have done this school year. And as a bonus...I finish with my theme song for NJ High School Sports, Endless by Ron Van Den Beuken.

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This is a recap of the champions in lacrosse, baseball, and softball...including an "Immaculate" and improbable comeback by one of the eventual state champions.

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This is a special release of a Crazy Tom mixdown project from 2004. From start to finish, this 20 minute mix will have you feeling the inner emotions of this crazy individual...from mixer to someone just wanting to live life. Songs included in this mix are:

  1. Future Trance United--Face To Face
  2. Kate Ryan--Only If I
  3. Dj Bobo--Together
  4. Chicago/Aquagen--Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  5. Angel City--Love Me Right (Oh Sheila)
  6. Oceanlab/Justine Suissa--Beautiful Together
  7. Floorfilla--Technoromance
  8. Scooter--Jigga Jigga

Hope you enjoy this one...a mix where you feel all the intense emotions of DJCrazyTom...inside and out.

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Following other podcast commitments, I return with stories of the spring sports postseason..including updates on women's lacrosse, baseball, and softball...including a very controversial game involving the Notre Dame softball team.

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Here is the 2nd half of the BNEFF 2010 Unity Bowl...with a few twists and turns and a couple of surprises at the end. I also include a few postgame interviews with the game's outstanding players.

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This is a compilation of halftime interviews...including Nick Susko of the Empire All-Stars, plus Ryan Garner of the NW Giants representing the Keystone Conference...playing his final game. Vice-President Al Alston is also interviewed.

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This is part 1 of the BNEFF 2010 Unity Bowl, featuring pregame interviews with NE Eagles QB Brandon Sanders, Empire Head Coach Colin Baptiste, along with others. In addition, raw audio footage is presented from the first half.

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This show briefly looks at a few highlights within baseball and softball, plus gives a surprise lacrosse result in one of the county tournaments.

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The opening show to the new BNEFF season brings out the players whom will be involved in the 2010 Unity Bowl on May 22nd at Lombardi Field in Palisades Park, NJ. Special rules of the game will be mentioned, plus some entertainment aspects will be given regarding team dancers and halftime activities.

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This episode is mostly a lacrosse feature...includes a bizarre ending to a game along with a closer look at a Freehold Township star. Baseball and softball top-20 lists are also updated.

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For this episode I 'stick' a top-20 list for both baseball and softball, talk briefly about a dramatic lacrosse game, and feature a golfer from Rumson who won a big golf tournament.

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In this abbreviated show I talk about the 2010 NFL Schedule...key matchups, a few surprises, the prime-time schedule (NBC, NFLN, ESPN) and some featured teams with interesting home and road lineups. Plus, there is a new twist to the end of the year so be listening for these quirks.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042110.mp3
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A much shorter show this I speak about not just baseball and softball; but also include some top volleyball programs and the story of a courageous senior baseball player from Glassboro.

Direct download: NJHS042010.mp3
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The first half of the show talks about the top teams and players in softball, then follows with the baseball players and teams for the second half. Info used courtesy of the Newark Star-Ledger.

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Lots of goodies in this week's show:

  1. a major announcement regarding my minor league football (and an extra at the absolute beginning of the show)
  2. why Duke/Butler was a tainted title
  3. the McNabb trade and why it will hurt the Redskins
  4. a baseball preview...the more things stay the same

Remember to e-mail me at or visit me at if you have any ideas!!

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And then there were two...Neptune for the girls, Trenton Catholic for the guys. We wrap up the NJ Basketball season by honoring these champions, plus give the final top 20 in both divisions...with a surprise on the guys side.

Direct download: NJHS032910.mp3
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A strange bunch to talk about in this week's show. First, I talk about the NCAA Tournament so far, including the upsets and the 'overrated.' I then preview the Sweet 16, including the Kentucky/Cornell matchup for Thursday, which may be the most intriguing ever, and I speak about the differences between those two clubs.

I also add a tidbit on the Healthcare vote (which may just be too absurd), and finally speak out about the possibility of a modified overtime in the NFL Playoffs. Really?

Enjoy this one...get me back at or on if you want to contribute! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_032310.mp3
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And then...4 teams remained. 2 for the girls; 2 for the guys.

This 2010 Tournament of Champions show recaps how Neptune and St. John Vianney got to the title game for the girls, while Camden & Trenton Catholic made their way for the boys' title game for Tuesday, March 23rd at the Meadowlands Arena (IZOD Center). Additionally, there is a recap of one of the all-time greatest state playoff games in recent memory along with other odds and ends involving Chatham and Shabazz.

Direct download: NJHS032210.mp3
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So this came out a few days late...not good!! But this week I talk about the latest in hockey, basketball tournaments, another Mets baseball blunder, and NFL free agent give a rundown of people that I want to thank for a very nice birthday last week.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031110.mp3
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This show has a little of everything...a woman coaching boys, a special hockey star from Morristown, and the wrestling champions from NJ for 2009-10.

Direct download: NJHS030810.mp3
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Once again, we focus on the top 20 basketball teams--boys and girls--in NJ, plus a closer look at the 'water crew'...the inspiration behind Collingswood High School.

Direct download: NJHS022310.mp3
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This show recaps another round of top 10 and 20 lists in both boys and girls, an inside look on a tradition by a NJ football powerhouse.

Direct download: NJHS021810.mp3
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This week's show features more detailed info on the Newark EastSide, St. Patricks and Deptford programs, plus gives a rundown of each top-20 while broadcasting in a snowstorm at home.

Direct download: NJHS021010.mp3
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Somehow I forgot to upload this: from late on February 4th, the podcast featuring the top 20 in boys and girls basketball...and a special athlete from Red Bank Catholic hockey.

Direct download: NJHS020310.mp3
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This is a quick podcast...regarding my snow experiences this winter as a prelude, and what looks to be a warm Super Bowl in pick is here, so hear my explanation as to who I think wins.

Remember: the Crazy Tom Page is on FB...type 'crazy tom page' in search box or visit my main page at for more!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020610.mp3
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More things than I can fit this week...I cry about the State of the Onion, plus give updates on the Haiti relief efforts, the AFC/NFC Championship games, and how another gifted athlete found another way to "shoot" millions of dollars down the drain.

Don't forget: visit or visit my "Crazy Tom Page" on Facebook!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012810.mp3
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This week...not only is there the usual basketball suspects and athletes on the week, some time is spent on a wrestling fiasco plus a coach who reached 500 swimming.

Direct download: NJHS012610.mp3
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I give the usual latest on boys and girls basketball including a couple of late entries on the boys side: in addition, I talk about a special sophomore athlete from Montgomery HS who is motoring quite a swimming trail.
Direct download: NJHS011910.mp3
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Pretty much a 50/50 split this week, talking more about the NFL Playoffs as well as the catastrophe in Haiti. I speak of alternative ways that you can well as other countries, whom have not been mentioned by us, that have come to Haiti's aid.
Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011910.mp3
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I'm BAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! (I guess that is the bad news.)

Under a new format, I talk about the NFL playoffs as well as the inevitable admission of steroid use by Mark McGwire.

But I also throw in a tidbit on the infamous Flight 253 that made headlines over Christmas...and what I will say on this will have you holding your jaw. So give it a listen...and open your mind to some shocking revelations the media will never report on.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011210.mp3
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This show features a couple critical games on the boys and girls side of basketball. In the middle, some athletes are also named for their achievements in their particular sports for the week.
Direct download: NJHS011210.mp3
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For my first order of business in 2010, I discuss the top NJ Basketball programs...both boys and girls. This includes overall top 20s and the top 10 in each group.
Direct download: NJHS010510.mp3
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This show quickly recaps the conference championship games and leads into the 2009 Grand Final...which I missed. Thank you Mother Nature for causing me to lose an opportunity to give the league even more exposure. However, I sitll go on to recap the game...and ask a few questions in the process.

Hope you and yours enjoy the holidays and 2010...a supplemental podcast with interviews will come after the new year.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-11.mp3
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Very simple...recaps of the championship games, I take a breather for the holidays, MY football top 20. Enjoy the holidays and talk to you again in 2010! :)
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This week I quickly recap the action of the divisional playoffs and preview the two conference championship matchups, plus include a couple of promos regarding the BNEFF in action. The other playoff? That is my beef...a college football playoff that just HAS to happen.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-10.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:11pm EST

Not only is a quick mentioning of Wild-Card Weekend mentioned, but I preview the divisional playoff meetings that are coming up this coming weekend.

If that is not enough, I have a very happy update on an issue I brought up in a prior show, plus have some serious and angry 'beef' about how a TV network ruined a timeless Christmas special.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-09.mp3
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This show features my Crazy Tom Honor in the top performers from over the holiday weekend. Additionally, previews of all 18 group grand finals are briefly mentioned as action begins late afternoon on Thursday (12-3).

2 champions have been crowned already...which 18 teams will join them?

Direct download: NJHS1201pt2.mp3
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Many teams' seasons closed this past holiday weekend; I focus on one of the Thanksgiving traditional games...the Steinert/Hamilton matchup along with other trap games amongst state finalists. The next-to-last top 20 list is also mentioned.
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In an unusually long podcast for high school football, I give this week's top 20, why Thanksgiving and football go together (and a MAJOR beef about it), a recap of the semifinal games (with a few surprises) along with potential trap games some teams face this Thanksgiving, and a listing of matchups for the grand finals during the first weekend in December.

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This show features the top performers of semifinal weekend plus 4 unforgettable games that were played...Brick/Howell, Williamstown/Cherokee, Seneca/Hammonton, and Sparta/Wayne Hills.
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I give a recap of the final 2 weeks of the season along with the playoff scenarios for the coming postseason. Additionally, I give the leaders of each category as listed on the BNEFF website.

Additionally, before my football talk I list another cause which relates to a government task force and their recent controversial recommendations on mammograms. Though this podcast attracts mostly a male audience, what about the females in your lives that may be going through something like this...especially breast cancer, which anyone can get? It is something to ponder and really listen to.

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All the postseason games in regions and groups are highlighted from the past weekend along with 'must see' games and potential title matchups.
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This recaps the top stars from the first postseason/consolation weekend along with the top 20 in NJ High School Football, along with intriguing group semifinal matchups for the coming weekend.
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A run-down of all the sections/groups for the 2009 NJ High School Football Playoffs, including possible dark horses, potential title matches, and other surprises.
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Show features an incredibly high-scoring game, this week's top 20, and the high school of the week in the perfect scenario.
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How could I have forgotten another coach's milestone? I talk about it in this week's show and the interesting circumstances which surrounded it. Also throw in the top-20 for this week and another North Jersey Catholic Grudge Match Doubleheader forthcoming...adds up to my last show before the State Playoffs.

*NOTE: no podcast on the honor roll this week due to late-arriving information. Hopefully will reappear next week.

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This show recaps the last week of football, including a major surprise to many. The latest stats are updated in many categories, plus there is a loko ahead to the final week of the season...including a "can't miss" matchup.
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This was a show that was supposed to be released; however this is raw footage regarding a BNEFF show that never made it online; scheduled for the week before Halloween. Recording was not far from FedEx Field in Landover, MD--where the Redskins were eventually pummelled by the Eagles.
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I take care of the bonus right away, plus give out my top performers throughout the state along with the current football powerpoint standings for each region/section/group.
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A recap of two very good games last week, more lists and a top 20, plus a few games you might want to see this coming weekend.
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The top performers from this past weekend are mentioned along with powerpoint rankings from each region/ a 'did you know' regarding football in extra time.
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Immaculata's Pierce Frauenheim gets his milestone, plus this week's top 20 and two HUGE matchups are previewed in this show.
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Quick score recaps and statistical leaders along with coming attractions are given; be sure to pay attention to a special medical situation that will be announced on this show.
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Not only are the offensive/defensive stars of Round 5 addition to ths week's top 20, the top 10 of each 'Group' in New Jersey are listed as we get closer to the playoffs.
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This program recaps round 5, gives a Nate Smith update, an incredible milestone by a former NJ football star, this week's top 20, and a 'milestone' Match of the Week.
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This is a listing of football heroes throughout the state of New Jersey on offense, defense, and special teams...along with the top performances of the first weekend of October.

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The last 2 weeks of the BNEFF are quickly recapped, including some almost up-to-date stats and a few coming attractions.
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This show recaps Round 4 and a couple of exciting games...including one that fits this week's title.
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This show recaps the top performers of Week 3 in NJ High School Football from offense, defense, special teams...and even a few who did more than everything.

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Two great games, some wild finishes, and even a team that scored only 5 points...and WON! (5 points in a football game?)
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This show features the top performers of this past weekend on offense, defense, and special teams.
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This show features some top-20 recaps of games, a preview of my 'match of the week', and how Deptford High School made history this month.
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With apologies for last week's illness, this BNEFF double-podcast features highlights of the last two weeks of action. In-between, you'll hear an interview with Nassau Punishers head coach James Simpson along with a preview of the next two weeks. (Please note the interview has some background noise due to construction outside the studio.)

As usual this podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Remember to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

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With hundreds of games played in NJ over the weekend, it's easy to overlook some performances of players whom deserve to be recognized. Part 2 looks at some of the finer accomplishments by players on both sides of the ball...offense, defense, and special teams.
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A 2-part show this week; part 1 looks back at the first weekend of football in NJ...including a few surprises. I also add my High School of the Week, and what I think will be the best match of the coming weekend.
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This episode previews matchups including the preseason top 20 high school football teams in NJ...including one that I'll call my 'match of the week.' Offensive and defensive 1st and 2nd teams are also brought up as 'players to watch' this year.
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Sorry this is a little late...but these are highlights from some of the games of the first full weekend of BNEFF Football action.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Remember to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

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This week features a preview of the three NJ football teams that will be participating in the kickoff classic at Giants Stadium on September 11th; Bergen Catholic, St. Joseph's/Montvale, and DePaul.

Be sure to visit for further ticket and event information.

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Not much in this first BNEFF episode...this week briefly recaps the kickoff game to the 2009 season and looks ahead at the first two rounds of games. Also listen to my interview with the head coach of the defending 2008 BNEFF Champion NW Giants...Coach Brian Horsey.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

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The Crazy Tom Show is now functioning with high school sports in the state of New Jersey. I speak about in this primary episode:

  1. current NFL players from high schools in NJ
  2. a plan by one former NFL player from NJ
  3. a sample of schools and brief recaps of 2008 season
  4. defending 2008 group champions for football

Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to have your NJ High School shouted out! You can always join my Crazy Tom group page here at

This show is proudly sponsored by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

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This is a special announcement regarding potential future plans of the Crazy Tom Show...and what he might be doing next.

To get the specifics, all you have to do is...listen.

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This is mostly a baseball-focused podcast, considering things are starting to wind down:

  1. CZT Knuckleheads of the last 2 weeks
  2. The recent Phillies' struggles
  3. Recaps of the NL and AL and Wild-Card possibilities
  4. Deadline trades (of course involving teams with no chance to win)
  5. NFL and bogus preseason college rankings
  6. other odds and ends, including an update on the Alexis Cohen Idol tragedy

Be sure to contact me at if you have any questions, and join my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook here:

The Crazy Tom Show...delicious through, info courtesy of USA Today, and pursuing the radio dream thanks to the CSB School of Broadcasting.

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NOTE: this podcast was put up too late. This should not have been released because so much information changed since I finished the talking portion was completed. The info is as of July 28th, whatever happened after that I will have in my show next week.

This week:

  1. my title says it all: tragedy down the Jersey Shore was absolutely comparable with what happened to Donte Stallworth earlier this year
  2. the latest on baseball as the trade talk winds down (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)
  3. Wrestling? Did someone say wrestling? Well, I recap a pay-per-view event I was at in Philadelphia recently.

Hope you enjoy...e-mail me at or visit my facebook page here:

The Crazy Tom devoured by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

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After an attempt to release a podcast last week failed, I combined bits of last week and this week to make a longer podcast than normal. This week, I speak about:

  1. an unexplainable early report of a police officer's death before it actually happened
  2. the 2009 MLB All-Star Game (and so it goes)
  3. each team's look ahead to the 2nd half
  4. CZT Knuckleheads of the Week that go together
  5. short bits on football and hockey
  6. a team-by-team synopsis of the BNEFF for 2009

There is plenty more where this came from so...happy listening! Be sure to contact me at if you have any questions or visit my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

The Crazy Tom proudly devoured by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

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After an unexpected abrupt ending to last week's show, I resume talking about the world of sports...and explain why things came to a sudden stop.

This week, I speak about:

  1. the free-agent signings of hockey and basketball
  2. unexpected CZT Knuckleheads of the Week
  3. remembering Steve McNair and the bizarre circumstances of his death
  4. the last part of baseball's first half (and some interesting Phillies possibilities)

You can always contact me at if you'd like to chime in. Also, don't forget about my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook. Come by and say Hi by visiting and chime on in.

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(NOTE: listener discretion strongly advised in a couple areas.)

This was not necessarily the way I wanted my first show in a month and a half to go. But I talk about what's been happening since my last least for the most part. I throw in some baseball, then recap the NBA and NHL extremely angry fashion. Without and pomp and circumstance, a list of CZT Knuckleheads of the last few weeks are also announced.

Unfortunately my show ended very abruptly as you will hear.

Contact me at or, if you want to check out/join my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook, visit and chime in that way.

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This is the first half of the 2009 BNEFF All-Star Game, recorded on June 6th. There is barely any editing...basically RAW audio footage of my commentary along with Dave Patterson of the NY Spartans. Quality may not be great so apologies in advance.
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This is the second half of the 2009 BNEFF All-Star Game, recorded on June 6th. There is barely any editing...basically RAW audio footage of my commentary along with Dave Patterson of the NY Spartans. Quality may not be great so apologies in advance.

Post-game interviews follow, with the featured star players and a couple of coaches.


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NOTE: this podcast is respectfully dedicated to the late Mike Verini, a 1993 Hamilton High School West graduate who left us way too soon...passing away last week at the age of 33. The first half of this show (the 'shock' part) talks about him, his life, and those who remember him--including some condolence comments. (You can also leave your comments at but the guestbook will only be up until June 15th.)

The 'usual' from me is my commentary of the respective NHL and NBA conference finals...will make my predictions of what I want to happen and what will probably happen. I also give you some brief NFL and baseball updates...along with my 'usual' CZT Knucklehead of the Week.

Any comments or questions can be directed to me at or on my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

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Let me warn you ahead of time that I almost did not release this podcast. Upon listening, the sound is fine but there are a couple of skips--especially in the 2nd half of the show--that may interfere with your concentrated listening.

Rather than list what I'll be talking about, I'll share with you my usual NBA and NHL playoff rants, plus give a 'more than obvious' CZT Knucklehead of the Week along with other baseball stuff. However, the first half will speak about possible changes to my show. Although subtle, it's worth giving you a heads-up.

Hope you enjoy and as always feel free to e-mail me at with any comments.

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Back with my first real podcast in a few weeks, here is what I will be groaning about:

  1. my western Pennsylvania adventure (with a couple of suggestive towns)
  2. a Harry Kalas tribute song that was sent to me
  3. current baseball stuff
  4. the NHL playoffs (and a bunch of CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...for the last 3 weeks, that is)
  5. a special CZT Dance Track...for the cure?
  6. NFL news (No! Favre Leave?)
  7. NBA playoffs (and my conference semifinal picks)

Enjoy the show even though it's a little long this week...and contact me at if you have questions. Also don't forget about my show page on Facebook...keywords 'Crazy Tom Page' if you'd like to join.

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This podcast is a tribute to the late great Harry Kalas, who passed away on April 13th at the age of 73 of heart disease.

In this special show, I share a number of his great calls along with some of his accomplishments, including a couple of my all-time favorites from the Phillies' voice for the last 38 years. I also include some listener feedback, along with my personal contact with Kalas through the mail as he was kind enough to critique my announcing demos from 2004-05.

Listening to Phillies baseball will never be the same without him describing the action. Enjoy this special show and please e-mail me at with any comments.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Special--Harry_Kalas_Tribute.mp3
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I don't normally 'blog'...but I want to make this special announcement regarding my next show.

As you probably know by now, longtime Phillies (and Hall of Fame) broadcaster Harry Kalas passed away today at the age of 73. Needless to say, this is one of the darkest days Philadelphia has seen in a very long time. The brightness did shine as three Phillies (Victorino, Howard, and Ibanez) paid tribute with 'outta here' circuit dingers of their own in the Phillies' 9-8 win this afternoon.

We truly lost a voice for the ages. I was fortunate enough to send a couple of demos to Harry a few years ago and was privileged enough to get a couple of responses from him with his feedback on what I was doing. In fact, one year I got a holiday card from him which included his 2002 Hall of Fame induction photo. I want to take time to share this with you and the rest of the listeners in this special show.

Instead of sticking with my normal podcast format, I want to put together a special 'tribute to Harry' show for the coming week. In a completely separate podcast, I'll talk about the rest of the stuff (NHL playoffs, etc.) at a later time.

If any of you would like to contribute to this special show...such as, sharing your memories of Harry--your favorite calls, his personality, his accomplishments, his connection to you, etc.--please feel free to contact me. I am going to send a similar message to those involved on Phillies boards on Facebook, and want to use as much as I can in this exclusive podcast. Also, if you know of others who are not in the group and want to contribute, please have them contact me about this. You can get a hold of me at or come leave a note on my Facebook group called 'The Crazy Tom Page.'

It is not every day that an oppotunity presents itself to pay tribute to a true and gentle human being that passed so suddenly. So again, any help you can give will be greatly appreciated...just let me know what you want to contribute and I'll be more than happy to get a hold of you about it.

All the responses I receive will be used in my Kalas tribute show. Once completed, I will notify you and the Phillies about it.

Thanks again for your help and support...and I'll keep you posted on things as I start to put this together.

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You would think the title would completely fit this podcast...the yolk was on me when putting this together. This week:

  1. the harshest baseball first week (including tragic passing of Nick Adenhart)
  2. a CZT Knucklehead of the Week for the ages
  3. final push of the NHL season
  4. no more NBA playoff push, the teams are all set
  5. updates on football including clarifications missing from last week
  6. a short recap of Wrestlemania 25 (the good and the REAL bad)
  7. why college basketball really was ho-hum at the most important time

All that and more on this week's 'eggcracker'...sourly put together. Please feel free to e-mail at if you have any thoughts.

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This week, what you will hear is:

  1. an NFL update (including the CZT Knucklehead of the Week)
  2. hockey and the race for the President's Trophy
  3. a semi-obvious NBA update
  4. the men's Final Four...embedded with this weeks' CZT Dance Track!
  5. why the University of Memphis is NOT about winning...AGAIN
  6. a 2009 baseball preview
  7. finally, some interesting predictions compared to Sports Illustrated's...and a common sense World Series guess

Unfortunately, difficulties have caused much of the information this week to be considered outdated upon release of the podcast...a LOT changed since I finished the talking portion of my show, so I apologize for the outdated details in advance.

Do contact me at as always if you have any comments.

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The title of this week's special Friday podcast says it all. Featured this week are:

  1. a studio update (with a bit of good news--for now)
  2. a wrestling update and possible future interview announcement
  3. interesting news unrelated to the show
  4. the NCAA and their 'Sour 16' (thus the podcast title)
  5. more on TCNJ and the Lady Lions; their showing in the Division III Final Four along with commendations to one of their stars
  6. a more-than-obvious CZT Knucklehead of the Week
  7. updates on the NBA and NHL

Feel free to ask questions through e-mail at as this is bound to be an interesting show.

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After an unexpected 2-week layoff, I come back firing with a couple of interesting topics:

  1. mention why no podcasting for the last 2 weeks...there's a reason why the studios I normally use were shut down
  2. the CZT Knuckleheads of the last couple of weeks
  3. my own bracket (or parenthesis) breakdown of the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament...and why teams are seeded the way they are
  4. NHL Update; honoring Martin Brodeur
  5. one huge Final Four surprise you'd never guess!

Remember to type in the words 'crazy tom page' if a member on Facebook; and feel free to comment at

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In another one of my hodge-podge podcasts, I speak about a number of things this week that will scratch your head. They are:

  1. a hockey prediction I made that came true
  2. my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...head-to-head!
  3. quick football news
  4. why it wasn't just steroids that ruined baseball
  5. my Crazy Tom Dance Track (and you WON'T believe your ears this week!)
  6. the Matt Kenseth invitational (aka NASCAR update)
  7. pro and college basketball's latest

It's a lot of fun, chaos, and disorder wrapped into one show. Do comment at or visit the 'Crazy Tom Page' on Facebook.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022409.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:13am EST

With no interviews on this week's agenda, I get back to talking about a lot of things:

  1. college basketball's top 25 (and a few March sleepers)
  2. football cuts (and a CZT Knucklehead Of The Week to go with it)
  3. recaping last week's Knucklehead-to-head
  4. A-roid and his tarnish
  5. my 'imaginary' Crazy Tom Dance Track
  6. the phony NBA All-Star Game
  7. quick hockey update
  8. recap of the Daytona 500: The Great American Ripoff?

Enjoy this show and feel free to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021709.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:21am EST

Your true definition of compacting a show is right here! In this week's show, I warm up with:

  1. an update on a story I ended last week's show with
  2. my usual Crazy Shouts
  3. the FIRST EVER dual of...who deserves the CZT Knucklehead of the Week more?
  4. a quick baseball update
  5. a 2009 NASCAR preview and an interview with someone involved with the sport
  6. the latest on college basketball
  7. hockey's latest and the fighting issue

NOTE: the bitrate is smaller due to the length of the show, so the usual quality may lack slightly.

But still enjoy and contact me at if you have any questions...and on whom gets the CZT Knucklehead for this week!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021209.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 1:45am EST

You had to ask: in this case, IBEW stands for Idol, Bowl, Excruciation, and...Wrestler? Three main stories for this week:

  1. Recap of Super Bowl 43 (the heroes and the CZT Knuckleheads of the Week)
  2. another CZT dance track...which I remixed
  3. an interview with a former American Idol participant! To find out who it the video at
  4. finally, complete outrage near my former hometown

It's a break from sports for the most part, but feel free to comment on my subject matter at or on The Crazy Tom Page on Facebook!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020309.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:58pm EST

Originally this was to be an all-Super Bowl show this week. Not so, however. Before I talk about that, I talk about...

  1. the passing of former NC State Women's Basketball coach Kay Yow, and the legacy she left behind
  2. a renewal in the fight against breast cancer
  3. looking back on a ridiculous NHL All-Star game
  4. facing a CZT Knucklehead of the Week
  5. finally, a brief Super Bowl 43 preview and my pick

Feel free to respond on my Facebook Crazy Tom page or send me a note at


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012709.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:33pm EST

As I am now relieved from a bit of sports stress, I speak about certain things...some of which are not sports-related:

  1. more shouts to people whom have supported this show!
  2. the winds of 'change': Obama, the number 44 in sports, and a look back at the Bush(league) legacy
  3. Phillies' avoiding arbitration (and an agonizing Ryan Howard price)
  4. another Crazy Tom dance track!
  5. a quick look at college basketball and hockey
  6. looking back at the AFC and NFC Championship Games (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)

There is a lot on the plate...whether you agree or not, feel free to gat back at me at


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012109.mp3
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In the freezing cold of January I talk about these issues this week:

  1. special acknowledgements of those whom have joined my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook! (if you have a Facebook account and want to join, type in 'Crazy Tom Page' in the search box.)
  2. why New Years Day isn't special for football anymore!
  3. why we not only need a college football playoff, but also national co-champions for the 2nd time in 3 years!
  4. the latest in hockey (including my CZT Knucklehead of the Week)!
  5. the newest Crazy Tom Show feature!
  6. the NFL Divisional Playoffs and predictions on the conference championship games!

Be sure to drop me a line at if you have any thoughts.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011309.mp3
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Happy New Year everyone! This week's CZT Show features me talking about some interesting sports stuff:

  1. my feelings for 2009
  2. baseball's winter signings
  3. the JC Romero disaster
  4. the NHL Winter Classic, and where it should be played in 2010
  5. my NFL rankings from 1-32 prior to the playoffs
  6. NFL Wild-Card recap (includes the CZT Knucklehead of the Week)
  7. NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Enjoy this one and send me a note to if you have any thoughts.


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_010609.mp3
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This is at least a portion of the broadcast of the BNEFF Championship game which took place in Hilldale, NY. Due to early technical problems--and the way the game turned out, it was best for me to include as many highlights as I could...and not bore you with much insignificance.

Most of the first quarter was lost due to a faulty microphone wire. Unfortunately this included three scores. It got fixed up, but at least the excitement continued for the most part.

Do enjoy the broadcast...visit for the latest BNEFF information--especially with the all-star game coming soon.

Direct download: BNEFF_titlegame_121408.mp3
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This is a simple recap of the final two weeks of the regular season and the first weekend of the playoffs from the BNEFF, with a preview of the two semifinal games that will take place this weekend.

As a bonus, I've added some current stuff outside of the league...and even the RETURN of the CZT Knucklehead of the week!

Direct download: BNEFF_update_120208.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:39am EST

This is the 2nd half of the BNEFF contest rematch of the NY Spartans/Tacony Eagles game.

Following the game, post-game interviews are given (the audio may be choppy in spots so apologies in advance).

Enjoy the game...and please check out these sponsors below:

For Cappy's Cafe And Catering, visit the website at

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This is part 1 of the game between the NY Spartans and the Tacony Eagles, which took place in the Tacony section of Philadelphia on 11-8-08; a rematch to the game a couple of weeks prior which Tacony won 28-0.

Prior to the game, other scores and coming attractions for the BNEFF are announced.

Direct download: NYSpartans-tacony1108pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:45am EST

A quick 4:52 techno piece, featuring my narration of wanting the Phillies to win the World so many in Philly want; considering there's been no title in 25 years for the city.
Direct download: Crazy_Tom--Our_Turn_Now_Phillies_2008_WS_Trance_Single.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 7:09am EST

(NOTE: the wrong file was connected with this tag but has since been corrected. Enjoy the show!)

This is the 2nd half of the Westchester/Tacony game as narrated by Kevin O'Brien, with a surprise ending to the contest along with post-game interviews.

Do enjoy the show--and please visit the following sponsors below:

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Direct download: westchestertacony1018pt2.mp3
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(NOTE: the wrong file was connected with the tag last has since been corrected.)

This is the commentary of the 10-18 game between the Westchester Packers and the Tacony Eagles, as narrated by Kevin O'Brien. I provide the early commentary setting the game up as well as for the week 7 games on the schedule (which may be reviewed in a future minor league show).

Direct download: westchestertacony1018pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 11:48pm EST

This is a recap of the round 6 football games along with numerous stats from teams in the BNEFF.

Please don't forget to check out the normal sponsors:

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Direct download: Minor_League_Football_1016.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of the NJ Longhorns/Tacony Eagles game, broadcast by just me.

Hope you enjoy all the footage--and please don't forget to check out the normal sponsors:

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Direct download: BNEFFlonghorns-eagles1004pt2.mp3
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This is the first part of my broadcast of a game between the NJ Longhorns and the Tacony Eagles. Unfortunately, due to an electrical problem, most of the first quarter footage was lost.

I also recap the other weekend's games before turning to the broadcast, which this portion goes to halftime and includes a couple of interviews from Tacony players.

NOTE: some of the players were not named correctly due to outdated rosters that I was unaware of using until after the game.

Direct download: BNEFFlonghorns-eagles1004pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 7:49am EST

Because of some unforseen circumstances with the Minor League Football Today show, including unexpected emergencies and equipment difficulties, I put together a show with as much information as possible regarding the first month of the BNEFF season. This recaps some of the games via information I've received, plus gives a preview of the games coming up for the first week of October.

Any information for any game can be sent to me at And please don't forget to check out the normal sponsors:

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Direct download: BNEFF_0927.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 11:10pm EST

NOTE: Only the 2nd half was broadcasted due to equipment and electrical problems throughout the first half.

This was the 2nd half as broadcasted by me and Jim Gullifer; a game which the NW Giants won 18-0. Recaps of the first half scoring are made throughout the podcast.

Enjoy the commentary...and please feel free to check out our sponsors:

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Direct download: GiantsEagles0914bneff.mp3
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This is a first-try podcast on minor league football; featuring teams and players from the BNEFF--the Big NorthEast Football Federation. Schedules and players are announced along with some other pertinent information.

Be sure to check the show out and also visit the sponsors for this show:

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Direct download: Minor_League_Football_pilot_01.mp3
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This show is different from the norm, as I give a quick overview of the 2008 NFL season, along with predictions for each division as well as for Super Bowl 43 in Tampa on February 1st. The usual CZT spots--including Knucklehead of the Week--will return on his next show.

If you have picks, send them in at And don't forget to check out the show's sponsors:

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Direct download: Crazy_Tom_2008_NFL_Special.mp3
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This week I spend the first half of the podcast talking about the House Bunny controversy, leading up to its Friday release. Will the movie turn out to be beneficial to the Greek community, including women's fraternity Zeta Tau Alpha? Listen to some of the responses given, but please note that I mark this podcast as explicit because of an un-childlike description on some of the issues.

When the sports get going, I speak a little on the BNEFF, then follow with NASCAR, a little basketball, some college and pro football, and finally some baseball--including the open mouth/insert foot section known as the CZT Knucklehead of the Week. However, I do finish with an astonishing reminder of what one of the presidential candidates 'did' many years ago that may play a role in the 2008 election.

Enjoy the show and feel free to comment at While you listen, please check out some of the show's sponsors:

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Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082008.mp3
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The title is a bad giveaway to a plethora of bad jokes. I do talk about the Olympics, baseball, and both the BNEFF along with preseason NFL stuff. Look for baseball to have a CZT Knucklehead of the Week that can be a bit 'heated.'

*Please note that the full song of 'One World, One Dream' by Sylver is used in its entirety at the end of the show (this is the supposed 2008 Olympic Anthem and I don't think anyone in the US plays it on radio).*

Enjoy the show and feel free to comment at And while you're at it, please come by and support these show sponsors listed below (these links do work):

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Georgia is on the mind of many as I respectfully dedicate the podcast to the late Skip Carey, the long-time Atlanta Braves' broadcaster who passed away at the age of 68. I talk about him along with the latest in baseball, NASCAR, and some football (including notes from the Big NorthEast Football Federation) which involves the CZT Knucklehead of the Week.

Also, there are some bad 'dawgs' involved as I talk about the preseason top-25 in college football. Something does not add up as I run down the list! Enjoy the show and feel free to contact me at

Check these promos using the links below (I promise they work):

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Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_080408.mp3
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Too many cautions in this show to mention! I start by talking about the BNEFF--a football league I will be reporting on this year, then transfer to the NFL and the numerous moves that have been made already. I add some NASCAR and some baseball and finish off with some obvious--and surprising--CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

Be sure to e-mail me at if you have a question. Enjoy the show...and check these promos using the links below:

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Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072808.mp3
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The title suggests a lot: more House Bunny updates (but this time there may be an end result), quick-fixes in NASCAR, the NHL, the NBA, and the NFL, plus a recap of the first half of the baseball season along with a preview of the all-star game.

Throw in some eye-popping politics and the usual CZT Knucklehead of the week, and business is underway! You have to listen to believe it!

And remember the special Blockbuster below (this looks weird but it's a legit link):

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071408.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:01am EST

So there could have been more action words this week...I speak about the many changes that will be happening next year for NASCAR, plus give updates on signings in both the NBA and NHL.

I end with another House Bunny update, plus add some updated baseball fireworks which includes a few CZT Knuckleheads of the of which got the award for truly 'stupid splintering.'

Enjoy the show and comment freely at Also, check out a special Blockbuster promotion by using one of these two websites: or 

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070808.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:47pm EST

I have been quite vocal as of late regarding the House Bunny movie starring Anna Faris, which is scheduled to come out (currently scheduled for August 22nd) from Sony Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Corporation, and Happy Madison Productions. Podcasts have made this situation a little more public. Word-of-mouth has also helped. However, after thinking about this a little more deeply, I am very worried that the fight (and this is a legit one) that ZTA has over the House Bunny movie may be all for naught.

Since releasing the details in my June 2nd podcast (which you can listen to on my website, at, I've talked to several neutral people regarding this matter. Using those conversations and my hopes of getting into the media as a sportscaster someday, here is what I came up with:

First, ZTA has every right to argue about their likenesses being used in the movie. Personally, they are correct in that the movie gives an inaccurate and improper view on what their organization is all about. If you watch the preview of the movie via myspace, YouTube, IMDB, or any other media site, watch 50 seconds in. The main character (Shelly, played by Faris) is entering a house of a sorority named ficticiously as Zeta Alpha Zeta. The top sign above the door should read as ZETA, but the 'E' is already missing and in one quick blip, as Shelly enters--the 'Z' falls off, clocking her in the head. Two problems...first, with the 'E' already missing, the sign would read as ZTA. Second, to make matters worse, the letters are written in turquoise of the two primary colors of Zeta Tau Alpha. No wonder they are up in arms about this and they have every right to feel that way.

Second, and contrary to the previous point, I am very afraid that the ultimate chip is being held by Sony/Columbia/Happy Madison. Why? Well, shooting is already done for the movie. Post-production takes a very long time--especially when it comes to crediting everybody. Also consider lots of editing that needs to take wonder when the movie comes to DVD, you see loads of deleted scenes that did not make the final cut. Hopefully, given this situation, they will credit ZTA in the movie for the use of their likenesses and that they can disclaimer that this is not how Greek organizations are supposed to be looked as by the non-Greek public.

Of course ZTA will not go for that...but consider two prior situations.

First, from Nickelodeon, the dreaded Jamie Lynn Spears and the Zoey 101 case. As you know, JL Spears announced that she was pregnant late in 2007, causing a firestorm of parental were now looking up to a teenage babymaker. From a moral standpoint, I can understand that the parents were right in wanting the show to be cancelled. However, according to info from, their article stated that her pregnancy "has proved good news for bosses at the TV network Nickelodeon -- more than double the normal number of viewers tuned in to watch the 3rd season finale of her show Zoey 101. The fourth season of the children's program was reportedly under threat...but 7.3 million people watched the final episode of Zoey 101's third season, over twice as many viewers as usually tune in...Nickelodeon will begin broadcasting the show's fourth (and supposedly final) season in February."

Which, as you know, they already did.

So, Nickelodeon's ultimate message to the parents? Screw you, we're airing the shows anyway.

Second, consider that this is probably the same attitude the film industry has, especially for Sony/Columbia/Happy Madison. They know that the House Bunny will easily rake in over $40 million in receipts at movie theaters. They know that this movie targets the 18-34 'Something About Mary/American Pie/Meet The Parents' demographic. The people already know that this is going to be a hit.

But why does it have to be at the expense of ZTA and other Greek organizations that know that this is NOT what a Greek organization is about?

ZTA has a legitimate complaint. Even their national president sent letters to the movie companies...but so far, no response.

Problem #1: The legal people at those film companies are probably stalling intentionally just so as the premiere date nears, they will release a very carefully-worded statement acknowledging ZTA's viewpoint, but theirs as well. So in essence, the statement will probably be a wash and the movie will be released anyway. But what if ZTA were to win this battle?

Problem #2: take a movie such as The Little Mermaid. That was a huge Disney hit. Over a decade later, The Little Mermaid 2 came out...but not to movie theaters, just straight to DVD. Even if ZTA won this case, once the commotion died down, the companies conceiveably could give a middle finger to them and, very sneakily, release the movie to DVD unannounced just like the numerous American Pie followups that have surfaced over the last couple of years.

This is going to be a very long and nasty battle. In my opinion, I feel that ZTA is completely right about all this hubbub.

But the biggest two-part question is: how far are they willing to go and, given the state of the US Economy, how deep can they get into Hollywood's pockets?

Realistically, this is not going to be easy. I really want ZTA to win this. As a supporter of them for nearly 15 years, I am backing them 110 million percent on this...sticking behind the nearly 190,000 students and Zetalumni that involve themselves with the organization as well as their fanbase. Simply put, this is 'the principle (ZTA and others and what they and other Greeks are about) versus the financial (the movie industry once again wanting to make a quick buck).'

May the principle...and what is right...finally triumph.
BTW...Adam Sandler, forget about the Zohan for a moment. You don't mess with 'the Zetas.'
Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_063008.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 2:27pm EST

Celebrate the English King (known as July the 4th) with Crazy Tom! But an English King, you ask? Here's where I got that from...go to and watch for yourself!

Anyway, after a short absence I return with a vengenace and recap the 2008 NBA Finals--and Draft, for that matter. I also quickly 'pass-thru' with some NASCAR, some hockey (including a few Flyers' transactions), and some baseball that includes a 'Ray' of light that the Phillies can even use. Of course there are a few CZT Knuckleheads to go through from the last couple of weeks.

I spend the last 25 minutes of my show updating the 'House Bunny' movie situation, and pass along feedback from some listeners for and against this issue. Feel free to chime in at and I hope you enjoy the show...if you can at least survive it.

Category:sports -- posted at: 12:25pm EST

So what does this week's title reflect? Not only is there an update on the 'House Bunny' controversy, but also there are a few brawls thrown in for baseball, which will make MLB Charities very happy. In addition, I congratulate this year's NHL Champs and throw in an NBA Finals update along with a couple of legends leaving their respective sports.

Finally, I do my usual bumping and running with NASCAR and set records for separate CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...which will make people do the bunny--and brain--hop!!

Comment if you will at Hope you enjoy this one!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060908.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:38pm EST

This podcast features talk about the upcoming 2008 NBA Finals--along with a little bit of baseball, NASCAR, and the Stanley Cup Finals. I throw in a little bit of politics early on before all the sports get going.

However, this week, I present a different case before sports. Of course I am going to have my usual CZT Knuckleheads of last week and this week, but I am also going to also include a controversy involving a late summer movie, a Nickelodeon cartoon short, and a women's fraternity. Add them all up and you will hear a very interesting scenario (NOTE: there are a couple of editing problems in this section of the show).

Give it a listen...and send me your feedback at Enjoy the show as usual!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_060208.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 3:00pm EST

I know the title suggests some gruesome content (such as what I start talking about politically--let 9/11 be a hint), but it just describes a team that is finished this year in hockey.

Not only do I talk about the NHL and NBA Playoffs once again, but I give interesting baseball updates--including the in-state rivalries which took place over the weekend. In addition, I talk a little about the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, also known as "vot'em in and win."

A good guy comes out of NASCAR, while the CZT Knucklehead of the Week comes from hockey.

Check it out...listen...keep that mind open and feel free to comment at

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051908.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:08am EST

After a week off of editing a football game, I come back talking a little about...politics! 6 months until Election Day 2008 and I come out with a few surprises and conspiracies that might just make sense...THEN lead into the sports realm of never-ending conspiracies that I feel totally exist.

Besides the baseball latest, I keep you posted on the NBA Playoffs and the NHL Conference Finals. The ice will certainly melt when the CZT Knucklehead of the week is announced for last week and this week.

Enjoy this round of self-inflicted insanity and feel free to comment on my chaotic commentary at

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051208.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:17pm EST

This is the second half of the game featuring the Delaware Valley Independent Football League and the Big NorthEast Football Federation.

This podcast features an interesting ending to the game along with an interview of the game's MVP.

Direct download: DVIFL_part_2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:34am EST

This is the first half of the game between thePhiladelphia-based Delaware Valley Independent Football League and the Mount Vernon, NY-based Big NorthEast Football Federation.

The first half features an interview with Tacony Eagles' GM Tom Peta and also explains why the game was held in Frankford rather than at 29th and Chalmers.

Direct download: DVIFL_part_1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:02am EST

As usual, there is plenty going on...I talk about NASCAR's Talladega race (and some inconsistencies), plus give updates on both the NHL and NBA Playoffs. In addition, I keep everyone posted on what's been up in baseball so far along with a whole bunch of 'draft' updates.

However, I introduce a NEW segment...called the Crazy Tom Good Sport! That means there has to be an opposite known as my CZT Knucklehead of the Week.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy...then go crazy and comment if you wish!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042808.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:03pm EST

NOTE: this podcast is dedicated to the memory of the late John Marzano.

I recap the happenings of the last two weeks...the Memphis collapse, some interesting baseball findings, and other things--including my takes on the NBA and NHL Playoffs. There's lots of fun to go around--especially with a sudden interruption towards the end of my show.

This can't be a Crazy Tom Show without the CZT Knucklehead of the Week--and there are plenty from the last two weeks.

So sit, listen, enjoy...go crazy! And comment if you so wish!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_042208.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:21am EST


A lot is going on, but my main focus this week is on the NHL Playoffs and my predictions in comparison with what USA Today listed. Also, I speak briefly about NASCAR and end with reviewing the first week and a half of the baseball season. I intentionally left a couple of things out because I'd like to use those unnamed events in the next podcast.

Throw in a couple of CZT Knuckleheads of the Week and we are in of those I mentioned you may believe I am totally nuts, but there is good reason for it! Get a hold of me at if you agree with what I say and enjoy the show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040908.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 7:35am EST

The title suggests a couple of injuries which I briefly discuss, but more importantly because my wife had to be rushed to the hospital. However, in this slightly abbreviated show, I talk about the last week of hockey and the first week of baseball, along with a couple of other odds and ends.

There's also the Final Four...and the CZT Knucklehead of the Week to go with that. So sit and enjoy this one!

NOTE: following recording this show I learned that evening my wife was released from the hospital. Details on what happened come early in the show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040208.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 7:33am EST

There are good reasons as to why I haven't been around these last few weeks. Along with previewing what will be the 2008 Tacony (Philly) Eagles from the DVIFL, I also take time to give my NCAA Final Four predictions along with a baseball preview for 2008 in comparison to Sports Illustrated's predictions. There are a few disagreements, that's for sure.

However, there are a few CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks, so listen up--enjoy--and feel free to comment!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_032708.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:43pm EST

I feel as if I've let everyone down because I've only released one podcast in 5 weeks! Not acceptable! And now my throat is hoarse again!

So what did I do in its place for this week? I put together a short 6:17 remix to a tune that a few people may be familiar with, one of many tunes for Greek organizations that were put together by DJ Scrilla. This one uses his vocals along with a previously sampled riff of 'Stand Up' by Ludacris (from the original recording).

For more information on DJ Scrilla, visit his website at to check out all that he's done (including his myspace link). I think this is a fun remix that I put together so I hope you enjoy.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom--DJ_Scrilla_ZeTAnthemremix.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:10pm EST

NOTE: due to a server problem for the last week and a half, I finally got this podcast out but way too late--even after having to re-do the show twice. To me this is totally unacceptable because these are shows that I must get out as fast as I can to correspond with the week no matter what the obstacles may be...this is time-sensitive information in my opinion. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

But anyway, I speak about the latest in college basketball, baseball, hockey, the NBA, even a little Wrestlemania surprise, and even throw in a couple of CZT Knuckleheads from the last two weeks. Oh--and don't four-get about number 4 of Green Bay.

Enjoy and feel free to comment...and hear 'what drives me crazy' about halfway through the show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_030508.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 2:23pm EST

So much for getting my podcast out from last week! Server problems prevented my show from being released...and now, the reset button has been hit.

I have to completely do my show over this week upon the incredible news (which I called, by the way) of Brett Favre's retirement. To be honest, I don't know why this is such a shock to everyone!

Listen to my comments on the 1-23-08 podcast following the Giants' win over Green Bay in the NFC Championship game. I made a prediction that Favre would retire because everyone in the media assumed that he would come back. Wasn't it the other way around from the last few years?

Hear my comments later in the week...along with other NFL news and other things I will add on from the show I finished last week when the Crazy Tom Show returns. Meanwhile, put four fingers up and pay tribute to Brett.

Category:sports -- posted at: 4:42pm EST

This podcast is respectfully dedicated to the students and everyone affiliated with Northern Illinois University.

I talk about the tragedy that NIU suffered last week, plus give the usual updates on college basketball as well as the current stories of the NBA and NHL. I also recap the Daytona 500, plus a special guest will talk with me about the Clemens/McNamee/Pettite soap opera on the HGH television network.

Also, I can not forget about a few CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...enjoy this show and contact me at if you have any suggestions!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022008.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:42pm EST

Lots of college basketball to talk about this week...including the sudden resignation of Bobby Knight and the firing of the LSU coach. I also include a couple of interesting stats from last week along with an update on the basketball player from Mizzou gone aloof.

There's NASCAR, baseball, football, basketball, and some bloody hockey to go around as well as a couple of obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

So buckle up, make your skates not that sharp, and enjoy...feel free to comment at


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021108.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:07pm EST

The title says it all. But before the 'shock', I talk about the end of the Minnesota Twins as we know it, plus share updates from the NBA and NHL. Also, I bring out some interesting college basketball news (keeping in mind this podcast was recorded BEFORE Bobby Knight's resignation; will talk about that next week.)

Then...the 'shock.' The most obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week--maybe in modern history. Yeah--there's a Super Bowl recap which includes incredibally accurate predictions by my wife!

Relax, listen, and Hope you enjoy!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020408.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:30pm EST

SUPER BOWL PREVIEW TIME!!!  Everything else takes a back seat this week as I preview the Giants and Patriots in Super Bowl 42...and over-review the individual records of the past 41 Super Bowls.

Listen for my CZT Knucklehead of the Week as well as a newer segment, called "The Wife Says", as she also shares her Super Bowl prediction. Add yours too, by e-mailing me at

I also shouted out a bunch of schools at the beginning of the show...listen for yours and contact me if you (and your school) want to be shouted out!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012808.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 5:12am EST

What happened after such an explosive podcast last week? A big-time vocal letdown.

With my voice about half of my normal strength, I speak about the latest in college basketball (and a couple of college football stories that should have had CZT Knucklehead written all over it), along with the latest in basketball, hockey, and baseball...and a prediction that should have been kept private.

I end with the AFC/NFC Championship recaps, and a couple of CZT Knuckleheads of the I chose is certainly up for debate.

Comment! Connect! Contact at! But listen first...and then go crazy.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012308.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:06pm EST

This may be the most eruptive start to a podcast since this medium was it iScream or iPissed!! 

When you begin the show with the obvious CZT Knucklehead of the Week, you know who I'll be going after for a good 20 minutes--so expect a larger eruption than Mount St. Helens from nearly 30 years ago.

On a lighter note, at the 25-minute mark, I'll have a new feature that will appear periodically...the 'wife' will have her say!

It won't be just football: I'll add some basketball, hockey, and another chapter of another 'phony reverend' situation.

Please feel free to give me feedback by e-mailing me at!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011508.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

This week, in my 'Crazy Ten', topics range from Clemens to Gibbs' retirement and other football in the college and pro ranks (including my answer on my national champ this year), plus there's a review of Wild-Card Weekend in the NFL along with previews and picks of the Divisional Playoff games.

One game this past weekend featured a CZT Knucklehead of the Week...painfully obvious, but listen, enjoy, and find out whom I add to my futility desk!

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(due to a server error, I had to reload this podcast with a lower bitrate...instead of the usual 128Kb this is now 80Kb.)

I was planning on changing my podcast format this year for a fresh start...when all of a sudden a surprise guest walks in! Matt Francis joins me in discussing a lot of football, plus I talk about the NHL Winter Classic that ended disasterously along with a few 'bowl-dozing' moments.

I sure have not changed my CZT Knucklehead of the Week part, so enjoy some interesting discussion and contact me with questions!

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In my final show of 2007, I talk about the Mitchell Report (and a bunch of names) and share my thoughts. Additionally, I recap round 15 of the NFL and preview round 16...which will feature a couple of surprise predictions.

Embedded in all of this are a record-number of CZT Knuckleheads of the Week, mentioned numerous times in the show.

In the final 10 minutes, I call out my own responses (humorously bad indeed) to Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song.' If anything, give that a listen...especially after overdrinking your eggnog. Have fun and feel free to comment on my final 2007 show at

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Now that the IFL Season has ended (once I mention the all-star game), I concentrate on a few issues ranging from collegiate football (and its respective bowling) and who really should be in the national championship game. Also, I include a little college basketball, baseball, and round 14 in the NFL--along with picks for round 15 and playoff scenarios.

But since there have been a lot of CZT Knuckleheads of the last couple of weeks, many have to receive their mention. So enjoy while you decorate for the holidays (before we do our decorating).

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This is the 2nd half of the 2007 IFL Championship game (as described via play-by-play by me and my counterpart, Eric Perigini)--between the Claymont Buccaneers and the York City Tigers...a game which took place on 11/24/07 at Small's Athletic Field in York, PA. This game was won by Claymont 30-20--and we felt the 2nd half was the difference in them repeating as IFL Champions.

Again, the quality is 64Kb rather than the usual 128Kb because of the length of the game.

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This is raw play-by-play audio from me and my counterpart, Eric Perigini--we describe the 2007 IFL Championship Game between the Claymont Buccaneers and the York City Tigers...a game which took place on 11/24/07 at Small's Athletic Field in York, PA (a game which Claymont won 30-20 to repeat as IFL Champions).

The quality is 64Kb rather than the usual 128Kb because of the length of the game (this is only the first half).

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Part 2 of my double-podcast focuses predominantly on college and pro football, including the BCS, and rounds 10 & 11 of the NFL along with round 12 picks.

Additionally, somewhere in this part of the show, I give a major confession...if you listen, you'll find out what it is. (And NO--it's not relationship or gender-related, so don't worry.)

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Since there was no podcast last week, I decided to pull off a 2-parter this week. PART 1 features a recap of the IFL Divisional Playoffs and Championships, plus a preview of Saturday's game between York City and Claymont for the 'Chip' in York, PA.

I also include non-football material and the CZT Knuckleads of last week and this week in the first half of my show.

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This show, done from home (sorry for the poor quality) focuses on the wild-card matchups in the IFL, including a couple of good games and probably the biggest surprise of the season. I also include a brief preview of the divisional playoffs this weekend. Along with a couple of other sports tidbits, I review round 9 of the NFL and give my predictions for round 10.

But, there is a CZT Knucklehead of the Week that you may least expect...from a comical standpoint. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

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There was not much that went on in the final round of the IFL regular season. However, a couple of storylines developed during the of which apparently ended up not being good. Listen for all the information along with playoff matchups for IFL Wild-Card Weekend.

I also look back briefly at another boring World Series and quickly preview the college football BCS and the 2007-08 NBA Season.

Along with the World Series comes a CZT Knucklehead of the Week...and an expensive one, if that. Enjoy the show and feel free to comment!

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A little bit extra this week in the IFL...I recap a few games in round 9 along with a couple that I missed last week in round 8. This includes a team that had a tremendous win but fell for a will find out who that is in my show. Also, I preview the 2007 World Series between Colorado and Boston and give you brief highlights of round 7 in the NFL along with my round 8 predictions.

There is a 'Philly' connection to this week's CZT Knucklehead of the Week--so sit back, relax, train your ears, and enjoy!

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Round 8 of the IFL is reviewed with the focus on two very important games that were there's a preview of Round 9, the next-to-last week before the playoffs begin. Following that, I speak about Round 6 of the NFL, and early hockey update, and the Rockies...on a Rocky Mountain too high that they may need to be checked out!

Don't forget about my CZT Knucklehead of the a few unexpected 'crazy shouts' early in my show this week. Be listening, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Just when I thought this would be a short show, I amazingly had a schedule change which helped me finish the show the way I normally do. Not only are there interesting storylines for the IFL in Round 7, but there are also some weird happenings in the NFL plus a look into both League Championship Series.

And that only leads me to another obvious CZT Knucklehead of the week. Or is it obvious? You decide...once you listen.

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This podcast is divided into three parts...first--a recap of round 6 which includes controversy with one of the teams, second--a recap of the NFL's Round 4, and third--a preview of the 4 MLB Division Series' that are taking place along with my predictions...including a shocking participant which we already know.

We also know two people, whom affected their playoff chances, failed--and are now CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

Find out who they are and enjoy the show!

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Featuring Scooter's 2005 hit Hello (Good To Be Back), I include a few highlights that got the Phillies to where they are today...especially one coming from a man whom I think cost us a playoff berth a couple years ago...and now he's cost his current team October.

Please enjoy this nearly 4-minute audio feature. Yes, it's Good To Be Back in the playoffs!


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This is mostly a football show, but I save the pennant highlights until the end.

The IFL recap features two teams still blazing the trail in their respective divisions along with some exciting play as the halfway point passes on. The NFL features a recap of round 3 (including a couple lessons learned) along with a few interesting round 4 picks.

The baseball pennant races feature a CZT Knucklehead of the Week...HINT: it's not a game, and it really hurts. Find that all out when you listen and feel free to comment!

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(The disk error has been corrected: the real version of this week's show is finally up...albeit a little late.)

This podcast is dedicated to my wife...celebrating a birthday this week. Luckily, this week's podcast is a little over half the length of the week before. I speak about what happened in round 4's IFL games, plus--as quickly as I could--also review the wackiness which was round 2 of the NFL. Note that there are 2 IFL games that are going to be very interesting this coming weekend.

Don't forget about what could be the easiest CZT Knucklehead of the Week on record...well, anyone could 'see' that coming. Enjoy!

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This week's recap of the IFL features a couple of tight games plus a major surprise which has caused the standings to become more competitive...and possibly a Confucius lesson for all to heed by.

In addition, round 1 of the NFL is reviewed along with CZT Knuckleheads of the Week that truly deserve the nod because of their successful executions to their respective job descriptions as baseball players.

Although this is an 80-minute podcast, do enjoy and feel free to comment!

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For the first time, I team up with Kevin O'Brien as we give you a podcast recaping round 2 of the 2007 IFL Season. This mostly features highlights of the Philadelphia Patriots' win 28-14 over the West Philly Bengals, plus quick shots on other IFL games.

But, if you want to listen after the IFL stuff, there will be a Crazy Tom Show that will follow...that is, if you to hang around for our NFL preview and some other goodies (including my CZT Knuckleheads of the last few weeks). So stop laboring and enjoy this one!

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Very simply, this is an introductory podcast to the 2007 IFL Season, featuring 14 teams in areas ranging from Allentown PA to Maryland, with the core teams set in Philadelphia.

Minimal highlights of round 1 are given. For more information on the Independent Football League, visit

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This week's title is self-explanatory. Just updating 1) the pre-season football stories and the last 8 team schedules I haven't touched on yet (WAS, MIN, SEA, TB, NYJ, PIT, SD, and TEN), 2) the latest in the baseball world, 3) remembering Phil Rizzutto, and 4) a missing statement along with a slight update on the Rider situation.

Don't forget about the CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...this week, one is totally obvious, one you really wouldn't think of (but it's a real bad transformation). Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment!

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After unsuccessfully trying to load a podcast last week, I combined bits of this and last week to make an 81-minute show.


This week, I speak about the latest on the Rider fallout following the death of a student in late March…and what is totally wrong with it. Additionally, I briefly talk about two coaches who recently passed away…Wake Forest basketball coach Skip Prosser and legendary 49ers head coach Bill Walsh. I also add bits regarding trades at the deadline in baseball along with why the Phillies were eliminated from playoff contention.


Plus, there are plenty of CZT Knuckleheads from the last two weeks. Enjoy—and although quite long, feel free to comment! (You don’t have to listen to the whole show all at once!)

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This is my longest--and most riveting--podcast yet.

At 75 minutes, I talk about the latest in all the sports...including features on the 'sick' Michael Vick and his dogfighting situation along with the Tim Donaghy scandal, which to me, says it may not just be the NBA that's in serious trouble...and I will tell you why that is with examples that will cause your jaw to drop in the final 25 minutes--even though they may not be true, there's a chance it might be!

Of course there is my CZT Knucklehead of the true form. Listen, comment, e-mail...and hope you enjoy!

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How many more athletes/star players can get into trouble? I'll be mentioning a few along the way, plus give updates on NASCAR, baseball (which included a celebration of the Phillies' 10,000th loss) and NFL schedules for 8 of the 32 teams along with my observations thus far.

You also can't forget about the CZT Knucklehead of the Week...well, one was hinted last week, the other failed to insert foot when opened mouth!

Enjoy the show and pass along feedback to me if you wish!

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This podcast was produced at home so the quality will not be the usual that you hear. I speak mostly about the first half of baseball along with the all-star game, plus quickly recap where everyone stands at the midway point of the NASCAR season following a wild finish at the Pepsi 400. Finally, I talk about more signings from the NBA and NHL.

This week will have a surprise CZT Knucklehead of the me this one was obvious. To you...maybe not so much. Enjoy and spread the word about this show!

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This is another long podcast (just to catch up on lost time) but this show will keep you updated on the tragic Chris Benoit situation and other wrestlers who died before the age of 50. I also speak about the latest NHL signings and a NASCAR update, plus talk about which baseball players got a trip to San Francisco for next Tuesday's All-Star Game, along with my pride and joy (or lack thereof)...the they approach 10,000 losses.

Don't forget a repeat offender for the CZT Knucklehead of the Week as we celebrate the English King known as July the 4th! (Well, not really an English king...I'll explain why regarding that as well.)

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NOTE: this podcast is respectfully dedicated to Eric Snell, a Hamilton High School West graduate of 1989 whom recently passed away while on duty in Iraq. This podcast is not of the greatest quality and mood setting, but I speak about one of the great days for Hamilton West and the involvement Eric Snell had in it.

I later talk about the shocking circumstances surrounding the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family--but in the middle of my show, I clear up my hockey and basketball wrap-ups along with my CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks. So try to enjoy if you can.

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Nothing against Detroit, but this podcast speaks about the end of the Pistons/Cavs series, a preview of the NBA Finals, a progress report on the Ducks/Senators (and how I turned out to be wrong after all), a loss of an enormous NASCAR figure, and once again, a baseball update featuring how to lose a the Phillies.

So why did I call this show Detroit Flop City? Well, the CZT Knucklehead of the Week comes from there. So sit back, relax...and at least try to enjoy.

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In this unexpected podcast for the week, I pass along basketball, baseball, racing, and hockey updates--but you hear me complain at my best regarding an NBA issue that has every right to be as annoying as ever.

And then there is the brain-dead...two of which clearly deserve the distinction of being the CZT Knuckleheads of the week because they caused an unnecessary injury. So listen...enjoy...and e-mail me with any comments!

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As we prepare for this Memorial Day weekend, I salute the troops (although you may differ with my war views) and also cover the hot playoff action offered by the NBA and NHL, plus give you the latest baseball stories. If you listen carefully to my hockey segment, I wish for something (and just after finishing my show, the wish was granted!) have to guess what it is. Let me know at

Of course there is my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...but on a lighter note, I pay tribute to my wife at the very end. So listen carefully...and enjoy.

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NOTE: Due to technical difficulties throughout the week, this podcast was not released until Friday...please note that some information that I give may be jumbled and outdated throughout the show.

But there is plenty to talk about...ranging from the usual baseball along with the NHL and NBA Playoffs...and I end with a subject that clearly will not make me a radio 'idol.'

Also, there are plenty of CZT Knuckleheads of the week...past, present, and future. Listen and hear for yourself!

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Besides the usual NBA and NHL Playoff updates, I talk about non-military ‘draft’ stuff provided by the NFL—then I add a few baseball quirks and updates involving the Yankees and the Phillies. We remember Josh Hancock and Kevin Mitchell in this show as well.


But there will be a happy ending to this show…I promise…after I scratch out a CZT Knucklehead of the Week, which this week had a ‘fighting’ chance for the wrong reasons.

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I seem to be back to my normal self this week.

There is plenty to talk about...this show includes responses I've received from the people of Virginia Tech and what might happen next. In addition to my usual sports talk and playoff previews from the NBA and NHL, I talk about 'how you protect a major market'...several different scenarios involved here.

Also listen for my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...a person and a franchise...and the franchise should have a title stripped because of what happened. So go on...pass the word on about this show!

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It's more life than sports this week. Given the events over the last week, I save minimal sports for last. I will speak about Imus, the Nor'easter, and the unstrapped New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

In this show, however, we pray for the Hokies.

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There's plenty of stuff to talk about this week since last week was too busy: 1) winding down the NBA season and crowning the Gators ‘kings again’ of college basketball, 2) a pair of obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the last two weeks, 3) I bring up something that is still—in my opinion—a huge problem nationwide that many ignore, 4) I preview the NHL conference quarterfinals.


The last 10-15 minutes of my podcast will probably be some of the most volatile commentary ever heard on any podcast…EVER. Please listen with caution.


(NOTE: the Phillies are involved…and this is before they were instructed to lose to the Mets 11-5 on Monday.)

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Basically this week focuses on the transition from the end of the college basketball season to the beginning of the 2007 baseball season. With my Final Four 'busted', I talk about the regionals along with whom I believe is the best of those 'four' and why there may be a connection as to why the NCAA might want a Florida-Ohio State rematch from a few months ago...albeit in a different sport. In my baseball preview, I will also explain why the Phillies will not be as good as advertised.

Don't forget about my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...which I sing pretty 'badly' to!

(Note: I mention two events relating to raising money to cystic fibrosis and breast cancer in this show so be sure to give it a listen.)

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This is my first podcast in a few weeks…hope you enjoyed my mega-tune Daytona from two weeks ago.


This week, it’s March Gone Mad…with most of the talk devoted to the NCAA Tournament. But ask yourself this: why do you think the NCAA LOST money last year at the final four—and why are they assured to make money this year?


Find those things out—along with other tidbits and a slu of CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks. Enjoy and comment if you wish on here or on my myspace page ‘DJCrazyTom’!

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Folks, I apologize greatly for not being around last week for my Crazy Tom Show. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control--including delays with upgrading the equipment and the studio interior, I was unable to put a show out last week. (While away, I hope you enjoyed my tune called 'Daytona'...shorter versions are now available for download at; just click 'music' on the right of the page.) 

However, I am in progress with this week's show and have it halfway finished. This week, I will speak about the NCAAs and how they are going to make money this year rather than lose money like last year, along with teams that had absolutely no business in the tournament this year. Plus, I will update you on my CZT Knuckleheads for the last three weeks. This includes two teams that deserve to be in the knucklehead category this week.

Also, there will be a couple of NHL and NASCAR remarks--but I will also talk about the Sickers (win 7 straight and then lose by 50 after the streak ends) along with the madman known as Kobe Bryant...2 games, 115 points. (Who me? Here's your witch hunt, David Stern!)

Stay tuned for it...I should have it out by Wednesday this week. Remember, visit my page on myspace at 'djcrazytom' or 'crazytommusic.' Plus, look for more featured blogs such as this in the coming weeks.

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Since I do not have enough file space for this song, I’ve decided to place the full version of Daytona as an instrumental podcast. Shorter versions will soon be available on my music website—at


My description of Daytona has several dynamics…I musically describe the serenity of the beaches, the happenings of college kids there during spring break, the sunrise, sunset, and nightlife, and even NASCAR…describing cars racing at 180 MPH as well as with much slower caution laps.


With several transitions involving seemingly monotonous melody loops, I think this is a very intriguing, yet musically ‘trancy’, description of Daytona even though it seems to glide endlessly for 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Feel free to let me know what you think at


I hope you enjoy—and hopefully next week it will be back to sports for me as normal.

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There is plenty of the usual sports stuff this week...including some possible baseball comebacks and college basketball. But the focus is a little more on the NHL--which did more trading than the stock market on the same day the Dow Jones lost 416 points! A moment is also taken out to remember two sports people who died in the last week...including a basketball legend.

Before this podcast goes on spring break so to say, there is a CZT Knucklehead of the week that you might not expect!

Remember: there is no podcast the week of March 6th, but I premiere my new song 'Daytona' as a podcast ready for it!

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There's a lot going on this week! Besides going nuts over the University of Illinois getting rid of their 'chief', I talk plenty about college basketball--especially who's looking good for the NCAAs and who's looking to be in the No Interest Tournament (NIT). I also preview the Wisconsin-Ohio State rematch (#1 vrs. #2 recorded before Wisconsin's loss to Michigan State Tuesday night).

Throw in a little baseball, snoozer all-star games from the NBA and NFL, a Daytona 500 recap, a violent hockey collision, the Peter Forsberg trade, and a bonus CZT Knucklehead of the week...stir it up and you have this week's show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022007.mp3
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NOTE: due to an icestorm in my area, I may not be able to come up with a CZT show for the week of apologies in advance.

Before reviewing Super Bowl XLI, I make a couple of notes on college basketball--including a legendary team that may NOT make the tournament this year, plus speak about NBA basketball, NASCAR, and a little bit of hockey--including the continuing soap opera of "How Many Ways Can You Lose A Game" by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Super Bowl XLI includes my CZT Knucklehead of the week--add two other NFL elements for later in 2007 and you have this week's show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020607.mp3
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All the talk in this podcast is a preview--using stuff I've read from sources--of Super Bowl XLI between the Colts and the Bears; with my prediction at the end of the show.

Outside of a CZT Knucklehead of the Week and a special Crazy Shout, that's what my show this week is about! Enjoy!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_013007.mp3
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It is seemingly back to normal this week: I give a 1st half review of the NHL (including the desecration of the Flyers), talk briefly about how I felt about Kobe Bryant's 81-point performance against Toronto a year ago, and, of course, recap both conference championship games leading to Super Bowl XLI in less than 2 weeks.

One of those games feature a very surprising Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the Week...listen to hear whom I've chosen!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012307.mp3
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And now for something completely different: after spending the first ten minutes on my opinions of 'American Idol', I briefly talk about the passing of NASCAR legend Benny Parsons.

This will be followed by a recap of the four NFL Divisional Playoff games and a preview of the conference championship games--including three 'shocking' Crazy Tom Knuckleheads of the Week.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011607.mp3
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Another all-football podcast is in action...I talk a little about the Sugar Bowl and why Notre Dame clearly didn't belong, plus mention a little bit about the surprising 'so-called' BCS Championship game in which Ohio State got what they deserved after stealing the 2002 title. I follow with reviews of all 4 wild-card games and preview the 4 divisional playoff games for the coming weekend.

Remember, there is my Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the Week...and there are several again based on the obvious events of last weekend. So listen, enjoy--and feel free to comment!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_010907.mp3
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Happy New Year to everyone!

This week I talk only about football; I give a quick review on a couple of bowl games (especially the Fiesta and the Rose) plus preview the NFL Wild-Card weekend. In addition, I give grades to all 32 me, on a couple I go absolutely NUTS.

Don't forget about the Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the Week...there are two: one for this week, and one for Xmas week!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_010207.mp3
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As usual, I come through with some quick hits on college basketball and hockey, plus mention someone who is finally getting his due from an organization. Then, of course, there's a review on round 15 and a preview of round 16, including my perspective on the Christmas evening grudge match between the Eagles and Cowboys.

Don't forget the obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...should not be an issue there!

NOTE: this podcast was recorded 90 minutes before the announcement of the Allen Iverson trade to Denver.

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Once again, there's a lot of football with my round 14 recap in the NFL (along with round 15 picks), but I also include a college coach who bailed out on his team! There's also some hockey and basketball to go around, along with more free agent signings that partly explain why the United States is $9 trillion in debt.

Don't forget about an obvious CZT Knucklehead Of The Week, but also pay attention to your team's playoff chances--along with the teams that have been eradicated from January participation thanks to the 'playoff detonator!'

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_121206.mp3
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This week I briefly mention which NHL player is coming back 'into his own', while I go off on another crazy (literally) baseball signing. There's college football to be had as well--including why I think OSU/Florida is a legit national title game, along with other championship games that could be played in the future. After going 'bowl' crazy, it's the NFL--which included a 'freakout' result based on a prediction I gave from my last podcast.

Then you have your CZT Knuckleheads Of The Week--add all of this up and you have this week's show!

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My show begins with a review of college and pro basketball along with hockey; plus a little story involving a college football rivalry (not the game itself) that went completely tragic. Also, I explain why I am petitioning on keeping Mark McGwire OUT of the Baseball Hall Of Fame! Finally, I recap week 12 in the NFL and give my week 13 picks, and as a bonus, I pass along advice on how to pick games involving dome teams this time of year.

Don't forget my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week along with a new segment; Crazy Shoutouts!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_112806.mp3
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In this 'pre-turkey' special, I ask: why emphasize the "THE" in The Ohio State University? I'll have some commentary on the Michigan-Ohio State game (where my CZT Knucklehead of the Week is) plus, I ask why Notre Dame is still #5 in the nation.

Don't forget my usual football picks for week 12 (along with week 11 analysis) plus my usual hockey and basketball with a little bit of college thrown in.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_112106.mp3
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There is plenty to talk about...I review the last couple of weeks in sports, including basketball, hockey, the World Series, and football of course--except I make no mention of college. However, I give my usual knuckleheads of the week, my week 11 picks, and...a nice note to my wife to start the show.
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Since there is no regular sports show this week, I decided to pull from my archives an October 2004 mix of tunes relating to Breast Cancer Awareness which I put together. This in no way is to say that I am a DJ, but this collaboration appeared on an internet mix show program 2 years ago, and I wanted to share this with you as we close the month of Pink-tober.

In this 20:37 mix, the tracks include...1) an intro to my tune Pink Ribbon, 2) Riva--Time Is A Healer, 3) Paul Van Dyk--We Are Alive, 4) Madonna--What It Feels Like For A Girl, 5) Andain--Beautiful Things, 6) Aurora--Ordinary World (the Duran Duran cover), 7) Fragma--You Are Alive, 8) Destiny's Child--Survivor, and lastly 9) Crazy Tom--Pink Ribbon.

Do enjoy this mix and feel free to pass along feedback if you wish!

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There's a lot to talk about this week: the Crazy one speaks about 1) the 'shake-up' of the Philadelphia Flyers, 2) a quick NBA Preview for 2006-07 and whom I feel will be in the Finals, 3) an update on the World Series up to the start of game 4, and 4) a look at last week's football games along with predictions for both weeks 8 and 9, since there will be no Crazy Tomcast next week.

Of course there is also my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week, but I also give my insight on which games NBC might pick as Sunday Night games later in the season.

Remember, it's if you have comments. There's lots of stuff to talk about...and lots of crazy emotion that will spill over in this podcast!

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A lot goes on in this 46-minute podcast: after briefly sending my congrats to Zeta Tau Alpha on 108 years of sisterhood, I talk a little about hockey and MLB's League Championship Series--and how I think the Cardinals and the Mets would do against Detroit.

I end with a review of week 6 in the NFL along with my week 7 picks, but I also load up the largest amount of people ever involved in my 'Crazy Tom Knucklehead Of The Week' for this week, so listen...if you dare! :)

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This week I feature a couple of things: 1) a plea to stop the violence in schools, 2) my NHL Hockey picks for 2006-07, 3) my baseball division series predictions (and ripping the Phillies), and 4) a look at last week in football along with my week 5 preview--and of course, there is my Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week!

(NOTE: background music at beginning and end is 'Pink Ribbon' which I composed. Free downloads available at, click 'music' on the right of the page.)

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Thanks to everyone for your patience; I've been out with a bad throat this last week.

This Crazy Tom Show features my thoughts on how T-O OD'd and his current situation, the final week of the baseball season, and my picks on week 4 in the NFL.

Don't forget about my Crazy Tom Knuckleheads of the last two weeks--one university better listen to this!

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Hear my comments on the 5-year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks along with a review of each game of the NFL's opening week (as well as my picks for round 2).

Don't forget about another one of my Crazy Tom 'Knuckleheads of the Week!'

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Plain and simple...this is a football preview special! Hear my thoughts on the 2006 NFL season along with how each team will finish.
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This week the Crazy one talks about 1) why Terry Francona is not as good of a manager as one may think; 2) more on the T-uh-Oh situation in Dallas, 3) why Steelers fans should not panic over an 0-3 preseason start, and 4) a lovely opening week of college football mismatchups (including my scolding of Ohio State).

Don't forget about the Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead of the Week' pick this week is sure to be a dousy!

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This week's Crazy Tom show features a couple of interesting subjects: 1) comments on the Redskins and Cowboys, 2) my disdain on corporate stadium names, 3) the inevitable rise of the Bankees (Yankees) and their bleaching of the Red Sox, and 4) an idea that could contain bench-clearing brawls in baseball.

Don't forget to find out who gets the honor--or dishonor--of the Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week towards the end of my show!!

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This is my first Crazy Tom Show...each week I'll talk about something different. It will mostly be sports, but once in a while I'll talk about something else. Whatever comes to mind, I talk about--and it's OK to disagree. The show also includes my Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead Of The Week' at the very end, so listen to find out who it is and find out how you can nominate someone for that category for a future show.

This week? My show is again on the Phillies and their continual invention of losing games--including how I felt about their trades (especially Bobby Abreu).

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This podcast was created after the latest Monday Night debacle against Atlanta on 7-25-06 (it does not include the 2nd base umpire helping the Phillies lose the next night). I give examples as to why the Phillies are heading toward last place in the NL East and emphatically explain what is really wrong with this team in this 15-minute podcast. Give this a listen and feel free to comment!
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As I did with the AFC in a prior podcast, I look at how the NFC is going to fare this year with only weeks left before training camp. Again I quickly summarize every team's changes and how I think each one will do in 2006. (NOTE: Those who are Cowboys fans--as my lifelong team, I analyze them as well a little more in depth; you may want to listen closely because Terrell Owens will not be the answer in my opinion.)
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With just about a month before training camp, I look at how the AFC is going to fare this year--and I quickly summarize every team's changes and how I think each one will do in 2006. (This includes a comment or two on Ben Rothielsberger and his motorcycle accident--my NFC preview will be coming soon.)
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My second trance show features two more breast cancer awareness tunes that were not featured on the Music 'For The Cure' podcast. In addition, I've also added three songs from 1 Corinthians 13 of the Bible, which I call "Faith, Hope, & Love...The Corinthians 13 Trilogy."

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This is a short (and possibly far-fetched) podcast on baseball. It's on the ultimate baseball conspiracy...all beginning with the 1994 baseball strike which cancelled the end of the season and the World Series up until today--where things are worse than ever. I also explain why baseball has not been the same since then--including why the media is also part of the conspiracy. MLB really has 14 teams...the other 16 are in AAAA Baseball and have no chance to win.

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This is my first trance show podcast! Every month I will try and come out with a new show that features a different topic and/or theme to my music.


My first show is called "Music For The Cure."  This features four of my early breast-cancer awareness tunes--such as One In Eight, The Power Of A Promise, Pink Ribbon, and a new version of Racing For The Cure. These tunes will give you a little background as to what inspired me to write this music. 


Please keep in mind that all the tunes you will hear are instrumentals. Hope you enjoy! :)

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This is part 2 of my NHL review...this edition focuses on the hottest goalie in hockey (as of 5-8-06) along with problems in scheduling and what I think needs to be fixed.
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Hey first podcast! This is a quick review on two aspects of the 2005-06 NHL season...I speak my opinions on fighting (or lack thereof) and the shootout, which was added this year. Give this a listen--and feel free to contact me at if you have any comments or suggestions. Hope you enjoy! :)


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